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1st ODI, Harare, June 04, 2022, Afghanistan tour of Zimbabwe
(50 ov, T:277) 216

Afghanistan won by 60 runs

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end of over 50Wicket maiden
ZIM: 216/10CRR: 4.32 
Tanaka Chivanga0 (5b)
Fazalhaq Farooqi 9-1-41-2
Fareed Ahmad 9-2-27-1

This is Thilak Ram signing off on behalf of Binoy George and Vairavan K. Thank you all for your feedbacks and most of it was on Afghanistan's strike rotation. Do catch us in action for the second game in two days time. Until then take care and good bye.

That is it from us for now. Do switch to Amstelveen game where the Netherlands are inching towards the target against West Indies for the test lovers, you can see another enthralling day of test match cricket were England and New Zeland are fighting it out for a win.

Rahmat Shah has been adjudged Player of the match for his splendid knock with the bat.

With this win Afghanistan move up the ladder with 80 points in ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Super League whereas for Zimbabwe they are languishing at 12th in the table just one spot ahead of The Dutch who are currently at the last in the table

Afghan bowlers knew exactly what they were doing, kept piling up the dots to mount the pressure on the opposition. Everyone chipped in with wickets except for Mujeeb who was bit expensive. The two quicks were spot on, kept beating both the edges which helped the spinners later on to play around.

That was a clinical performance right from the start from the men in blue. Chasing 277 was always going to be tough against the top bowling side and heaps of dot ball early on in the power play didn't help their cause either. Chakabva was dismissed in the third over and they never really recovered. Innocent Kaia and the skipper Ervine struggled through their innings. Kaia at top the order gobbled up 78 delivery, i.e., 13 overs for his just 39 runs at strike rate of 50. Mohammad Nabi the chief destroyer pocketed four-for for mere 34 in his allotted quota. Sikandar Raza had his chances but the target way too large for his liking but there was no real partnership to trek the difficult terrain.

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, OUT

bangs in short on off, Chatara who stayed the leg side of the ball tries to play the upper cut, no pace to work with which means total power failure. Nabi out there takes as east catch

Tendai Chatara c Mohammad Nabi b Fazalhaq Farooqi 8 (30m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 47.05
Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, no run

another yorker on stumps, neatly negotiated

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, no run

dug in short and was aimed at the left shoulder. Chatara tries to play the no-look hook but gets beaten

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, no run

another yorker on off stumps. Jams out

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, no run

yorker on off stumps, digs it out towards point

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, no run

slower ball on off from around the stumps, lazy push and miss

end of over 49Wicket maiden
ZIM: 216/9CRR: 4.40 RRR: 61.00 • Need 61 runs from 6b
Tanaka Chivanga0 (5b)
Tendai Chatara8 (11b 1x4)
Fareed Ahmad 9-2-27-1
Fazalhaq Farooqi 8-0-41-1
Fareed Ahmad to Chivanga, no run

off pace ball, opens the face of the bat and dabs to short third

Fareed Ahmad to Chivanga, no run

full on stumps, fends with ease

Fareed Ahmad to Chivanga, no run

saw the march and drops it short, slower ball too. Play and miss

Fareed Ahmad to Chivanga, no run

keeps it full on off, crashed to mid-off, no run there

Fareed Ahmad to Chivanga, no run

full on off stump, thumped back straight and drops a regulation catch

Tanaka Chivanga

Fareed Ahmad to Muzarabani, OUT

It was coming and Muzarabani has to go. Angled in from around the wicket, Muzarabami looks to play the wild swing, misses the ball by a long way and the middle pole goes for an evening walk.

Blessing Muzarabani b Fareed Ahmad 10 (15m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 90.9
end of over 484 runs
ZIM: 216/8CRR: 4.50 RRR: 30.50 • Need 61 runs from 12b
Blessing Muzarabani10 (10b 1x4)
Tendai Chatara8 (11b 1x4)
Fazalhaq Farooqi 8-0-41-1
Fareed Ahmad 8-1-27-0
Fazalhaq Farooqi to Muzarabani, 1 run

full on stumps, turned away for a single

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, 1 run

slower ball down the leg side, flicked away towards backward square leg for a run

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Muzarabani, 1 run

angled in from around the sticks, inside edged to on side

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Muzarabani, no run

keeps it full on off and sails underneath the bat as he was looking to bunt this down the ground

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, 1 run

off pace delivery on leg stump, opens up a bit and cracks through the cover for a single

Fazalhaq Farooqi to Chatara, no run

full and wide on off stump, hack and a miss

end of over 476 runs
ZIM: 212/8CRR: 4.51 RRR: 21.66 • Need 65 runs from 18b
Blessing Muzarabani8 (7b 1x4)
Tendai Chatara6 (8b 1x4)
Fareed Ahmad 8-1-27-0
Rashid Khan 10-0-39-2
Fareed Ahmad to Muzarabani, FOUR runs

drifted down the leg, Muzarabani gracefully play the leg glace, short fine in the ring and the races away to the fence

Fareed Ahmad to Muzarabani, no run

flummoxes him with a slower ball and beats the edge

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