Qualifying Group, 6th Match (N), Dhaka, Feb 22 2016, Asia Cup
(20 ov, target 173)101/8
U.A.E. won by 71 runs
Player Of The Match
46 (22)
end of over 201 run
OMAN: 101/8CRR: 5.05 
Sufyan Mehmood13 (32)
Munis Ansari2 (5)
Rohan Mustafa 3-0-19-1
Ahmed Raza 3-0-6-1

10:39 pm:

United Arab Emirates qualifies for the main round of Asia Cup with a comprehensive victory over Oman. Mohammad Naveed and Qadeer Ahmed rips out the top order and there was no looking back for their bowlers who plucks out regular wickets and not gave anything to their opposition for a comeback. Zeeshan Maqsood hang around for Oman as late as 18th over but no one able to accompany him and also they never looked if they will chase this up after the early disaster. That's all for tonight, thanks for joining. This is Chandan Duorah signing off, cheers!

Mustafa to Sufyan, no run

once again stretches forward and blocks it..

Mustafa to Sufyan, no run

gets the bat pad together to block this length ball..

Mustafa to Ansari, 1 run

slogs this length ball down towards deepish midwicket for a single..

Mustafa to Ansari, no run

another one, pushes quick from round the wicket, can't put bat..

Mustafa to Ansari, no run

another quicker full ball outside off, beaten for the second time..

Mustafa to Ansari, no run

pushes full and outside off, beaten..

end of over 192 runs
OMAN: 100/8CRR: 5.26 RRR: 73.00
Munis Ansari1 (1)
Sufyan Mehmood13 (30)
Ahmed Raza 3-0-6-1
Rohan Mustafa 2-0-18-1
Ahmed Raza to Ansari, 1 run

tossed up delivery outside off, lofts it down towards long-off

Ahmed Raza to Sufyan, 1 run

clips this length ball towards square leg for a single

Ahmed Raza to Sufyan, no run

beaten outside off as he tries to pushes a length ball

Ahmed Raza to Sufyan, no run

comes down the track for a big hoick, took it on the pad..

Ahmed Raza to Sufyan, no run

pushes full and quicker outside off, gets down to sweep and is beaten..

Ahmed Raza to Sufyan, no run

punches this short ball to off side.