1st ODI, Vadodara, March 12, 2018, Australia Women tour of India
(32.1/50 ov, T:201) 202/2

AUS WMN won by 8 wickets (with 107 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
100* (101)
IND WMN Innings
AUS WMN Innings
India Women  (50 ovs maximum)
Punam Raut lbw b Wellington3750746174.00
Smriti Mandhana c Lanning b Gardner1225352048.00
Jemimah Rodrigues c †Healy b Wellington18100012.50
Harmanpreet Kaur (c)c †Healy b Schutt929501031.03
Deepti Sharma c Carey b Jonassen1825181172.00
Veda Krishnamurthy c Mooney b Wellington1619312084.21
Sushma Verma c Bolton b Jonassen4171883057.74
Shikha Pandey c Perry b Jonassen2630033.33
Pooja Vastrakar c Haynes b Jonassen5156637191.07
Poonam Yadav run out (Perry/Jonassen)511110045.45
Rajeshwari Gayakwad not out 00200-
Extras(lb 1, w 7)8
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 4.00, 194 Mins)200
Fall of wickets: 1-38 (Smriti Mandhana, 9.1 ov), 2-45 (Jemimah Rodrigues, 11.3 ov), 3-60 (Punam Raut, 17.2 ov), 4-83 (Deepti Sharma, 22.3 ov), 5-87 (Harmanpreet Kaur, 23.2 ov), 6-110 (Veda Krishnamurthy, 30.3 ov), 7-113 (Shikha Pandey, 31.4 ov), 8-189 (Sushma Verma, 47.1 ov), 9-199 (Pooja Vastrakar, 49.4 ov), 10-200 (Poonam Yadav, 49.6 ov)
Megan Schutt1013713.70414040
23.2 to H Kaur, slower length delivery outside off, held the line. Kaur tries to steer it down to third man region, but only manages an outside edge and into the safe hands of Healy. 87/5
Ellyse Perry704606.57259000
Ashleigh Gardner703414.85233100
9.1 to S Mandhana, flighted delivery on middle stump, Mandhana tries to slog sweep, mistimes it and skies down towards the mid-on region, simple catch for Lanning there. 38/1
Nicola Carey1022802.80442100
Amanda-Jade Wellington602434.00241120
11.3 to JI Rodrigues, on a shortish length down leg side. Rodrigues goes onto the back foot and tries to clip it towards fine leg, only manages to edge it back to the keeper. 45/2
17.2 to PG Raut, flatter length delivery on middle and leg, Raut tries to sweep and can't connect.. 60/3
30.3 to V Krishnamurthy, another wicket, flighted delivery outside. Krishnamurthy strides out and drives it uppishly towards the cover region, where Mooney held the catch on the jump at short cover. 110/6
Jess Jonassen1013043.00423000
22.3 to DB Sharma, flatter length delivery on middle and leg. Deepti sweeps it well but finds Carey at square leg.That was hit hard but went flat and a good catch by Carey who moves to her right and held the catch. 83/4
31.4 to S Pandey, tossed up delivery from round the wicket down leg stump, Pandey chips it straight into the hands of Perry at mid-on. 113/7
47.1 to S Verma, tossed up delivery from round the wicket on middle stump. Verma slog-sweeps it well... but finds the safe hands of Bolton at deep midwicket. 189/8
49.4 to P Vastrakar, steps out and lofted over the bowler's head, Haynes held the catch running to her right from long-off, which was relayed by Perry as the momentum was carrying her beyond the boundary. 199/9
Australia Women  (T: 201 runs from 50 ovs)
Nicole Bolton not out 10010113312099.00
Alyssa Healy c Krishnamurthy b Pandey38293661131.03
Meg Lanning (c)run out (Krishnamurthy)3338545086.84
Ellyse Perry not out 2526411096.15
Extras(lb 3, nb 1, w 2)6
TOTAL32.1 Ov (RR: 6.27, 133 Mins)202/2
Fall of wickets: 1-60 (Alyssa Healy, 9.1 ov), 2-128 (Meg Lanning, 21.1 ov)
Shikha Pandey713815.42255100
9.1 to AJ Healy, short and wide, cuts it into the hands of Krishnamurthy at cover point..50th ODI wicket for Shikha Pandey. 60/1
Pooja Vastrakar301605.33113000
Deepti Sharma604707.83147000
Rajeshwari Gayakwad502404.80132000
Poonam Yadav804906.12164021
Harmanpreet Kaur3.102507.8943000
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Reliance Stadium, Vadodara
TossIndia Women, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Nicole Bolton
Series resultAustralia Women led the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberWODI no. 1101
Hours of play (local time)09.00 start, First Session 09.00-12.30, Interval 12.30-13.15, Second Session 13.15-16.45
Match days12 March 2018 - day (50-over match)
WODI debut
Nicola Carey
Nicola Carey
Jemimah Rodrigues
Jemimah Rodrigues
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
PointsAustralia Women 2, India Women 0
AUS WMN Innings
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ICC Women's Championship