312/9d & 174/0d
(target 301)186/4d & 207
Australia A won by 93 runs
Player Of The Match

After four days play here at Stormont Australia A have won the game by 93 runs.

Even though we lost alot of overs to the rain it was still a very exciting game. Lots of cleaning hitting was on show from both sides.

We had centuries from both Steve Smith and Paul Stirling. We also had a a five wicket hall from Max Sorensen. For his great hitting in the second innings Nic Maddinson has just been named man of the match

So that just leaves me to thank you for following my commentary over the past four days. This is Justin Smyth saying goodbye from a Sunny Stormont.

Siddle to Poynter, OUT

thats it. Its all over. Its another short ball and Poynter flashes at the ball outside offstump. It takes the outside edge and Haddin takes a smart catch.

Stuart Poynter c †Haddin b Siddle 63 (79b 9x4 0x6) SR: 79.74
Siddle to Poynter, FOUR runs

Siddle goes for a short ball and Poynter decides to take him on. It flies off the top edge and down to fine leg.

end of over 65Wicket maiden
IRE: 203/9CRR: 3.12 
Max Sorensen0 (3)
Stuart Poynter59 (77)
Fawad Ahmed 6-2-25-1
Peter Siddle 20-5-58-0
Fawad to Sorensen, no run

hits the pad and is caught by first slip. He appeals for the catch but nobody is interested

Fawad to Sorensen, no run

spins outside the offstump and there is no run.

Fawad to Sorensen, no run

drives the ball up to mid-off and there is no run

Fawad to Johnston, OUT

Fawad gets his first wicket. Johnston's front foot was along way down the pitch but it hits him on the foot and thats out. Fawad is delighted with the wicket.

Trent Johnston lbw b Fawad Ahmed 5 (16b 1x4 0x6) SR: 31.25
Fawad to Johnston, no run

looks to swing the ball into the legside and misses the ball

Fawad to Johnston, no run

gets hit on the pad and it pops into the off-side. No appeal

end of over 643 runs
IRE: 203/8CRR: 3.17 
Trent Johnston5 (13)
Stuart Poynter59 (77)
Peter Siddle 20-5-58-0
Fawad Ahmed 5-1-25-0
Siddle to Johnston, 1 leg bye

gets hit on the pad and only Siddle appeals. Was going down legside and the Umpire wasnt interested.

Siddle to Johnston, no run

goes back and hits the ball up to mid-off. A great diving stop by the fielder stops the single

Siddle to Johnston, no run

stays in the crease and hits the ball up to mid-on.

Siddle to Poynter, 1 run

strays onto the legstump and clipped down to long leg

Siddle to Poynter, no run

short ball from Siddle. Poynter gets on the front foot and drives back to the bowler

Siddle to Johnston, 1 run

clipped into square leg and Johnston calls for the quick single. 100 to win now for Ireland.

end of over 634 runs
IRE: 200/8CRR: 3.17 
Stuart Poynter58 (75)
Trent Johnston4 (9)
Fawad Ahmed 5-1-25-0
Nathan Lyon 15-3-40-3
Fawad to Poynter, 2 runs

plays a late cut that is misfielded in the gully. That brings the 200 up for Ireland.

Fawad to Poynter, no run

spins the ball past the outside edge and through to Haddin. Good ball from Fawad

Fawad to Poynter, 2 runs

times the ball better and its driven wide of mid-on that time

Fawad to Poynter, no run

pitched the ball up and its driven up to mid-on. One bounce and its fielded

Fawad to Poynter, no run

gets the front foot forward and defends

Fawad to Poynter, no run

gets forward and defends into the off-side

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