3rd ODI (D/N), Dhaka, Apr 13 2011, Australia tour of Bangladesh
(50 ov, target 362)295/6
Australia won by 66 runs
Player Of The Match
108 (91)
Player Of The Series
3 wkts • 294 runs
end of over 5012 runs
BDESH: 295/6CRR: 5.90 
Mahmudullah68 (61)
Sohrawordi Shuvo3 (9)
James Pattinson 7-0-39-1
John Hastings 9-0-42-0

Much better show from Bangladesh. This is their second highest score - they hit 296 against India - against Test-playing nations. Tamim gave the start, Kayes built on it and there were contributions from Nafees and Mahmudullah but Australia still win this by 66 runs.

Please wait for the quotes from the post-match ceremony

Man of the match is Hussey: "It was a great day. I really enjoyed it. It was a big chase for them but I thought they chased it well. I was in a bit earlier than lot of my innings; judging the conditions and get a move-on from there. It was a such a good batting pitch that we could get the momentum going. There wasn't much for the bowlers, not much spin, quite different from the first game."

Man of the series is Shane Watson: "After the second game and today to get 360, it was a quite a good platform. The guys were able to get the momentum going. It's been a lot of fun;; this is my first tour of Bangladesh and it was nice to have played as well as we have."

Shakib: "We batted really well. we executed our plans with the bat. We haven';t bowled well with the ball in the three games. It's a learning process and we will learn from it. Everytime you play a bigger team, you learn from them .. how they approached themselves when they batted and the areas where they bowled. Nafees came back into the team after a long time and scored consistently. Riaz and Kayes have performed well."

Clarke: "It was a good series. Outstanding effort from the boys. Ferguson, Paine were with us through the world-cup, were keen to get a game. Pattinson made his debut. Philosphy of captaincy? Keep winning! I am lucky that Ponting is in the team. As a young captain I need to keep learning. Watson is enjoying his batting and also doing the job with the ball. We hope he can continue with his purple patch."

That's it from us. Good bye and good luck.

Pattinson to Mahmudullah, 2 runs

low full toss on the middle, driven past the bowler for couple of runs. Australia have won the series 3-0.

AB: "I think it is the time to get a genuine test batsman like Justin Langer as Bangladesh's coach."

Pattinson to Mahmudullah, FOUR runs

Crash! The bouncer and Riad unfurls a spanking pull shot to fine-leg boundary.

Pattinson to Mahmudullah, FOUR runs

Wow! Whiplashed! He moved outside leg and lashed the full delivery over backward point

Pattinson to Mahmudullah, no run

slower one, just outside off, Mahmudullah mistimes it back to the bowler

Pattinson to Shuvo, 1 run

backs away to lift this to sweeper cover

Pattinson to Mahmudullah, 1 run

just outside off stump, slashed away to third man for a single

Harry: "Don't understand why mortaza did not come out and this shuvo sent ahead?" Puzzling indeed.

end of over 493 runs
BDESH: 283/6CRR: 5.77 RRR: 79.00
Sohrawordi Shuvo2 (8)
Mahmudullah57 (56)
John Hastings 9-0-42-0
Mitchell Johnson 9-0-67-3
Hastings to Shuvo, no run

another tame push to covers

Hastings to Shuvo, no run

big swing and a miss. In the zone outside off and Shuvo can't get bat on ball

Hastings to Shuvo, no run

length delivery around off, pushed out to short cover

Hastings to Mahmudullah, 1 run

slower one, fullish, driven to extra cover for a single

Hastings to Shuvo, 1 run

taps this through point for a single

Hastings to Mahmudullah, 1 run

slower one, on the middle, turned to the leg side

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