1st ODI (D/N), London, Sep 4 2009, Australia tour of England and Scotland
(50 ov, target 261)256/8
Australia won by 4 runs
player of the match
end of over 508 runs
ENG: 256/8CRR: 5.12 
Ryan Sidebottom13 (7)
Adil Rashid31 (23)
Nathan Bracken10-0-48-0
Brett Lee9-0-65-1

Plenty of smiles from Australia, it hasn't been an easy tour for them but they take a 1-0 lead in this lengthy seven-match series...yep, folks, there are six more of these to come. Can't get enough of a good thing...erm, I might leave that one there.

For much of this game it was a subdued affair that seemed to meander along, but then it burst into life during the final 10 overs as England almost chased down 10-an-over for the last eight. Luke Wright played a fine innings, while Adil Rashid highlighted the rich future ahead of him. "They were excellent and gave us a sniff," said Andrew Strauss

However, Australia were just ahead of the game for longer periods and this was an encouraging start for a side with a few new faces in the ranks. "I felt we were 15 or so short, which was mostly my fault," says Michael Clarke with a smile. "But 260 was about par. I thought we stood up and won a very tight match. There's room for improvement."

Finally, Callum Ferguson is Man of the Match for his well-played 71. The bandwagon now moves onto Lord's for the second match on Sunday - it's a day game starting at 10.15 (9.15GMT) so set your alarm clocks. We'll have all the action for you, but for now, from Will Luke and Andrew McGlashan, it's goodnight and thanks for joining us.

Bracken to Sidebottom, 1 run

he fires in a yorker and Sidebottom can only squeeze it down to long off...Bracken holds his nerve and Australia win by four runs

So, it comes down to six off one ball...Sidebottom has never hit an international six...

How crucial will that high full toss no being called and Sidebottom's leave be in one ball time?

Bracken to Sidebottom, 2 runs

swung hard into the covers, at least he hit this one, and they come back for a couple

8 off 2 needed

Bracken to Sidebottom, no run

oh dear, oh dear, Sidebottom leaves the ball thinking it was a wide but he doesn't get the call from Tony Hill...that almost seals the game unless he can now find the boundary. He should have at least thrown the bat at it

What a game Rashid has had

Bracken to Rashid, 1 run

chopped away to short third man, just a single and it's over to Sidebottom

9 from 4 needed

Bracken to Rashid, FOUR runs

another fine blow from Rashid, a big full toss from Bracken and it's swung away powerfully out through deep square-leg...some controversy over the height, it did look pretty close to a no-ball, but it's ruled okay by the umpires

Bracken to Rashid, no run

swing and a miss outside off

Nathan Bracken will bowl the last over...he's done it many times before. Where's your money? Fine leg is up, tempting

end of over 4914 runs
ENG: 248/8CRR: 5.06 • RRR: 13.00 • Need 13 runs from 6b
Adil Rashid26 (20)
Ryan Sidebottom10 (4)
Brett Lee9-0-65-1
Shane Watson6-0-40-1

So England need 13 off the last over...hold tight folks

Lee to Rashid, 1 run

swung down to long, Rashid will keep the strike for the last over

Lee to Rashid, FOUR runs

what a shot, what a shot from Rashid, leans back and hammers Rashid through the covers for a cracking of the shots of the day and England aren't giving this up

18 off 8 needed

Lee to Rashid, no run

swings hard and the ball flies past leg stump...valuable dot for Australia

Lee to Sidebottom, 1 run

edged again down to third man but straight to the fielder this time, but England will want Rashid to have the strike

19 off 10 needed, three fours in three balls. The crowd is alive again

Lee to Sidebottom, FOUR runs

another edge past the keeper! Sidebottom pushes at a full toss and it flies past Paine down to third man

Are England still in this? Replays show that boundary by Rashid may not actually have been a four, but White signalled that it was

Lee to Sidebottom, FOUR runs

well, well, Sidebottom gets a top edge over the keeper as he swings hard at a short ball from Lee

Two overs to go