South Africa vs Australia, 2nd Test at Gqeberha, , Feb 20 2014 - Ball by Ball Commentary

2nd Test, Gqeberha, February 20 - 23, 2014, Australia tour of South Africa
423 & 270/5d
(T:448) 246 & 216

South Africa won by 231 runs

Player Of The Match
123, 1/24 & 1/33
AUS 2nd Innings
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It's close to 7pm. I don't have the replay of the last ball of the match, but I have a suspicion that even though Lyon hit it, it was caught off the pad by silly point. We can wait for the highlights to sort it out because the scorebook says Lyon lbw Elgar. It is a great fightback by South Africa, and as Michael Clarke gracefully said, they were outplayed by the hosts in both the departments. The way Morkel drew life out of this dead pitch, I will never forget. That is the most hostile I have even seen him. I mean he even bowled a bouncer at 153ks. And then in the second innings, what a bowling change to bring Duminy on, and then that crazy angry man Steyn just ran through the rest. This is great Test cricket, and the good news is, we have a decider this time. Starts on March 1 in arguably the most beautiful city of all, at arguably the most beautiful ground of all. Do tune in. This is Sidharth Monga faring you well. Cheers . And do check in PE if it rains tomorrow. Oh Test cricket, you little beauty

Waiting for the presentation

"Our first innings was crucial," says Michael Clarke. "Credit to South Africa. They outplayed us throughout the Test. Both with ball and bat. Steyn was exceptional today, and Morkel's pace and bounce in the first. Having said that we knew this was coming our way, so we should have done better. Going to be a great third Test, no doubt. Exciting for the game."

"It's been amazing," says Graeme Smith. "A lot of emotion in the public. The key was to make it count. Key guys coming in under pressure and performing exceptionally well. Such high expectations from Dale. He is expected to take five every time. Today he got his bit between the teeth with the ball reversing. Great drama for cricket today. The crowd enjoyed it, the band made it really difficult to tell the nicks. I hear PE is getting the Boxing Day Test so that's great. I always felt we would get better in the series. The biggest challenge was we hadn't played a lot of cricket together, being away for T20. Looking for ward to Cape Town. It is going to be exciting."

"Speechless," says JP Duminy, the Man of the Match. "The way we stuck to our guns. Outstanding. The spell from Dale. It means a huge amount. Been a long time coming. Especially in Tests. Was under pressure. Team was under pressure too so getting this is very satisfying."

Still gathering breath here. What a turnaround from South Africa. Australia, no doubt, will be bitter about that extra half hour. They had three wickets in hand. Personally, I don't like this concept because I like matches to end of their own volition, but there indeed has been a precedent of an extra half hour with three wickets left. Happened at Edgbaston 2005

6.31pm That's more than one hour after the scheduled stumps, but that is time enough for South Africa to finish this on the fourth day. Not for nothing are they the best side in the world. The joy on their faces tells it all. Not for the first time were they challenged, but this one was a big challenge in the shape of a drubbing at a home Test. They needed to respond well, and how well they have responded

The crowd is still chanting songs. What a great day for them. The band, the players, they were all tuned up. Elgar took the wicket, and went flying, ABD caught him on the way down, Smith was next to them. The whole balcony was ecstatic. The moment of Smith hugging Steyn is great. Steyn, angry throughout, is finally smiling. Oh Test win. There is no better feeling

Elgar to Lyon, OUT

Elgar ends it. He started the comeback with a gritty innings. He ends it with a spectacular offbreak to trap him lbw. This pitches leg, turns away sharply, Lyon is deep in the crease, and he is gone. By the way, it might have looked plumb, but Lyon got an outside edge onto it. No reviews left, though, How cruel. Also, I am not sure if it was caught off the pad. If it was, it is still out

Nathan Lyon lbw b Elgar 0 (4b 0x4 0x6 5m) SR: 0
Elgar to Lyon, no run

full and wide, left alone

Elgar to Lyon, no run

short of a length, defended well

Smith reminds Lyon of another elaborate warm-up if they don't get a wicket here. "It will be another warm-up if you don't oblige." Or something to that effect

Elgar to Lyon, no run

short of a length, middle and off, defended

Another critical moment. The light has faded. No quicks allowed. Three overs to go. Smith calls Elgar on

end of over 732 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 216/9CRR: 2.95 
Peter Siddle3 (15b)
Nathan Lyon0 (0b)
Jean-Paul Duminy 14-3-33-1
Vernon Philander 17-3-39-2
Duminy to Siddle, no run

defended off the front foot

Duminy to Siddle, no run

short of a length, uppishly punched back to him. More hearts in mouths

Duminy to Siddle, no run

down the wicket, defends. Aussie hearts in their mouths

AB wants Duminy to rush through because the light is fading, but Duminy decides to go round the stumps

Duminy to Siddle, no run

full, defended back to him

Duminy to Siddle, 2 runs

Siddle punches to cover for one

Nathan Lyon, who has been dismissed in an eternity, walks in. He is not on strike, though

Lovely scene. Smith rushes to Rogers to shake his hand

Duminy to Rogers, OUT

Rogers is gone. Run-outs from mid-off and mid-on have been crucial this summer in South Africa. Alviro Petersen, who is not playing this match, has done the job as the substitute. Rogers has pushed this to mid-off for a risky single, Petersen hits the stumps, and this one is really really tight. The bail has taken an eternity to come off, but does so a split-frame before Rogers makes it. Rogers gets a standing ovation for his effort, but he might have got too cheeky with this so as to put Siddle at the end of the part-time spinner

Chris Rogers run out (sub [AN Petersen]) 107 (237b 12x4 0x6 332m) SR: 45.14

Duminy to bowl. I am just being told it was not extra half hour, but extra eight overs. That is very optimistic. Eight overs in half an hour

end of over 72Maiden
AUS: 214/8CRR: 2.97 
Peter Siddle1 (10b)
Chris Rogers107 (236b 12x4)
Vernon Philander 17-3-39-2
Dale Steyn 20-5-55-4
Philander to Siddle, no run

full, this time swinging the other way, aimed for that leg-before, but Philander is not as quick as Steyn, and Siddle gets his bat down in time

Philander to Siddle, no run

short of a length, on off, defended back to him

Philander to Siddle, no run

on the target, just outside off, on a length, shaping away, defended with an open face

I'll check the forecast for tomorrow only when it is stumps today

Philander to Siddle, no run

short of a length, outside off, left alone

Philander to Siddle, no run

too far down the leg, well negotiated again

"From previous comment: David, if the umpires feel the match can be completed on the day, they can ask for an extra half hour This is a silly rule, bat long enough thoughout the day and your bound to get wickets. Might as well cut test cricket to 3 days at 12hrs play per day. Surely the Umpires is getting cash in th pocket for this!! " With you on this one, Brydon

Philander to Siddle, no run

on a length, angling in, defended well

As the umpires check their light meter, Rogers gets attention on the head, and a new helmet. Eleven minutes for the extra half hour to end

Philander comes back

end of over 715 runs
AUS: 214/8CRR: 3.01 
Chris Rogers107 (236b 12x4)
Peter Siddle1 (4b)
Dale Steyn 20-5-55-4
Jean-Paul Duminy 13-3-31-1
Steyn to Rogers, 4 leg byes

bowls the bouncer to keep him on strike. Rogers ducks into it, wears one on the helmet. This has got him on the back of the head. This flies over the cordon for leg-byes

Steyn to Rogers, no run

bouncer, on the stumps, ducks under it

Steyn to Siddle, 1 run

Duminy has hurt himself. He has dived on the ball at point trying to keep Siddle on strike. His ribs have landed on the ball. Siddle makes the single. Duminy has caused a divot where he fell. They send back the physio because they are running out of time. How callous. I am sure if they can win tonight those saved moments will be much sweeter

Lots of feedback about this extra half hour, and the fact that three wickets are a bit too many for the umpires to decide the game can be finished. Me, I am not a fan of this extra half hour at all. Got to hit the pub at the earliest possible

Steyn to Siddle, no run

short of a length, outside off, Siddle plays inside it, although this has moved back in. Close to getting the edge

Steyn to Siddle, no run

short of a length, outside off, Siddle remains inside the line of it

Steyn to Siddle, no run

full, swinging in late, Siddle gets an inside edge. He doesn't have much clue about it, though

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