3rd ODI (D/N), Durban, Oct 5 2016, Australia tour of South Africa
(49.2/50 ov)372/6
South Africa won by 4 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
118* (79)

South Africa win by four wickets in an incredible run chase and with it take the series. It's the second-highest chase in ODIs (after you-know-when). Miller has played the innings of his life, but remember the role played by Phehlukwayo. "It was really nerve-wracking because I started off slowly. But I backed myself," he says on TV. "Just watch the ball. With David he really calmed me down. He said watch the ball, stand still and hit straight."

You did think that when de Kock and Rossouw went in quick succession that the task would be too much for South Africa. Remember, too, that Miller picked up an injury early in his innings but he kept his cool so well. He knew he could find the boundary when needed. Has to be said, however, that Australia's fielding fell apart towards the end

Lloyd: "What manner of hitting the ball was that, did it really happen?"

Venky : "If the 434 chased as few years ago was magnificent this is even more better with the injured miller and an young lucky chasing the score Nevertheless the series is conquered :)" That's a good debate to have

Jacques: "Does give me new respect for Miller, but it makes me wonder why he doesn't come in earlier. He obviously needs some time to settle before he gets going, and he is a genuine batsman not just six or nix type, so why not regularly bring him in earlier so he can take the time he needs?" Good to have a finisher, as he showed today

Ammar: "Fielding? Fell apart? That's not enough. Imploded. Unravelled. Amnesia. Paralysed. Erratic. Shambles. Now that feels a little on point."

Tom de Sailor: "Hey Andrew, of the Top 10 highest run chases, 8 of them are against Australia. Thoughts???" Stick them in to bat?

Time for some presentations...Steven Smith: "It's a disappointing. We had two blokes get hundreds and 370 is a pretty good score. You don't lose too many with that on the board but credit to South Africa. David Miller played a blinder. We probably didn't execute well enough with the ball. They will learn a lot out of this series. Still plenty to play for, we have to find a way to win."

Faf du Plessis: "I'd rank that up there with the best win I've been involved in. Most teams would think they are dead and buried. So proud of David Miller, over the moon for him. We'd have batted first as well. Thought 320 was a par score. With the batting we made sure we were ahead of the run rate. The greatest thing was that it was a chance for our middle order to win a game today and they did that. Took a freakish innings to get us across the line. An amazing knock. It looked impossible. It takes innings of bravey, Dave did that and Andile smoking a few over extra cover."

Man of the Match is David Miller: "It's a special moment, it was really nice to see the team home. Credit to the other batters as well. A great team performance. It was nice to do well in Australia, I'm enjoying my cricket, nice to come in with confidence. It was a great wicket. I thought if we batted 50 overs we'd get pretty close. Andile was really nervous, I remember those days, they he got his confidence. Just told him to remember the basics."

Right, what an evening. That just about wraps things up from here. Hope you enjoyed over coverage. For now, from Gnasher and Alan, it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

Zampa to Phehlukwayo, 2 runs

and he wins it with a reverse sweep! Gets enough bat to clear short third man and the celebrations start

Syed Muhammad A: "Sensational knock from Phehlukwayo...! Kudos to that."

Zampa to Miller, 1 run

full outside off, driven sweetly to need for anything silly

The Australia dressing room looks stunned. The South Africans can barely sit still

end of over 4914 runs
SA: 369/6CRR: 7.53 RRR: 3.00
Andile Phehlukwayo40 (38)
David Miller117 (78)
John Hastings 10-0-79-2
Adam Zampa 7-1-52-1
Hastings to Phehlukwayo, FOUR runs

he's done it again! What an innings from the new man. Short from round the wicket and Phehlukwayo effortlessly swivels on a pull turned hooked which nearly carries all the way to fine leg

Hastings to Miller, 1 run

over the wicket, low full toss at leg stump, for a second it looked liked he middled this into the gap but it's do the man at deep midwicket

Hastings to Phehlukwayo, 1 leg bye

goes for the pull, off the body again towards the keeper...South Africa won't care how they come

Hastings to Phehlukwayo, SIX runs

that's outta here! What a stroke from Lucky. That could be the deciding blow. Hastings came round the wicket, it was on a length, and he just swung cleanly through the line to send it over wide long-on

Hastings to Miller, 1 run

full and straight, drilled to long-on

Hastings to Phehlukwayo, 1 leg bye

round the wicket, short ball, he goes for the pull (or wild hoick) and gets taken on the back shoulder...bounces towards Wade and they scramble the leg bye

What.A.Match...17 off 12 balls needed. What have Australia got? Naresh: "@HK: The bowling certainly isn't the standards of Australia at all. This is some lacklustre bowling display from them. Really makes one wonder about their bench strength."

end of over 487 runs
SA: 355/6CRR: 7.39 RRR: 8.50
David Miller115 (76)
Andile Phehlukwayo30 (34)
Adam Zampa 7-1-52-1
Daniel Worrall 9-0-78-0
Zampa to Miller, no run

gets a dot in at Miller as he slaps this to cover, and it means he starts the next over off strike (although it may not matter)

Zampa to Phehlukwayo, 1 run

now the reverse sweep, a single to deep cover...he's doing it his way, that's for sure

Kunal: "That was really a Gilly-esque pick up flick. "

Zampa to Phehlukwayo, no run

now he goes right across outside off and goes for the sweep, gets taken on the pad

Zampa to Phehlukwayo, SIX runs

maybe Miller just said smash it! That's what he's done. Zampa dragged that down horribly and Lucky as pulled it over deep midwicket.

Zampa to Phehlukwayo, no run

another dot! Phehlukwayo thinks he can bring out the reverse-paddle-sweep...he misses, and almost falls over. Miller needs to have a word

Zampa to Phehlukwayo, no run

swing and a miss outside off, an appeal for a stumping and it goes upstairs...was the googly. Did he keep his foot grounded? Yes, he's well back

South Africa need 24 off 18 balls. Over to Adam Zampa

end of over 4713 runs
SA: 348/6CRR: 7.40 RRR: 8.00
David Miller115 (75)
Andile Phehlukwayo23 (29)
Daniel Worrall 9-0-78-0
John Hastings 9-0-67-2
Worrall to Miller, SIX runs

that's huge!!! Onto the roof at deep square leg. A magnificent pick-up shot off his legs with a effortless swing of the arms. But he was offered length which is very hittable. Still, a humongous blow. Bounced out of the ground by the looks of it

Worrall to Phehlukwayo, 1 run

crunched out to deep cover

Worrall to Phehlukwayo, FOUR runs

what a shot! Anything Miller can do...Lucky goes up and over the off side, a wonderful inside-out lofted cover drive as he's given a hint of width

Worrall to Phehlukwayo, no run

priceless dot ball, slightly slower and it deceived Phehlukwayo as he went for the pull...took a bottom edge and mighty close to leg stump

Worrall to Miller, 1 run

full at middle and leg, clipped along the ground out to deep midwicket

JKR: "You would have to think it's gotten to the stage where SA would be really disappointed to lose. I daresay they are favourites now."

Worrall to Phehlukwayo, 1 run

a yorker which isn't far off getting through but he gets a thick inside edge out to deep square

Still no over of spin. Worrall is back

HK: "@velvet there is no comparison between IPL and an ODI hundred especially when you are chasing 372 against world champion Australia. This is something else "