5th ODI (D/N), Cape Town, Oct 12 2016, Australia tour of South Africa
(48.2/50 ov, target 328)296
South Africa won by 31 runs
player of the match
David Warner

9.35pm Fourth clean sweep for South Africa in a five-match series, the first time they're achieving this feat against Australia. For a long time, this looked like a contest between David Warner and South Africa. But Warner's dismissal for 173 hastened the end for the visitors. That the hosts put themselves in this position was largely due to a 178-run stand between Duminy and Rossouw, who made a sparkling century. Then Tahir came into his own with some magical legspin to help ride a patchy fielding effort. What a start to the summer for South Africa

Steven Smith: Phenomenal from Davey. The rest of us didn't stand up. This has been a toughs series, we have been outplayed. They thoroughly deserve to go up. We haven't played our best cricket. Disappointing, have to move on. One Shield game before SA come for the Test series. Starc is back. We have got to do a lot better than what we did here."

David Warner is the Man of the Match: "Pleasing to get some runs on the board. Disappointing with the result. Tried to take it to the back end. Credit to SA, who were on top of us from the first game. Backed my instinct and played my game. You get some luck, you don't get some luck, today was okay. We've got some starts, haven't really built partnerships and haven't played the complete game. We have to think quick. SA will come, ready to go (for the Tests)."

Rilee Rossouw is the Man of the Series: "Special, finally crossing the three figures. Credit to JP who helped me there. I try to hit the ball as hard as possible. Takes a bit of getting used to (batting at various positions). If the captain and coach say you have to do it, you have to do it. Very emotional for me, you never know how many opportunities you will get to play for SA."

Faf du Plessis: "He (Warner) played an incredible knock, we had all the answers. A lot of credit to us as a team. Right through the series, different guys stood up. We were good with the ball. Whatever was thrown at us, we had the answers. Wake me up tomorrow and tell me. It's a dream. We were just too good for them. A lot of energy, guys backing themselves. This was a really important match for us, to take some momentum over to the Tests. Very nice heading over there with 5-0."

Steyn to Zampa, 1 run, OUT

tucked towards deep midwicket, the throw comes in full and flat as Steyn collects it cleanly and whips the bails off. Perhaps Boland's hit on the knee may have slowed him down as he turned for the second. Third umpire has two looks before deciding it's 5-0 for South Africa.

Scott Boland run out (Rossouw/Steyn) 4 (9m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100
Steyn to Zampa, 1 wide

slower delivery way outside off, just toeing with the wide line

Steyn to Boland, 1 run

sees the batsman backing away and follows him by bowling it full outside leg, squeezed back past the bowler to mid-on

end of over 486 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 293/9CRR: 6.10 • RRR: 17.50 • Need 35 runs from 12b
Scott Boland3 (3)
Adam Zampa5 (7)
Andile Phehlukwayo9-1-51-1
Dale Steyn9-0-53-0
Phehlukwayo to Boland, 1 run

makes room and drills it to deep cover

Ajay: "Warner 172 remind me of Sachin 175. So unlucky" The only difference was Sachin's knock came when the series was alive. For Warner to play this kind of knock knowing very well it wouldn't change the series scoreline was something else. Super stuff

Phehlukwayo to Zampa, 1 run

backs away to squeeze that to deep point

Phehlukwayo to Boland, 1 run

mistimes an attempted slog down to mid-on

Phehlukwayo to Zampa, 1 run

swings over midwicket, ends up slicing it down to third man

Phehlukwayo to Boland, 1 run

firm push to mid-off, the throw misses the stumps and smashes into Boland's knee. He's liming now. Ouch, he's in a lot of pain The cameras panned to the Australian dressing room, and almost everyone was falling off their chair in laughter!

Phehlukwayo to Warner, 1 run, OUT

Unfortunate end to a top, top knock. He simply had to come back for the second after carving that to deep cover, but the throw was right on top of the stumps from Tahir as de Kock gathered the ball cleanly and whipped the bails off. Newlands stand up to applaud a great innings.

David Warner run out (Imran Tahir/†de Kock) 173 (218m 136b 24x4 0x6) SR: 127.21
end of over 477 runs
AUS: 287/8CRR: 6.10 • RRR: 13.67 • Need 41 runs from 18b
Adam Zampa3 (5)
David Warner172 (135)
Dale Steyn9-0-53-0
Kagiso Rabada9-0-84-2
Steyn to Zampa, 2 runs

backs away and lofts it up and over point, third man comes around to cut that off

Warner walks down the track to have a word with Zampa. Wonder if the message is to just go for it. Sweeper cover comes in, midwicket goes back.

Steyn to Zampa, no run

over the stumps this time! Jags back in to beat the swing again.

Steyn to Zampa, no run

swing and a miss. How did that miss off stump, I don't know. Wild swing across the line but was beaten for pace.

Steyn to Warner, 1 run

flays the short ball angling in towards cover, made a bit of room to manufacture something out of nothing.

Steyn to Warner, 2 runs

he's clobbered that, or has he? Backs away and slashes that to get it into the gap towards square third man. For a minute, it looked like he'd smashed that, but ended up slicing it

Steyn to Warner, 2 runs

thick outside edge down to third man, scampers back for the second. Looked to squeeze that behind point

Steyn back. Can he deliver the final blow? Warner on strike.