3rd Test, Colombo (SSC), September 16 - 20, 2011, Australia tour of Sri Lanka
316 & 488
(T:332) 473 & 7/0

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
118 & 93
Player Of The Series
463 runs • 2 wkts
Australia 1st Innings
Sri Lanka 1st Innings
Australia 2nd Innings
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings
Match Flow
Australia 1st Innings 
Shane Watson c Dilshan b Eranga818361044.44
Phillip Hughes  b Lakmal025000.00
Shaun Marsh  b Herath812072767039.13
Ricky Ponting c †HAPW Jayawardene b Lakmal48911196052.74
Michael Clarke (c)c †HAPW Jayawardene b Eranga624441025.00
Michael Hussey  b Eranga11817825312266.29
Brad Haddin c †HAPW Jayawardene b Eranga3557856061.40
Mitchell Johnson c Herath b Welegedara829421027.58
Peter Siddle c Paranavitana b Welegedara012000.00
Trent Copeland c DPMD Jayawardene b Welegedara1890012.50
Nathan Lyon not out 315300020.00
Extras(lb 4, nb 3, w 1)8
TOTAL104.3 Ov (RR: 3.02, 455 Mins)316
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (Phillip Hughes, 1.2 ov), 2-22 (Shane Watson, 8.1 ov), 3-101 (Ricky Ponting, 35.5 ov), 4-120 (Michael Clarke, 44.2 ov), 5-190 (Shaun Marsh, 67.3 ov), 6-265 (Brad Haddin, 86.5 ov), 7-293 (Mitchell Johnson, 96.2 ov), 8-293 (Peter Siddle, 96.3 ov), 9-295 (Trent Copeland, 98.3 ov), 10-316 (Michael Hussey, 104.3 ov)
Chanaka Welegedara2167533.579611000
96.2 to MG Johnson, caught at point! The ball from Welegedara is short of a length and rather wide outside off, Johnson could have hit that hard through cover but he just opened the face and spooned it gently towards point instead, an easy catch for Herath. 293/7
96.3 to PM Siddle, caught at first slip! Welegedara angles a good length ball across the right-hander, Siddle pokes tentatively at it and edges to first slip. Another easy catch. Siddle looks back at Hussey, who's at the other end on 99, before walking off.. 293/8
98.3 to TA Copeland, caught at second slip! Copeland has a flash at one that angles across him from over the wicket. He edges it hard but straight to Mahela Jayawardene at second slip and he's taken far harder catches than this. That was a low catch though, Jayawardene got his fingers under the ball just in time. Copeland seemed to take Jayawardene's word for it after he claimed the catch. 295/9
Suranga Lakmal2136022.85988003
1.2 to PJ Hughes, Timber! Hughes must have been under some pressure to keep his place, and he has done himself no favours here. Short of a length outside off, holds its line, in that it doesn't go away with the angle. Hughes jabs at it away from the body, with an angled bat, and drags it on. Just the start Sri Lanka wanted. 0/1
35.5 to RT Ponting, No patience from Ponting! Poor poor shot from him. Lakmal has been bowling wide outswingers all over, and Ponting has been leaving them alone. Off the seventh delivery of the over, Ponting loses patience, and goes for the big drive, away from his body. The swing takes the edge, a real bonus of a wicket, as was Watson's. Walking back, he is a frustrated man. 101/3
Shaminda Eranga23.366542.761126010
8.1 to SR Watson, Whoa! What a series for debutants! Eranga takes a wicket first ball now. Watson is gone. To be fair, though, it was not a very remarkable delivery. It was a loosener wide outside off, and Watson went after it like it was the last wide delivery he would get. Just couldn't keep it down, and backward point accepted the catch with glee. Eranga will take it. 22/2
44.2 to MJ Clarke, What is with Australia and patience today? Third poor shot, although one has to confess Sri Lanka have strung together a cluster of good overs with each-way swing. Still there can't be many excuses for this. This is well wide of off, and Clarke goes for a push - mind you, not a flashy drive, which could have resulted in a thick edge that could have eluded fielder. The ball holds its line, and takes the edge of the bat through to PJ. He had to stretch remarkably to even reach it. 120/4
86.5 to BJ Haddin, loud appeal for caught behind and Haddin's been given, he isn't happy with the decision and asks for a review. The ball pitched on a good length outside off and seamed away a touch, Haddin did not come forward and pushed at it. There was a noise as it passed the bat and there's no conclusive evidence to suggest there was no edge. Haddin has to go. An odd one. You'd assume no batsman would review if he had nicked it, so either he didn't or he didn't know he did.. 265/6
104.3 to MEK Hussey, bowled him! Eranga caps a fine performance on debut with a slower ball, Hussey comes forward to push at it but gets an inside edge on to the stumps. Hussey goes after a terrific century - his 15th in Tests - and steering Australia past 300. 316/10
Rangana Herath2757812.881237200
67.3 to SE Marsh, Bowled'im! His average falls to 111! A potential nelson has struck. Is this a break in concentration or a natural variation? It's a regulation offbreak from Herath, Marsh defends, but it doesn't turn in as much as he expects it to. The off stumps is left exposed, and pegged back. 190/5
Tillakaratne Dilshan1203402.83472000
Sri Lanka 1st Innings 
Tharanga Paranavitana c Ponting b Johnson461011465045.54
Lahiru Thirimanne  b Siddle28801062035.00
Kumar Sangakkara c †Haddin b Siddle7917622710044.88
Mahela Jayawardene c †Haddin b Watson511201599042.50
Tillakaratne Dilshan (c)c †Haddin b Copeland8313117814063.35
Angelo Mathews not out 10526940410039.03
Prasanna Jayawardene c Clarke b Copeland47861153254.65
Shaminda Eranga  b Siddle1239552030.76
Rangana Herath lbw b Siddle317260017.64
Chanaka Welegedara run out (Lyon/Watson/†Haddin)18160012.50
Suranga Lakmal  b Johnson1318373072.22
Extras(b 1, lb 2, nb 2)5
TOTAL174 Ov (RR: 2.71, 739 Mins)473
Fall of wickets: 1-56 (Lahiru Thirimanne, 25.4 ov), 2-97 (Tharanga Paranavitana, 35.6 ov), 3-198 (Mahela Jayawardene, 76.4 ov), 4-210 (Kumar Sangakkara, 81.4 ov), 5-331 (Tillakaratne Dilshan, 117.3 ov), 6-412 (Prasanna Jayawardene, 145.1 ov), 7-436 (Shaminda Eranga, 157.6 ov), 8-444 (Rangana Herath, 163.4 ov), 9-450 (Chanaka Welegedara, 166.2 ov), 10-473 (Suranga Lakmal, 173.6 ov)
Trent Copeland40109322.3219813000
117.3 to TM Dilshan, Dilshan walks. Thick edge as he gets a touch too late on the fine dab. Another man misses a ton. This is a slightly unfortunate dismissal. He has got a healthy enough deflection on this t beat the gloves of Haddin who is standing up to the stumps. However, the ball hits the right thigh, lobs into the stomach area, and an alert Haddin holds on. 331/5
145.1 to HAPW Jayawardene, PJ is kicking himself. Drives a length ball on the up, fails to keep it down, finds Clarke at one of the two short midwickets. That looked about the only way they would get a wicket. 412/6
Peter Siddle3589142.6016711002
25.4 to HDRL Thirimanne, bowled him! Thirimanne's off stump has taken a beating. Siddle pitches the ball full just outside off stump and brings it back in just a little, enough to find the gap between the batsman's attempted drive and pad. There might have been a faint inside edge too. 56/1
81.4 to KC Sangakkara, The new ball does the trick. Extra bounce. Sanga doesn't get a hundred in his 100th! This is just short of a length, around off, Sanga has to play at it, but the ball kicks up, takes the shoulder edge and through to Haddin. Australia are right back. 210/4
157.6 to RMS Eranga, bowled him! Siddle has knocked out leg stump. He bowled a full ball on off stump moving into the right-hander, Eranga stayed in his crease and drove, when he should have been forward. He got an inside edge that brushed the pad before taking out leg stump. 436/7
163.4 to HMRKB Herath, lbw! Tony Hill gives Herath out but the batsman asks for the review. The ball was full from Siddle, it pitched in line with the stumps and crashed into the pad before it hit the bat as Herath tried to play on the leg side after moving across his crease. That's plumb, hitting middle and off. The decision stays. Mathews looks on. 444/8
Mitchell Johnson35612223.4816220000
35.6 to NT Paranavitana, caught at short cover by Ponting, whose reflexes I covet. The ball was ordinary, full and outside off, there to be driven. Paranavitana went hard at it, and made proper contact, smashing the drive out of the middle. His only fault was that he hit it in the air just above Ponting's head. Up went those hands to catch a screamer at short cover. He was so well balanced as he took it.. 97/2
173.6 to RAS Lakmal, bowled him! Johnson clips the top of off stump after squaring Lakmal up with one that pitched around leg and cut across the right-hander. 473/10
Shane Watson2685412.071307000
76.4 to DPMD Jayawardene, How many times does he do that? Watson strikes when nothing is working for Australia. Not the best of shots, but this has been that kind of Test. Full and wide, Mahela goes for the big drive, away from the body, the ball just holds its line and takes the edge. Watson is delighted. Watching the replays of the Mahela dismissal, the difference between his previous cover-drives for fours and this was that the front foot didn't move across to get close to the line. 198/3
Nathan Lyon3459102.671535200
Michael Hussey21502.5090000
Ricky Ponting201407.0062000
Australia 2nd Innings 
Shane Watson lbw b Herath2133574063.63
Phillip Hughes c Thirimanne b Herath12622031416157.27
Shaun Marsh c Thirimanne b Herath1856731032.14
Ricky Ponting c DPMD Jayawardene b Herath2880983035.00
Michael Clarke (c)c Paranavitana b Herath11217825914362.92
Michael Hussey c Welegedara b Dilshan9313822611167.39
Brad Haddin c Lakmal b Herath3062794048.38
Mitchell Johnson c Eranga b Welegedara4651066.66
Peter Siddle lbw b Herath2634434076.47
Trent Copeland c Paranavitana b Eranga323330013.04
Nathan Lyon not out 17120014.28
Extras(b 5, lb 11, nb 4, w 6)26
TOTAL138.5 Ov (RR: 3.51, 604 Mins)488
Fall of wickets: 1-62 (Shane Watson, 11.5 ov), 2-122 (Shaun Marsh, 31.6 ov), 3-188 (Ricky Ponting, 55.5 ov), 4-220 (Phillip Hughes, 73.6 ov), 5-396 (Michael Clarke, 111.6 ov), 6-448 (Michael Hussey, 123.5 ov), 7-452 (Mitchell Johnson, 124.6 ov), 8-471 (Brad Haddin, 131.4 ov), 9-486 (Peter Siddle, 135.6 ov), 10-488 (Trent Copeland, 138.5 ov)
Shaminda Eranga18.526213.29909011
138.5 to TA Copeland, end of the story. Aus don't refer that. It is caught at slip. Eranga again bends it in as Copeland looks for a flatfooted drive and gets the outside edge. Smartly held by the man at slip tumbling across to his left.. 488/10
Suranga Lakmal2228603.909211013
Chanaka Welegedara2438813.6610314000
124.6 to MG Johnson, another wicket. I don't think SL are helping their own cause by making inroads here - the fourth innings will be a no-win situation. Good bounce from Welegedara, Johnson top-edges the bounces and it swirls away to deep backward square leg who takes a well-judged tumbling catch.. 452/7
Rangana Herath521115773.0123613500
11.5 to SR Watson, huge appeal for lbw and Tony Hill says not out. Sri Lanka ask for a review. Watson got a huge stride forward as he tried to defend but was hit on the front pad in line with the stumps by one that went on with the arm. That's going on to hit off and middle and Tony Hill will have to change his decision. Herath has given Sri Lanka respite. Mahela Jayawardene was so sure that the review was the right thing to do. He wanted it immediately.. 62/1
31.6 to SE Marsh, caught at short leg minutes before tea! Herath pitched the ball outside off and spun it into the left-hander, Marsh pushed forward in defence and ended up playing outside the line, the ball popped up to Thirimanne at short leg. Did that take the glove though? No it didn't. That ball hit the pad and then his stomach before going to the fielder. Why on earth didn't he review that? What a brain fade. It was miles away from bat and glove.. 122/2
55.5 to RT Ponting, Ponting walks. Straight-forward dismissal in fact. Herath finally got one to jump up from the rough as Ponting lunged forward. He wasn't to the pitch, the ball leapt up to kiss the glove and balloon to slip. Sri Lanka were celebrating, but Ponting quickly began to walk back.. 188/3
73.6 to PJ Hughes, wow, what a jinx! Hughes falls immediately. Herath flights it up on off stump and gets it o turn in and bounce just a touch extra. Hughes went for the sweep, but it ballooned off the top edge, straight to backward square leg. This is huge. What a fine innings this was.. 220/4
111.6 to MJ Clarke, the captain's stay is over. He's charged Herath successfully on several occasions today, and finally mis-hits ones. Mid-on was standing in between, and it lobs straight into his hands. Herath has all five.. 396/5
131.4 to BJ Haddin, outside edge and Haddin's on his way now. Herath keeps picking up wickets. Haddin charges out and looks to go inside out, Herath smartly shortens the length and gets it to grip and break away sharply. It takes the edge and lobs up for a simple catch at wide mid-off.. 471/8
135.6 to PM Siddle, Siddle's given lbw and immediately refers it. Angled in from wide of the crease, it landed on middle and leg, and straightened past the bat that came around a little slowly. Hit in front of leg, and Siddle must be on his way soon. Straightforward. 7 for 157 for Herath.. 486/9
Tillakaratne Dilshan1906213.26849000
123.5 to MEK Hussey, well, we did our best not to jinx him. I never once mentioned he could get twin tons here. But Hussey's fallen seven runs away. Dilshan again serves it up wide of leg stump, Hussey sweeps but top-edges it square. Welegedara takes a blinder, moving in quickly to the flat hit and diving away to his right to take it as he lay sprawled. Heartbreak for Hussey.. 448/6
Lahiru Thirimanne10707.0021000
Tharanga Paranavitana201005.0061000
Sri Lanka 2nd Innings (T: 332 runs)
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Fri, 16 Sep - day 1 - Australia 1st innings 235/5 (Michael Hussey 63*, Brad Haddin 21*, 81.2 ov)
Sat, 17 Sep - day 2 - Sri Lanka 1st innings 166/2 (Kumar Sangakkara 61*, Mahela Jayawardene 31*, 65 ov)
Sun, 18 Sep - day 3 - Sri Lanka 1st innings 428/6 (Angelo Mathews 85*, Shaminda Eranga 5*, 155 ov)
Mon, 19 Sep - day 4 - Australia 2nd innings 209/3 (Phillip Hughes 122*, Michael Clarke 8*, 68 ov)
Tue, 20 Sep - day 5 - Sri Lanka 2nd innings 7/0 (2 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • Drinks: Australia - 238/4 in 81.0 overs (MJ Clarke 20, MEK Hussey 9)
  • Australia: 250 runs in 83.1 overs (501 balls), Extras 17
  • New Ball Taken: Australia 268/4 after 86.6 overs (MJ Clarke 45, MEK Hussey 12)
  • 5th Wicket: 50 runs in 82 balls (MJ Clarke 35, MEK Hussey 13, Ex 5)
  • MJ Clarke: 50 off 97 balls (6 x 4, 2 x 6)
  • Australia: 300 runs in 92.4 overs (559 balls), Extras 18
  • Lunch: Australia - 303/4 in 93.0 overs (MJ Clarke 71, MEK Hussey 21)
  • 5th Wicket: 100 runs in 144 balls (MJ Clarke 73, MEK Hussey 25, Ex 5)
  • Australia: 350 runs in 99.4 overs (601 balls), Extras 22
  • MJ Clarke: 100 off 139 balls (14 x 4, 3 x 6)
  • 5th Wicket: 150 runs in 176 balls (MJ Clarke 92, MEK Hussey 48, Ex 10)
  • MEK Hussey: 50 off 91 balls (7 x 4)
  • Drinks: Australia - 385/4 in 108.0 overs (MJ Clarke 110, MEK Hussey 59)
  • Australia: 400 runs in 112.3 overs (678 balls), Extras 24
  • Tea: Australia - 429/5 in 120.0 overs (MEK Hussey 80, BJ Haddin 19)
  • 6th Wicket: 50 runs in 70 balls (MEK Hussey 26, BJ Haddin 25, Ex 1)
  • Australia: 450 runs in 124.3 overs (751 balls), Extras 25
  • Drinks: Australia - 478/8 in 135.0 overs (PM Siddle 18, TA Copeland 2)
  • Over 135.6: Review by Australia (Batting), Umpire - AL Hill, Batsman - PM Siddle (Struck down)
  • Over 138.2: Review by Australia (Batting), Umpire - Aleem Dar, Batsman - NM Lyon (Upheld)
  • Innings Break: Australia - 488/10 in 138.5 overs (NM Lyon 1)
Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo
TossSri Lanka, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Michael Hussey
Player Of The Series
Michael Hussey
Series resultAustralia won the 3-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 2008
Hours of play (local time)10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days16,17,18,19,20 September 2011 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
Shaminda Eranga
Shaminda Eranga
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee