1st T20I (N), Gros Islet, Jul 9 2021, Australia tour of West Indies
(16/20 ov, target 146)127
West Indies won by 18 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 161 run • 2 wickets
AUS: 127/10CRR: 7.93 RRR: 4.75
Adam Zampa1 (2)
Obed McCoy 4-0-26-4
Hayden Walsh 4-0-23-3

10:44 pm An 18-run margin makes this match look far easier for the West Indies than it was in reality. Australia dominated the first 10 overs of both innings but an inconceivable collapse in the chase will give them plenty to reflect on. Andre Russell gave West Indies hope with his 51 off 28 balls, a maiden T20I fifty too, to resuscitate the West Indies innings after Australia had the host lineup pinned down early. It was a carbon copy scenario in the second innings as Australia smothered the West Indies bowlers before a startling collapse from 89 for 3 to 127 all out. They were 117 for 5 and lost their last five wickets for 10 runs too. Hayden Walsh Jr takes career-best figures of 3 for 23 to spearhead the West Indies heroics in the field before Obed McCoy wiped out the tail with his 4 for 26 to finish things off.

McCoy is Player of the Match: "It feels great. I've been working really hard. It was just all about execution and sticking to the team plan. Normally on that surface the ball has nice bounce and carry but I was just trying to mix up my pace as much as I can. I noticed the spinners were getting a bit of turn so I thought my slower balls would grip. We were confident and knew we had the bowling to back it and just knew we had to go out and fight hard."

Australia captain Aaron Finch: "I thought our bowlers did a fantastic job particularly in the Powerplay. Anytime you lose 6 for 19, you're gonna struggle to win a T20 game. So we just needed somebody to take it upon themselves and get right through to the end. I think we needed under 4 an over for the majority of that last bit, so very disappointing. After the position that Marsh and Wade got us into, just a bit of game smarts would have got us over the line there but sort of panicked a little bit. We've been working on trying to be a little more aggressive in the middle overs but maybe just need to rein it in today and have some more smarts. I thought the wicket played a little better batting second. There's no excuses for our batting display there. You've got to dust yourselves off and come again with the same attitude but just execute a little bit better under pressure."

Stand-in West Indies captain Nicholas Pooran: "What a game. First game as captain, wasn't expecting this. Losing the series against South Africa, we knew we had to come back out here and do the right things. We didn't get as much as we wanted, 145, but all we asked was for a challenging total. We asked the guys for energy and that's what they brought. I can't give the bowlers enough credit. They came out firing the Australians and we knew we needed wickets to win the game. We wanted them to attack those stumps, keep asking questions and Obed McCoy came and won the game for us."

Hayden Walsh Jr is being interviewed now: "Personally it's a sigh of relief. I've been preparing for a long while. After my mishap in Bangladesh where I tested positive for Covid, I didn't really have a good Super50 and I'm really happy that I'm just back. I would put this performance up there, probably one or two. To come in when the pressure is on and Australia could have walked the game at that point, I really enjoyed changing the game there. In the team meetings we talked about the huge wind factor. After practicing and reading the conditions, I wanted to stay around middle stump. I'm pretty happy. I got wickets. I just really enjoyed just reading the conditions and reading the situation of the game."

Lakshmi: "Walsh Jr deserves MoM than O.McCoy i reckon, as Walsh got rid of proper batsman. Neverthless, well done McCoy and WI..!!"

Sarat: "Not able to sustain for 20 overs is a crime..!! Bundling out in 16overs is horrific"

If you're out of breath from that finish, there's very little time to recover before these sides take the field again! They'll be back at it in St Lucia less than 24 hours from now for the second T20I of the five-match series. I'll be back with Andrew McGlashan for the ball-by-ball call. Until then, I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

McCoy to Hazlewood, OUT

that's it! In the channel on fourth stump, tame prod away from the body and a simple edge behind gleefully taken by Pooran at chest height! Australia complete a stunning collapse, West Indies complete a stunning fightback to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with an 18-run win!

Josh Hazlewood c †Pooran b McCoy 0 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Spidercam : "Looks like the Aus batsman have misread the RRR as 40.0 instead of 4.00"

McCoy to Zampa, 1 run

full on the stumps, chips this through midwicket for one.

McCoy to Starc, OUT

what a catch by Allen running to his right from cow corner! Another slower ball, another one bites the dust. It landed full on off stump and Starc went for a big heave but miscued it off the inner half of the bat. It floated high in the air between Allen at cow corner and Walsh Jr at long-on, the two speediest and best catching fielders in the West Indies team. Their speed to the ball nearly results in a catastrophic collision as both were going pedal to the medal for the chance but Walsh Jr sees Allen out of the corner of his eye and pulls out as Allen continues with his diving effort to hold onto the chance five yards inside the rope.

Mitchell Starc c Allen b McCoy 3 (12m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 37.5

Trace: "Boy, Walsh has got some outstanding figures for a leggie this game. Only one 6 taken off him and no boundaries. That's some good bowling."

McCoy to Starc, no run

slower ball cutter knuckles away from sixth stump on a good length as Starc fans on another shot.

McCoy to Starc, no run

fullish length slower ball on off stump, defended on the front foot back to McCoy.

Steve: "This is just silly, is this egos wanting to smash it everywhere or a team plan to play like England all guns blazing no matter the situation"

McCoy to Starc, no run

slower ball lands on a good length on sixth stump, Starc flails at this flat-footed and in vain.

end of over 153 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 126/8CRR: 8.40 RRR: 4.00
Adam Zampa0 (1)
Mitchell Starc3 (4)
Hayden Walsh 4-0-23-3
Obed McCoy 3-0-25-2

Walsh Jr ends his first appearance for West Indies since November 2020 by taking 3 for 23, career-best figures for him in T20Is. His previous career best was 2 for 21 while playing for USA against UAE in USA's maiden T20I series at ICC Academy in Dubai in March 2019.

Walsh to Zampa, no run

good length ball on off, goes back to defend.

Walsh to Starc, 1 run

good length ball on fifth stump, goes back to slap wide of cover for one.

Walsh to Starc, no run

good length ball on fifth stump slapped into the off side.

Slip in for Zampa new to the crease.

Surti: "You did it! Trace..."

Walsh to Christian, OUT

Walsh Jr is flipping this match the West Indies way! That could be the wicket that does it for the hosts! Christian charges a fullish length ball on fourth stump but doesn't quite get to the pitch and miscues a drive toward long-on. Doesn't get the elevation he intended and the ball sails flat to Bravo, who charges 10 yards left and 5 yards in from the rope to claim a solid catch at knee height reaching forward.

Dan Christian c Bravo b Walsh 10 (21m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 83.33
Walsh to Christian, no run

good length ball on fourth stump, goes back to cut and scuffs this back into the ground.

Walsh to Christian, 1 wide

darts this in flatter and fuller down leg, Christian is late on a sweep but wide called.

Walsh to Starc, 1 run

loopy low full toss on the legs stroked calmly to long-on along the turf.

Walsh Jr to bowl his last now. Over the stumps to Starc with a slip in place.

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