1st ODI (D/N), Dubai (DSC), Apr 22 2009, Australia v Pakistan ODI Series
(44.1/50 ov, target 169)171/6
Pakistan won by 4 wickets (with 35 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
24 (16) & 6/38

A morale-boosting win for Pakistan after all that has happened in the recent months. Australia were in control early on, but were dented by a six-wicket burst from Shahid Afridi. Though they did fight back well to make Pakistan work for their runs, a score of 168 never looked threatening. Kamran Akmal was the star with the bat, making a fluent 48, and Afridi provided some entertainment with a quickfire 24. Misbah laboured to 30, but his presence at the crease was important for Pakistan to scale down their target.

Australia will try to bat hard at the nets, facing their spinners and using their feet a lot more to get some much needed practice ahead of their second match. Hold fire, and we'll bring you the details from the presentation shortly.

There are a zillion people on the presentation podium. Shahid Afridi is the Man of the Match. No surprises there.

Afridi: "I'm very happy to perform this well against a very good side. I learnt a lot from Abdul Qadir." Short and sweet.

Clarke: "Full credit to Pakistan. Our middle-order needs to work more, especially against spin. The pitch kept a little low and spun. We need to have a look at the footage and improve upon our batting come Friday."

Younis: "The Australians made it hard for us, but in the end it's a team effort. Our spinners did the job for us. In the UAE, the pitch does help the spinners a bit. Shahid Afridi and Saeed Ajmal bowled really well."

That's all we have from here folks. Thanks for tuning in and sending us your feedback. Join us again on Friday for the second ODI. Until then, on behalf of everyone at Cricinfo, it's goodbye from Siddhartha Talya. Cheers!

Bracken to Umar Gul, FOUR runs

It's all over, just a fraction full on the off, he swings across the line to clear mid-on to finish this off

Bracken to bowl

end of over 448 runs
PAK: 167/6CRR: 3.79 RRR: 0.33
Misbah-ul-Haq30 (68)
Umar Gul4 (12)
Andrew Symonds 3-0-18-1
Nathan Bracken 9-2-21-0
Symonds to Misbah, no run

full outside off, he's already made room, drilled straight to cover

Just two more needed now

Symonds to Misbah, FOUR runs

four more, flighted on the off stump, gets forward and chips it well over midwicket to beat the fielder in the deep for a boundary

Symonds to Misbah, FOUR runs

finally, short on the off, waits for it to spin into him, rocks back and pulls it away wide of a diving square leg

Symonds to Misbah, no run

does it again, flighted outside off, gets across and nudges it to square leg

Symonds to Misbah, no run

closes the face and works it to square leg

Symonds to Misbah, no run

flighted on the off, gets across and pushes it back to the bowler

end of over 431 run
PAK: 159/6CRR: 3.69 RRR: 1.42
Umar Gul4 (12)
Misbah-ul-Haq22 (62)
Nathan Bracken 9-2-21-0
Andrew Symonds 2-0-10-1
Bracken to Umar Gul, no run

struck well, got forward and punched it wide of mid-off for a single, less than ten needed now

Bracken to Umar Gul, no run

gets forward and taps it down to mid-off, good bounce, but handled well

Bracken to Misbah, 1 run

slower one bowled full on the off stump, driven wide of the bowler to mid-off, Gul appears to be struggling for a bit but he's made it comfortably

Bracken to Misbah, no run

back of a length outside off, bowled at 132.2 kmph, left alone

Bracken to Misbah, no run

short on middle and off, gets across to defend to cover

Misbah is in some pain, probably some cramps. He's back on his feet now, so all's good

Bracken to Misbah, no run

came back in, good length on the off and caught him on the ribs as he came forward to defend

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