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1st ODI, Mount Maunganui, April 04, 2021, Australia Women tour of New Zealand
(38.3/50 ov, T:213) 215/4

AUS Women won by 6 wickets (with 69 balls remaining)

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Australia win by six wickets and that's the 22nd ODI win in a row. A new landmark for the game. A performance of quality and power from Australia, especially that run chase which was done with more than 11 overs to spare. The batting order just keeps coming. New Zealand had a decent platform with the bat but collapsed from 159 for 2 having put all the eyes in accelerating the innings later. Australia were always comfortably ahead of the rate and finished it in style. Ellyse Perry's innings understated and excellent. Worth remember thought, that this series is still up for grabs. Two games remaining. I'll try and bring you some post-match reaction shortly.

Megan Schutt is Player of the Match: "It's nice to have it now!" Schutt says of the record. "I bowled a little different to Tay and reap the rewards at the other end. For me towards the back end it's T20 cricket which I'm very comfortable doing."

Amy Satterthwaite "212 against most teams isn't going to be enough. There's multiple things you have to look, losing wickets in clumps is not ideally. We put a lot of pressure on middle order to score at a rate. We weathered the storm nicely at the top but probably a bit slow. Thought Lauren batted outstandingly. We have to keep backing our skillset. We showed in the T20 series we can be competitive. Today with the ball we were slightly off...probably bowled too many four balls.

Meg Lanning "It's a great achievement over a long period of time, shows how consistent we've been. Something we'll look back on. That's been a strength of ours, having key pillars throughout the team. We have a mixture of experience and youth. We like to play an aggressive brand of cricket. We don't want to put any handbrakes on. We were able to keep it pretty tight early, that wicket of Kerr set us on our way. The way we finished was excellent. Alyssa Healy set the tone with a really attacking mindset, Ash Gardner has been in really good form to push it on at the end. General theme is to play with freedom. We want to win the Rose Bowl, it's one game."

I'll wrap things up there for today. A new record in the bag for the Australians. Thanks for your company and see you again soon

Amelia Kerr to Gardner, SIX runs

there it is! Gardner finishes it with a six...reaches fifty and secures the world record

Amelia Kerr to Gardner, no run

short of a length, pushed to point

Amelia Kerr to Gardner, no run

leans back and drives to cover

end of over 384 runs
AUS-W: 209/4CRR: 5.50 RRR: 0.33
Ashleigh Gardner47 (38)
Ellyse Perry56 (79)
Hannah Rowe 5-0-31-1
Amelia Kerr 7-0-54-1
Rowe to Gardner, 1 run

another slower short ball, she leans back and guides to third

Rowe to Perry, 1 run

full outside off, runs it down to third

Rowe to Perry, no run

looks to guide this square of the wicket and is beaten

Rowe to Gardner, 1 run

a short slower ball outside off, takes a toe end high over the covers and just clears the infield

Rowe to Perry, 1 run

short outside off, a strong square drive wide of point

Rowe to Perry, no run

full and straight, pushed back down the pitch

Hannah Rowe

end of over 379 runs
AUS-W: 205/4CRR: 5.54 RRR: 0.61
Ashleigh Gardner45 (36)
Ellyse Perry54 (75)
Amelia Kerr 7-0-54-1
Lea Tahuhu 5-0-37-0

Single figures needed for Australia for the world record

Amelia Kerr to Gardner, 2 runs

steps back towards leg, gets a thick outside down towards third

Amelia Kerr to Perry, 1 run

off the back foot to deep cover

Amelia Kerr to Gardner, 1 run

fuller, heaved to deep midwicket

Amelia Kerr to Perry, 1 run

another short one, helped to deep square leg

Amelia Kerr to Perry, FOUR runs

short again, rocks back and has all the time in the world to pull through midwicket. That's her fifty from 73 balls. Top innings

Amelia Kerr to Perry, no run

pulled to mid-on

Amelia is back

end of over 3610 runs
AUS-W: 196/4CRR: 5.44 RRR: 1.21
Ellyse Perry48 (71)
Ashleigh Gardner42 (34)
Lea Tahuhu 5-0-37-0
Jess Kerr 8-0-30-1

Dani: "Can we please get women playing more test cricket? I can't think of anyone in the game with a technique better suited for it than Ellyse Perry" Averages the small matter of 78 in the format (and 18 with the ball)

Tahuhu to Perry, 1 run

full and straight, clipped into midwicket who lets it through

Tahuhu to Gardner, 1 run

goes short, rolls the wrists on the pull to long leg

Tahuhu to Gardner, SIX runs

what a shot! Full outside off, dispatched over wide mid-off with another powerful swing. Terrific batting

Tahuhu to Perry, 1 run

worked off the pads into midwicket

Tahuhu to Gardner, 1 run

pulled to deep midwicket