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1st T20I, Hamilton, March 28, 2021, Bangladesh tour of New Zealand
(20 ov, T:211) 144/8

New Zealand won by 66 runs

Player Of The Match
92* (52)
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end of over 2010 runs
BAN: 144/8CRR: 7.20 
Mohammad Saifuddin34 (34b 3x4 1x6)
Nasum Ahmed0 (1b)
Daryl Mitchell 2-0-21-0
Hamish Bennett 4-0-20-1

New Zealand win by 66 runs in another thoroughly convincing display. It was set up by the runs of Devon Conway (yep, him again) and Will Young before Ish Sodhi blew away the Bangladesh middle order with four wickets. The visitors didn't fold completely with the bat but where never in the chase. This series now moves to Napier in a couple of days time - a victory there will mean New Zealand have won every series of the season. I'll wrap things up there for this one, but will be back in a little while to bring you coverage of New Zealand against Australia in their first T20I. For now, from Gnasher and Hemant, it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

Mitchell to Saifuddin, FOUR runs

carved high over backward point, throws the kitchen sink at a full delivery outside off, scoots down to third man

Mitchell to Saifuddin, no run

short again outside off, pulls again and it's through to the keeper

Mitchell to Saifuddin, no run

a slower ball, full outside off, carved into the covers

Mitchell to Saifuddin, no run

back of a length, swing and a miss to the leg side

Mitchell to Saifuddin, no run

moves outside leg, it's full outside off and he can't reach it

Mitchell to Saifuddin, SIX runs

full outside off, launched over long-on

Daryl Mitchell will bowl the final over

end of over 191 run • 1 wicket
BAN: 134/8CRR: 7.05 RRR: 77.00
Nasum Ahmed0 (1b)
Mohammad Saifuddin24 (28b 2x4)
Hamish Bennett 4-0-20-1
Tim Southee 4-0-34-1
Bennett to Nasum, no run

a slower ball back of a length, angled away and nearly carries to short third man. Just one run off the 19th over

Bennett to Saifuddin, 1 run

a straight full toss, swung through midwicket

Bennett to Saifuddin, no run

another excellent yorker, at off stump, all he can do is keep it out

Bennett to Saifuddin, no run

a yorker at middle and leg, 137kph, digs it out

Bennett to Saifuddin, no run

driven straight and smashes into the non-striker's stumps, probably prevented a boundary

"You've got to make it look good," Guptill says on the TV coverage

Bennett to Shoriful Islam, OUT

what a catch from Martin Guptill! Another one for the catch-of-the-season contest. Sliced in the air over point, Guptill had to turn and run, the dived and took it over his shoulder

Shoriful Islam c Guptill b Bennett 5 (7b 1x4 0x6 10m) SR: 71.42
end of over 1811 runs
BAN: 133/7CRR: 7.38 RRR: 39.00
Mohammad Saifuddin23 (24b 2x4)
Shoriful Islam5 (6b 1x4)
Tim Southee 4-0-34-1
Lockie Ferguson 4-0-25-2
Southee to Saifuddin, FOUR runs

driven wide of mid-off, a full delivery outside off, connects strongly and finds the gap

Southee to Shoriful Islam, 1 run

short of a length outside off, almost swings himself off his feet and takes a toe end to the off side

Southee's getting some treatment after that. Might have taken a nail. Little finger on the right hand by the looks of it

Southee to Shoriful Islam, no run

dropped by Southee...came round the wicket, it's a full delivery, the drive is crunched back at him and it bursts through. He's in a bit of pain. Clipped the end of the fingers. Tough chance

Southee to Shoriful Islam, 1 wide

very short outside off, swing and a miss, called wide

Southee to Shoriful Islam, FOUR runs

full outside off, a powerful swing through the off side, beats cover and races away

Southee to Shoriful Islam, no run

an appeal for caught behind as he swings at a very full ball outside off, given not out and Southee calls the review. He seems to have missed this by some a country mile, in fact

Southee to Saifuddin, 1 run

full outside off, slower ball, lofted down the ground

end of over 175 runs • 1 wicket
BAN: 122/7CRR: 7.17 RRR: 29.66
Shoriful Islam0 (2b)
Mohammad Saifuddin18 (22b 1x4)
Lockie Ferguson 4-0-25-2
Tim Southee 3-0-23-1

That's a good comeback for Ferguson

Ferguson to Shoriful Islam, no run

full outside off, holds his ground this time and drives to backward point

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