West Indies won by an innings and 219 runs
Player Of The Match
5/8 & 33

11.47am That is that. West Indies secure an innings-and-219-run win in less than seven sessions. Shannon Gabriel was taken apart by Nurul, but the quick worked his way to another five-wicket haul. Nurul's rapid half-century and his 55-run stand for the ninth wicket with Rubel only delayed the inevitable. Do stick around for the presentations, which I will bring shortly.

Shakib Al Hasan: Very tough for us. But I think there are a lot of areas we need to work on. We were beaten in all three departments. We need to prepare ourselves in the next five days. Adapting to these conditions is not easy;we're not used to this. Nurul batted really well today. Credit to him. Jayed was impressive in his debut. He showed his character and can be a great prospect for Bangladesh

Jason Holder: Good to start the series well. I did not expect the 43 all out and Kemar Roach was outstanding. We had one no-ball in this game and if we have to be critical, we could have been more clinical in the second innings. Big effort from the quicks, hopefully they can continue. I'm pleased with my performance personally.

Kemar Roach, Player of the Match: I have played a couple of times against them and know some players well. The pitch is of some help and more movement and bounce. I've been working really hard with the fast-bowling coach Corey Collymore. Shannon has been doing a fantastic job, Cummins as well.

That's a wrap of this match. Thanks for reading. Ciao.

Jay: "RALLY ROUND THE WEST INDIES!!!! You should be very proud"

JimK : "Brathwaite + Hope = 188 BDESH 1 + BDESH 2 = 187 :D"

jahangir shahza: "All 4 West Indian bowlers has taken 5 wickets each in the match. Interesting any other time it has happened? " --- Not sure but nice symmetry

Giri_Thalafan: "Someone at the end of Bangladesh 1st innings came in support of them by quoting Ind A performance against WI A. The difference here is what they learn from their mistakes.. Ind A performing exceptionally well 2nd innings whereas Bangladesh didn't :(. The reason why they face lot of criticism "

Cummins to Rubel, OUT

Cummins nails the leg stump to wrap up West Indies' massive innings win. Short and skidding in, Rubel has an almighty leg-side slog at it... and misses. All 20 wickets to WI quicks

Rubel Hossain b Cummins 16 (33b 1x4 0x6) SR: 48.48
Cummins to Rubel, no run

banged in short on middle stump, rushes the batsman into a hook, flapped away to the leg side in the end

end of over 401 run
BAN: 144/9CRR: 3.60 
Abu Jayed0 (5)
Rubel Hossain16 (31)
Devendra Bishoo 5-1-16-0
Miguel Cummins 7-2-16-1
Bishoo to Abu Jayed, no run

starts outside off and breaks away further, left alone again

Bishoo to Abu Jayed, no run

turn and bounce outside off, fizzing legbreak, left alone

Bishoo to Abu Jayed, no run

Javed plays inside the line of this legbreak and is beaten on the outside edge

Bishoo to Abu Jayed, no run

tossed on middle and leg, dead-batted away

Bishoo to Rubel, 1 run

full legbreak, laced from outside off to long-off

Mark: "Nurul Hasan jinxed out Brutus_Shylock 64 An unusual scorebook entry!"

Bishoo to Rubel, no run

good length and spins away outside off, stabbed back to the left of Bishoo off the back foot

end of over 39Wicket maiden
BAN: 143/9CRR: 3.66 
Abu Jayed0 (1)
Rubel Hossain15 (29)
Miguel Cummins 7-2-16-1
Devendra Bishoo 4-1-15-0
Cummins to Abu Jayed, no run

back of a length and bounces outside off, Javed wafts and misses in the corridor

No.11 Jayed

Cummins to Nurul, OUT

Cummins plucks out an excellent overhead catch off his own bowling to break the stand. Shortish and outside off, Nurul aims to swat it over the bowler's head. He weakly chips it back instead. Nice reflex catch. Nurul's fifty has given Bangladesh's scorecard some respectability, though

Nurul Hasan c & b Cummins 64 (74b 6x4 2x6) SR: 86.48
Cummins to Nurul, no run

lifter outside off, Nurul sways his upper body out of the way and evades it

Brutus_Shylock: "Pretty interesting mini-game this, finally Bangladesh arrive in West Indies. Nurul has really impressed with his grit, he looked like he'd give away his wicket Early on with some cheeky stroke play, but he's stuck in pretty well."

Cummins to Nurul, no run

good length and aiming for off stump, Nururl's stout defence intervenes

Cummins to Nurul, no run

good length and holds its line just a shade outside off, defended back

Siddharth Naik: "Isn't it typical of roach. Bowl one good spell and then sit out due to a niggle or strain.More than being unlucky, its about how you handle your body. WI could have used him now."

Cummins to Nurul, no run

full and angling in at off stump, hangs back and quietly works the ball away to deep square leg

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