1st ODI (D/N), Nottingham, Jul 8 2010, Bangladesh tour of England, Ireland and Scotland
(45.1/50 ov)251/4
England won by 6 wickets (with 29 balls remaining)
player of the match
Ian Bell

So, England continue their successful summer. Although this was always expected to be an easy win, it was an important game for them after losing the final two matches of their series against Australia. Ian Bell once again cashes in on Bangladesh's attack with an unbeaten 84 to complete a chase that was set up by a rapid half-century from Andrew Strauss. England's bowling wasn't quite as slick as their batting, and Bangladesh could have got 20 to 30 more with a little more gumption. One felt that they just didn't back themselves to dominate the bowling. As is often the case, Shakib Al Hasan was the pick of their bowling attack.

No update on Mushfiqur as yet - he has gone to hospital for x-rays. "It was a good track to bat on, and England batted beautifully," says Mashrafe.

"We were pretty happy with the work we did with the ball, apart from the start. We always felt we could chase 250, it was a pretty clinical chase from us," says Strauss. "Belly played exceptionally well, he's been dying to get an opportunity and he took his chance today."

And indeed, Ian Bell is Man of the Match. "It was an opportunity to get some time out in the middle with the full side," he says, and credits his recent time with the England Lions for his one-day form too. "I also went back to Warwickshire and worked on a few things Andy Flower told me about when I went out of the side."

For an in-depth look at the teams' performances today, have a look at Andrew Miller's bulletin. That's all from your commentary team - Liam Brickhill and Sahil Dutta - for today. Thanks for joining us for this game, and do join us again for the second game of the series on Saturday. Thanks as well for all the feedback, both to us and on the Facebook page. Keep it coming, we read everything though we're sometimes too busy to post too much of it!

Faisal to Bell, 1 run

that's it, all over and England cruise to a six-wicket win as Bell steps back and swipes through cover

With one run to win, England take the Powerplay - they had to, as there are just five overs left and it hadn't yet been taken!

end of over 456 runs
ENG: 250/4CRR: 5.55 RRR: 0.20 • Need 1 run from 30b
Michael Yardy10 (18)
Ian Bell83 (100)
Shakib Al Hasan10-0-35-2
Shafiul Islam5-0-46-0
Shakib to Yardy, 2 runs

cut away behind square, and they pick up a couple

Shakib to Bell, 1 run

punched out to long-off

Shakib to Bell, no run

arm ball from Shakib! Almost had the beating of Bell, as it nipped in to take the inside edge, ricochet off the pad and just miss the leg stump

Shakib to Yardy, 1 run

pushed down the ground, Shakib tumbles across in his follow-through but can't cut it off

Shakib to Bell, 1 leg bye

dropped just behind square on the leg side

Shakib to Yardy, 1 run

tip-and-run from Yardy to get Bell back on strike, and Bangladesh have well and truly given up here

Just 7 needed now

end of over 4412 runs
ENG: 244/4CRR: 5.54 RRR: 1.17 • Need 7 runs from 36b
Ian Bell82 (97)
Michael Yardy6 (15)
Shafiul Islam5-0-46-0
Faisal Hossain6-0-25-0
Shafiul to Bell, 2 runs

Bell comes down the track once again, but this time displays his deft touch in guiding the ball to gully. It was a late cut really, and well-played

Shafiul to Bell, FOUR runs

bouncer from Shafiul this time, looked to be a slower one and Bell hooked it from head height down to long leg for another four! England are close now

Shafiul to Bell, FOUR runs

slapped! Bell is keen to get this over with, as he comes charging down the track and slams a short, wide ball to the cover point boundary

It's probably been discussed before, but Yardy really does have an extraordinary trigger movement. He positions himself a good foot outside leg and shuffles to middle and leg before the ball is bowled.

Shafiul to Yardy, 1 run

another slower cutter, this time its nudged down to fine leg by Yardy

Shafiul to Yardy, no run

pacy this time, and Yardy defends into the covers from the crease

Shafiul to Bell, 1 run

slower cutter to start, and it keeps a touch low as Shafiul sends it down just back-of-a-length on middle and off. Bell didn't quite seem to pick it up either, but they get a single

Shafiul Islam into the attack now. Can he prise out a consolation wicket before the end comes?

end of over 435 runs
ENG: 232/4CRR: 5.39 RRR: 2.71 • Need 19 runs from 42b
Ian Bell71 (93)
Michael Yardy5 (13)
Faisal Hossain6-0-25-0
Faisal to Bell, 1 run

Bell stays deep in the crease and punches off the back foot out to deep cover

Faisal to Yardy, 1 run

driven out to deep cover

Faisal to Yardy, no run

Yardy shuffles across to try and work the angle between midwicket and square leg, but this time picks out that square leg fielder

Faisal to Yardy, no run

nudged to midwicket

Faisal to Bell, 3 runs

Bell's first slog of the night with just 20-odd needed, as he aims a heave out to deep midwicket. Didn't middle it though, and the ball plugs in the turf and comes to a stop inside the rope

Faisal to Bell, no run

tossed up by Faisal, who continues to find turn. But well wide of off. Although, even so Bell can only slice to gully