2nd Test, Manchester, June 04 - 06, 2010, Bangladesh tour of England, Ireland and Scotland
(f/o) 216 & 123

England won by an innings and 80 runs

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268 runs
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Right, that's more than enough from me, thanks for all the emails. Make sure you check out our gallery of today's action. If you're missing Test cricket already, make sure you join us for the West Indies v South Africa series that begins June 10.

Strauss said: "It was encouraging the way the bowlers went in helpful conditions, pretty happy with how things have gone, but sterner tests will come" and credits his two young bowlers, Steven Finn and Ajmal Shahzad, for their good showing this Test.

Shakib says it's disappointing to end the series in this way and that his team found it harder to play the moving ball than the short ball. He also says morale is hard to maintain when the team is losing so regularly but feels they are improving steadily and is looking forward to the ODI series.

The Bangladesh player of the series, and really the overall man of the series is, unsurprisingly, Tamim Iqbal. What a man he is, he bludgeoned 268 runs at 67 at almost a run a ball this series. He says his Lord's hundred was the better of his two, and that he's comfortable playing the short ball. When asked why he's gone on better than his team-mates, Tamim responds quite simply - "I work harder". No malice in the words at all either, just good honesty.

The England player of the series, nominated by the Bangladesh coach is Steven Finn, for his 15 wickets in the series and back-to-back five-fors. He says he feels he bowled better at Lord's and thinks going at four-an-over was not really good enough. What a cheery fellow!

Nasser Hussain is leading the presentation ceremony and the man of the match goes to Ian Bell, oddly enough. He looks like a kid who's just sneaked a bottle of champagne out the off licence and says the Ashes Test at The Oval and his performances in South Africa has given him the confidence he needed.

Andrew Miller has summed up all the action in his bulletin, so while we wait for the presentation ceremony, do check that out.

You sensed, once the rain cleared, Bangladesh might be in trouble following on, but to have, once again, lost 10 wickets in session, is very disappointing from them. England continue their perfect record against Bangladesh and take the series two-nil. I expect plenty of chat about 'efficiency' and 'ruthlessness' from England in the aftermath of their victory here but there is plenty for them to work on. Under clouds they are world beaters, in the sunshine, a lot less so.

Bangladesh were always likely to lose after yesterday's collapse, but the limp way in which they gifted their wickets away today was frustrating.

England win by an innings and 80 runs Cheers and high-fives all round for England. Finn collects a stump for himself after a second successive five-wicket haul. Bangladesh really folded here, not much fight from them, but the conditions were perfect for England, dank and murky and swinging round corners.

Swann to Razzak, OUT

and that is that! Razzak has one slog too many and sends the ball miles high off the top edge, it was swirling around and Morgan actually did well to watch it carefully into his hands at deep long on.

Abdur Razzak c Morgan b Swann 19 (22b 2x4 1x6 40m) SR: 86.36
end of over 344 runs • 1 wicket
BAN: 123/9CRR: 3.61 
Shahadat Hossain4 (3b 1x4)
Abdur Razzak19 (21b 2x4 1x6)
Steven Finn 10-2-42-5
Graeme Swann 7-0-34-0
Finn to Shahadat, no run

another pull shot attempted, and this time Shahadat connects well, but Anderson fields smartly at midwicket to prevent runs

Finn to Shahadat, FOUR runs

fuller from Finn, the batsman backs away into the leg side and drives it through the covers for a couple

Finn to Shahadat, no run

dug in short, Shahadat swishes a pull shot but cannot connect

Finn to Shafiul, OUT

much better line and what has happened here? Shafiul backed away and open-faced a defensive prod into the slips, it dipped late as it reached Strauss, but the England captain is unsure whether it carried and the umpire has asked for the TV replay... it looked like he has his hands underneath it and the third umpire gives it out. Looked a good decision and that's another five-wicket haul for Steven Finn

Shafiul Islam c Strauss b Finn 4 (9b 0x4 0x6 13m) SR: 44.44
Finn to Shafiul, no run

too wide from Finn, he should be attacking the stumps at a batsman like Shafiul who is so reluctant to get in line

Finn to Shafiul, no run

good carry from Finn, finding extra bounce outside off, but Shafiul leave it well alone

end of over 333 runs
BAN: 119/8CRR: 3.60 
Abdur Razzak19 (21b 2x4 1x6)
Shafiul Islam4 (6b)
Graeme Swann 7-0-34-0
Steven Finn 9-2-38-4
Swann to Razzak, no run

this time Razzak defends perfectly back down the wicket

Swann to Razzak, no run

haha, Razzak aims an enormous shot against the spin, can't connect but it's fun to watch

Swann to Shafiul, 1 run

down the wicket this time, another ugly heave, it skews off the inside edge and runs away for a single

Swann to Shafiul, no run

this time he's much more resolute, pushing a defence carefully

Swann to Shafiul, 2 runs

after blocking one ball Shafiul reckons he's seen enough of Swann and aims a big swish, timing it well enough to send it down to midwicket for a couple

Swann to Shafiul, no run

hesitant defence from Shafiul this time

end of over 322 runs
BAN: 116/8CRR: 3.62 
Abdur Razzak19 (19b 2x4 1x6)
Shafiul Islam1 (2b)
Steven Finn 9-2-38-4
Graeme Swann 6-0-31-0
Finn to Razzak, no run

too far outside off stump this time, allowing Razzak to drops his hands and leave it nicely

Finn to Razzak, no run

shorter ball that Razzak happily crouches under

Finn to Shafiul, 1 run

more bat on this fuller ball, again very tentatively played, but gets a single to mid on

Finn to Shafiul, no run

that's a pretty hideous defensive effort from Shafiul, getting leg side of the ball, playing bat away from pad and opening the face to guide it to the slips. Fortunately for him, he missed it

Finn to Razzak, 1 run

fuller ball this time, and angled towards the pads, Razzak picks it off for a single to midwicket

Finn to Razzak, no run

Finn round the wicket to Razzak and angles in a shortish delivery that Razzak pops under

end of over 3117 runs
BAN: 114/8CRR: 3.67 
Abdur Razzak18 (15b 2x4 1x6)
Shafiul Islam0 (0b)
Graeme Swann 6-0-31-0
Steven Finn 8-2-36-4
Swann to Razzak, 3 runs

Razzak continues to swish at everything and is lucky to get away with it here, skewing off the outside edge into the cover region, looping over Eoin Morgan and running towards the boundary

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