3rd ODI, Birmingham, Jul 12 2010, Bangladesh tour of England, Ireland and Scotland
(45/50 ov, target 348)203
England won by 144 runs
player of the match
end of over 452 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 203/10CRR: 4.51 RRR: 29.00 • Need 145 runs from 30b
Rubel Hossain1 (7)
Ravi Bopara10-1-38-4
Michael Yardy4-0-27-1

England's biggest victory margin in terms of runs since the game between these two teams at Trent Bridge in 2005, when Strauss got his previous high-score and Collingwood took a six-for. A convincing win, to say the least. It appeared we had a game on when Kieswetter was castled in the very first over, but once Strauss and Trott came together England regained control and they never really let go, despite the loss of wickets at the end of the innings. The fight went out of Bangladesh as soon as Tamim departed, and the game was over as a competition from about the 20th over of Bangladesh's innings. Read all about it in Andrew Miller's match bulletin.

"We bowled very poorly," says Mashrafe. "It's difficult to say why. We didn't put the ball in the right areas this morning. We have to play well against Ireland and Scotland and win those matches so we can get some confidence back. We won a game in England so we should win those games."

Andrew Strauss is Man of the Match and Man of the Series for the runs he's scored and the way in which he's scored them. "A good way to bounce back after Bristol," he says. "We were disappointed with our performance there and wanted to put it right today... I've been hitting the ball really well throughout the one-dayers, got a few fifties but haven't gone on to any big scores until today. It goes to show, even at this aging stage of my career you can still expand your game... A few guys have come in and put their names in the hat in this series. You need more than 11 players to win a lot of series and certainly to win the World Cup."

That's all from your commentary team - Liam Brickhill and Sahil Dutta - for today. Thanks for joining us, and please come back for Cricinfo's coverage of the first Test between Australia and Pakistan at Lord's, which starts tomorrow. Until then, it's goodbye!

Bopara to Shafiul, OUT

Bopara ends the game! Shafiul almost swings himself off his feet as Bopara sends one down full and straight. His head is in the air, his eyes, presumably, closed, and he doesn't get close to it. The stumps are disturbed and that's that.

Shafiul Islam b Bopara 16 (10m 12b 1x4 1x6) SR: 133.33
Bopara to Shafiul, no run

another bouncer, another huge swing, another miss

Bopara to Rubel, 1 leg bye

slower ball, on the legs. Rubel tries the pick up to fine leg but can't get the connection

Bopara to Rubel, no run

heaved to leg, but the ball strikes high on the splice and rolls gently to midwicket

Bopara to Rubel, 1 wide

speared down the leg side

Bopara to Rubel, no run

full and straight, defended back to the bowler

Bopara to Rubel, no run

bouncer, Rubel has a waft at it but doesn't get close. Umpire calls one for the over

end of over 447 runs
BDESH: 201/9CRR: 4.56 RRR: 24.50 • Need 147 runs from 36b
Shafiul Islam16 (10)
Rubel Hossain1 (3)
Michael Yardy4-0-27-1
Ravi Bopara9-1-37-3
Yardy to Shafiul, SIX runs

mind the windows Shafiul! He picks up a half-volley outside off and thwacks it way over wide long-on. Some excitement for the small crowd still in!

Yardy to Shafiul, no run

full, fast and dug out to mid-on

Yardy to Shafiul, no run

back and across to defend back down the track

Yardy to Rubel, 1 run

cut away past backward point

Yardy to Rubel, no run

some width outside off, but tapped to the fielder

Yardy to Rubel, no run

stretching forward to defend

end of over 438 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 194/9CRR: 4.51 RRR: 22.00 • Need 154 runs from 42b
Shafiul Islam10 (7)
Rubel Hossain0 (0)
Ravi Bopara9-1-37-3
Michael Yardy3-0-20-1
Bopara to Shafiul, no run

slash outside off, play and miss

"You've just dropped the NatWest Series," Shafiul tells him. Possibly.

Bopara to Shafiul, 2 runs

dropped! Leading edge off Shafiul's bat, looping up gently to cover where Morgan and Tredwell converge. Neither of them really went for it, Morgan called eventually and dived, but couldn't lay a hand to it in the end

Bopara to Shafiul, no run

slower ball, full and just outside off. Shafiul was down into the slog-sweep, he was through the shot before the ball even got to him

Bopara to Shafiul, 2 runs

Shafiul heaves to leg... and the ball flies over cover, plugging in the outfield.

Career-best bowling effort from Ravi Bopara today.

Bopara to Razzak, OUT

another one goes! Razzak slashes a full, wide ball out to Bresnan at deep cover. Just one wicket needed now

Abdur Razzak c Bresnan b Bopara 27 (63m 33b 3x4 0x6) SR: 81.81
Bopara to Razzak, FOUR runs

Razzak joins in! The ball was shortish on middle, and he just stepped back and flat-batted it over wide mid-on