2nd Test, Harare, Apr 25 - 29 2013, Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe
391 & 291/9d
(95.3 ov, target 401)282 & 257
Bangladesh won by 143 runs
player of the match
Mushfiqur Rahim
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• The Report by Mohammad Isam

Bangladesh level series despite Hamilton ton

Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe by 143 runs and leveled the two-match series 1-1, bringing parity through a fightback after going down in the first Test miserably

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Scorer: Sanjay Murari
Commentator: Abhishek Purohit
Scorecard summary
Bangladesh391/10(113.2 overs)1st INNINGS
Zimbabwe282/10(96 overs)1st INNINGS
Bangladesh291/9(88 overs)2nd INNINGS
Zimbabwe257/10(95.3 overs)2nd INNINGS

Taylor and Rahim shake hands and jointly hold the series trophy. That does it for this Test series. Abhishek Purohit signing off. Cheers

Mushfiqur Rahim is the Man of the Match and Robiul Islam is the Man of the Series

Mushfiqur speaks on behalf of Robiul. Says he can bowl another 100 overs if needed, and dedicates the performance to the victims of the Savar tragedy back home in Bangladesh.

Mushfiqur Rahim: "Test win is a big achievement for us. Pressure on us after losing the first Test. We did not apply during the first Test, senior guys played well in this game, it showed the character of our team, hopefully we will carry the momentum in the ODIs. Robiul is a hard-working guy, all the hard work paid off, really happy for him. When you are winning, you are always enjoying [the tour]. It has been a good Test for me. I trued my best. Credit goes to Shakib and Nasir, they supported me throughout."

Brendan Taylor: "You have to give Bangladesh credit for some solid performances. Their middle order was very solid. Robiul bowling 100 overs in two games is phenomenal. The wicket played better than we though it would, we leaked too many boundaries, they showed patience and waited for scoring options. They deserved the win, we are pleased with some of our individual performances, and can be proud of a 1-1 result. Hamilton is a guy we look to bat around. I am sure he is going to come good in the one-dayers."

Handshakes all around. Mushfiq has a stump in his hand. Bangladesh's fourth Test win, third overseas, second against Zimbabwe, first in Zimbabwe

Ten wickets for the Bangladesh fast bowlers, so crucial in winning Tests outside the subcontinent. Crucial runs in both innings from Shakib, Mushfiqur and the young and mature Nasir Hossain. Tamim got a bad decision in the second innings, but set the tone with a brisk 49 on the first morning

Lead bowler Jarvis' poor show hurt Zimbabwe, and their batting could not hold up with Taylor not firing. Fantastic effort from Hamilton Masakadza, though, batted over six hours with top concentration

Winston: "I am so proud of that stoic effort by Hamilton Masakadza. Not once did he give up or stop believing. In the end it was too much. But I will never forget the way he approached this innings. Well done Bangladesh. You are worthy winners."

Shakib to Jarvis, OUT

and umpire Gould ends the match, sliding in from Shakib, Jarvis caught on the pad, can't be sure without replays, but it's all over, he's hit in front of middle and leg, and this is not straightening, tough call

Kyle Jarvis lbw b Shakib Al Hasan 7 (57m 20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 35
Shakib to Masakadza, 1 run

pushes forward again, it does not turn, thick inside edge to square leg, and he's taken the single early in the over

Shakib to Masakadza, no run

lunges forward to defend one tossed up and angled in full

Shakib back

end of over 952 runs
ZIM: 256/9CRR: 2.69 
Hamilton Masakadza110 (250)
Kyle Jarvis7 (19)
Mohammad Ashraful7-1-13-1
Robiul Islam20-5-53-1
Ashraful to Masakadza, 1 run

turns this length offbreak wristily between square leg and midwicket to keep strike

Ashraful to Masakadza, no run

flighted full again, he mistimes the drive to extra cover

Ashraful to Masakadza, no run

tosses it up high, and it almost goes through, saved by a thick inside edge on the push

Ashraful to Masakadza, no run

back and across to turn it to vacant short leg

Only slip in

Ashraful to Masakadza, no run

pads up to a flighted offbreak, but too far outside off, and too much for the umpire to determine

Ashraful to Jarvis, 1 run

tossed up high and very full, he squeezes it through point and gets off strike

Amlan: "Amidst all this talk of inter-country cricketing ties, someone please take a note of how Zimbabwe is making a match out of it."

end of over 945 runs
ZIM: 254/9CRR: 2.70 
Hamilton Masakadza109 (245)
Kyle Jarvis6 (18)
Robiul Islam20-5-53-1
Sohag Gazi31-11-56-1
Robiul to Masakadza, no run

pushes at this good length outswinger, and is beaten, it stayed low too

Robiul to Masakadza, no run

length ball slanted down leg

Robiul to Masakadza, (no ball) FOUR runs

overpitched on the stumps, he sends it racing between the bowler and the non-striker with a crisp forward movement, Robiul bowls another no-ball

Robiul to Masakadza, no run

tight line close to off, moving away, he lets it go

Robiul to Masakadza, no run

goes across and defends a good length ball around off

Tim: "@Saikat, teams often struggle a little in the first game of a series or after a long break from tests. Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have to contend with this in nearly every match they play. If they played more 4 and 5 test series' then you'd see them get much more competitive and win a lot more games. As it is they often are slow to start and the series is over just as they hit their straps."

Robiul to Masakadza, no run

full outswinger couple of feet outside off, left alone

Robiul to Masakadza, no run
end of over 93Maiden
ZIM: 249/9CRR: 2.67 
Kyle Jarvis6 (18)
Hamilton Masakadza105 (238)
Sohag Gazi31-11-56-1
Robiul Islam19-5-48-1
Sohag Gazi to Jarvis, no run

shout for lbw, umpire Hill shakes his head, it was turning a lot as it hit him in front of middle and leg

Sohag Gazi to Jarvis, no run

goes across and turns this in the air just past forward short leg

Sohag Gazi to Jarvis, no run

floated up full, pushed to covers

Sohag Gazi to Jarvis, no run

gets forward to turn it with the spin to short midwicket

Best performances - batsmen
Hamilton Masakadza
H Masakadza
111 runs (252)
11 fours
4 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
33 runs
2 fours
1 six
Mushfiqur Rahim portrait
Mushfiqur Rahim
93 runs (153)
9 fours
0 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
30 runs
4 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
Robiul Islam portrait
Robiul Islam
Shingirai Masakadza
SW Masakadza
Match details
Harare Sports Club
TossZimbabwe, elected to field first
SeriesBangladesh tour of Zimbabwe
Player Of The Match
Mushfiqur Rahim
Mushfiqur Rahim
Player Of The Series
Robiul Islam
Robiul Islam
Series result2-match series drawn 1-1
Match numberTest no. 2087
Hours of play (local time)10am start, Lunch 12.00-12.40, Tea 14.40-15.00, Close 17.00
Match days25,26,27,28,29 April 2013 - day match (5-day match)
Test debut
Ziaur Rahman
Ziaur Rahman
England Image
Ian Gould
New Zealand Image
Tony Hill
TV Umpire
Zimbabwe Image
Owen Chirombe
Reserve Umpire
Zimbabwe Image
Jeremiah Matibiri
Match Referee
England Image
Chris Broad