Final (D/N), Melbourne, Mar 25 1992, Benson & Hedges World Cup
(49.2/50 ov, target 250)227
Pakistan won by 22 runs
player of the match
Wasim Akram

And with that, off they go, a lap of honour around a packed and buoyant MCG. The fireworks go off overhead ... the crowd rise as one, Pakistan's iconic lime-green shirts sparkling in the floodlights. It's been an emotional day, and a magnificent match.

And thanks to you all for coming along for the ride. To break the fourth wall for a moment, we live in curious times, 28 years to the day later, but I hope this experiment has been one you've enjoyed getting stuck into. We've certainly loved it, and we will be back with more #RetroLive ball-by-ball coverage in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned to ESPNcricinfo for more details on that, but from myself, Monga and Raghav, plus all the others who've put in a shift to make it happen, not least Sajan who's had to recode the ancient back-end of the website to make it possible, thank you and good night!

Saad Hasan: "3.5 years old and following it from Germany! Goosebumps literally Goosebumps! "

Pranshu Mittal: "This will be the most thrilling world cup final ever. I don't think we can witness a final more exciting."

Ali: "I have this Deja Vu feeling while I'm dancing for this historic win that I have done this before???"

Karthik Mani: "Fantastic initiative from cricinfo. I am sure many wishlists are prepared by everyone! I wonder how the commentators here prepared themselves to again comment on a pre-T20 ODI, where defending 250 is relatively easy. Good job!"

And finally, it's time for the man himself to take the microphone. Here's Imran Khan's acceptance speech.

"I would just like to say, I want to give my commiserations to the England team, but I want them to know that by winning this World Cup, personally, it means that one of my greatest obsessions in life, which is to build a cancer hospital, I'm sure that this World Cup will go a long way towards the completion of this obsession." Umm... cool. That's brilliant news.

"I would also like to say," aha, here comes his tribute to his young team of tigers... "that I feel very proud that at the twilight of my career, finally I have managed to win the World Cup. Thank you." Okaaay ... well, to be fair, you have galvanised them to produce the most glorious night of their lives. And it has been a pretty epic career from the mighty allrounder. I guess the eternal legendary status is all the thanks that Wasim, Mushy and Inzy are going to need...

And off they go, a lap of honour around a packed and buoyant MCG. The fireworks go off overhead

Sir Colin Cowdrey, all-round beacon of cricketing crickety-ness, is the man with the honour of presenting the World Cup to Pakistan's captain.

"Imran and your team, I offer congratulations on behalf of the world of cricket," says Sir Colin. "I'd like you to come up here and I'll present you with the Benson and Hedges prize for $50,000… oh, and one more thing," … oh, he's such a wag… "Here's this magnificent Waterford Crystal trophy. And you mustn't drop it!"

Graham Gooch steps up to accept a cheque for AUS$25,000, which isn't to be sneezed at

"I'd like to just say it's an absolute delight to play in a final, I'd like to thank my team and all the English supporters who've followed us around. I'd like to say congratulation to Pakistan for playing a great match and winning this cup. Thank you." Gracious words from an England legend, and a man who now has the dubious record of playing in, and losing, three World Cup finals, in 1979, 1987, and 1992.

Thanks Sid, what utter scenes. Up steps Tony Greig onto a very crowded and makeshift podium, and introduces Malcolm Gray, the joint chairman of the World Cup committee. Congratulations and commiserations ring out, and don't England's team look a picture of misery. Poor chaps. So near, and yet so far. Will they ever get this close again?

Alan Turner, the former Aussie cricketer and now head of the sponsors, Benson & Hedges, announces the Man of the Match, and, no surprise, it is Wasim Akram, for his allround exploits with bat and ball, but let's face it, it's really for those two deliveries … he's collects a medallion and AUS$3,000 of spending money. That'll go a long way back home in Lahore.

What a great night of cricket this has been. It is not over yet. We will soon bring you the interviews. Andrew Miller will take it away and sign off for you


They all get into sajdas on the ground, thanking the almighty, which was part of their unshakable, often irrational, belief that they were going to win this one after the disastrous start they had. The physio, the doctor, the administration staff, all out on the field. And what a moment: Javed hugging Imran. Two of the biggest figures in Pakistan cricket, often at loggerheads, fighting to be the alpha male, Imran the aristrocat, Javed the streetfighter. Javed the victim, blaming Imran for his exclusion, then finally pulling strings to get here, playing his part in the turnaround. Then that partnership between the two. Those couples that Javed couldn't run. Those moments where he knew there was no one he and Pakistan could trust more than Imran. And now this hug. After a moment that fulfils both their careers. They hold aloft the Pakistan flag together

Imran, the recluse, wipes a tear and sets aside to let the rest of the team take the spotlight. The youngsters now carry the spotlight further. Such joy. Such suroor. What scenes. Imran already into his interviews as the youngsters relish the moment. Salim Malik has smiled for the first time this tournament after having been sidelined from the vice-captaincy role thanks to Miandad's arrival. What a victory can't do

Imran Khan to RK Illingworth, OUT

slower ball, Illingworth done in, gets a big edge, Ramiz Raja takes it at mid-off. Imran Khan takes the final wicket. Do you believe in destiny? The man that made Pakistan believe has the last touch on this game. Pakistan are World Cup champions. While Imran's career is still alive

Richard Illingworth c Ramiz Raja b Imran Khan 14 (9m 10b 2x4 0x6) SR: 140

Imran runs in, Illingworth pulls out

Imran Khan to RK Illingworth, FOUR runs

cute shot. Gets inside the line of it, and ramps it sort of over short fine for a consolatory boundary

Imran Khan to RK Illingworth, (no ball)

full toss, too high, called no-ball

Last over of formalities coming up. Imran Khan will bowl it. Do you believe in destiny? You better

end of over 496 runs
ENG: 222/9CRR: 4.53 RRR: 28.00 • Need 28 runs from 6b
Richard Illingworth10 (7)
Derek Pringle18 (16)
Wasim Akram10-0-49-3
Imran Khan6-0-38-0
Wasim Akram to RK Illingworth, 1 run

another run-out chance, extra cover this time, and this time Imran misses himself. Akram is done. Surely the Man of the Match? Surely

Wasim Akram to Pringle, 1 run

hits to midwicket, runs, gives up. The World Cup is nearly there but the fielder misses. They will have to wait more

Wasim Akram to RK Illingworth, 1 run

full, swinging in, crunched away to deep cover

Wasim Akram to Pringle, 1 run

yorker, on leg, dug out to midwicket for another single

Wasim Akram to RK Illingworth, 1 run

full, swinging away, hits the outside half of the bat, concedes a single

Wasim Akram to Pringle, 1 run

full ball, driven to long-on

Akram comes in for his last over. How fitting would it be if he ends this

end of over 489 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 216/9CRR: 4.50 RRR: 17.00 • Need 34 runs from 12b
Richard Illingworth7 (4)
Derek Pringle15 (13)
Imran Khan6-0-38-0
Wasim Akram9-0-43-3
Imran Khan to RK Illingworth, FOUR runs

down the wicket, done in by a legcutter, but he gets an outside edge to this, a fine one, for four lucky runs. Even these won't bother Pakistan now

Imran Khan to Pringle, 1 run

yorker, outside off, squeezed out for another single

Imran Khan to RK Illingworth, 1 run

wide on the crease, angled in, pushed wide of point for a single

Imran Khan to RK Illingworth, no run

legcutter, beats him outside off, bounces in front of Moin

Imran Khan to RK Illingworth, 2 runs

full, wide, pushed to point, takes a risky single, and a second off the overthrow

Last man in. There won't be a five-for in this World Cup final either

Imran Khan to DeFreitas, 1 run, OUT

hit to deep midwicket, Pringle calls him back for two, and de Freitas is run out. Salim Malik's first contribution in this World Cup. A powerful throw in from deep midwicket. Moin collects it on a half-volley, and whips the bails off in a flash

Phil DeFreitas run out (Saleem Malik/†Moin Khan) 10 (13m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 125

Imran Khan brings himself back on. Will this be the glory over?

end of over 478 runs
ENG: 207/8CRR: 4.40 RRR: 14.33 • Need 43 runs from 18b
Phil DeFreitas9 (7)
Derek Pringle14 (12)
Wasim Akram9-0-43-3
Mushtaq Ahmed10-1-41-3
Wasim Akram to DeFreitas, 1 run

on a length, outside off, pushed in front of point, gets a single. Pakistan getting closer and closer with every ball that doesn't reach the fence

Wasim Akram to Pringle, 1 run

jams down hard on an inswinging yorker, it bounces over Akram and gets him a single

Wasim Akram to DeFreitas, 3 runs

full, outswinger, de Freitas opens the face on it, gets it past point, gets three runs for it

Wasim Akram to Pringle, 1 run

full, swinging in, driven to deep midwicket

Wasim Akram to DeFreitas, 1 run

short of a length, dropped to point for one. Ones won't do it for England

Wasim Akram to Pringle, 1 run

swinging in, just a touch too full, worked to deep square

Akram to continue. Still has two wickets available