29th Match (N), Melbourne, Jan 14 2016, Big Bash League
(20 ov, target 189)132/9
Heat won by 56 runs
Player Of The Match
end of over 2011 runs
MS: 132/9CRR: 6.60 
Michael Beer3 (3)
Evan Gulbis61 (52)
Andrew Fekete 2-0-20-0
Josh Lalor 4-0-21-2

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Samuel Badree has been named Player of the Match for his 5 for 22.

Moment of the evening then? Has to easily be the five successive, and big ones too, that Chris Lynn muscled off Ben Hilfenhaus to give the Heat a head start. There were plenty of other moments too with the bat, but none as enterprising as this. Then, Samuel Badree bowled a dream spell first up to become only the fourth bowler in BBL history to take a five-wicket haul that derailed the Stars' chase.

The race for the top four is still on. Renegades and Thunder still in with a chance of sneaking into the top four. For now, lets doff our hats to James Hopes, who finishes his career with the Brisbane Heat today, although he's expected to see off the entire domestic season before calling quits from all forms of cricket.

Didn't think they would last the 20 overs when they lost five wickets for next to nothing. But in doing so, the Melbourne Stars have managed to give their net run-rate some fillip. But that can't hide the thumping Brisbane Heat have given them as they finish off their season with three wins in four games. It also brings to an end the Stars' four-game winning streak.

Fekete to Beer, 1 run

short ball on middle, gets big on him, somehow manages to get some bat on it as it lobs wide of the wicketkeeper

Fekete to Gulbis, 1 run

hit wide of the cover fielder at the edge of the circle

Fekete to Gulbis, no run

full and straight outside off, looks to back away and squeeze it into the off side, misses

Fekete to Gulbis, FOUR runs

pulled handsomely into the gap at deep square. Short, he shaped to pull and picked the bones out of that one

Fekete to Gulbis, FOUR runs

length ball on middle, he backs away, creates room and runs it into the gap between point and short third man. So their NRR will go into the positives, by only just

Fekete to Beer, 1 run

slower one on off, runs it down to third man

They ran the second to perhaps to get the NRR to 0 by getting to 126? Only time will tell.

end of over 194 runs • 2 wickets
MS: 121/9CRR: 6.36 RRR: 68.00
Evan Gulbis52 (48)
Michael Beer1 (1)
Josh Lalor 4-0-21-2
James Hopes 4-0-17-0
Lalor to Gulbis, 2 runs

on the pads, flicked to wide long-on, not sure why they ran two

Can they last the 20 overs?

Lalor to Beer, 1 run

slower one on off, opens the face and runs it down to third man

Lalor to Worrall, OUT

that's another corker! Full, straight at pace and boom! By the time the bat came down, the zing bails were flying in the air. Played around the delivery and paid the price for it.

Daniel Worrall b Lalor 0 (1m 2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Lalor to Worrall, no run

slower one on off, dabs it to the off side, the non-striker was halfway down the pitch when he was sent back, he would have been on the bike had the throw hit direct at the bowler's end

Lalor to Hilfenhaus, OUT

that is the ball of the day. Wasim Akram would have been proud of that. Full and tailing away late, right into the blockhole, Hilfy plays all around it, misses and the ball brushes the top of his right boot and hits off stump. He was off balance because of the pace too

Ben Hilfenhaus b Lalor 7 (8m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100
Lalor to Gulbis, 1 run

full ball on off, driven to the cover fielder at the edge of the circle to bring up a well-deserved half-century. Neat little knock here