22nd Match (N), Melbourne, Jan 10 2017, Big Bash League
(19.3/20 ov)153/8
Stars won by 2 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
player of the match
Ben Hilfenhaus
Melbourne Stars
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• The Report by Will Macpherson at the MCG

Boland, Hilfenhaus lead Stars to comeback win

Scott Boland's 4 for 30 helped Melbourne Stars restrict Adelaide Strikers to 152, a total chased down with the help of Ben Hilfenhaus' violent 32

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Commentator: Varun Shetty
Scorecard summary
Adelaide Strikers152/8(20 overs)
Ben Dunk35 (25)
Tim Ludeman26 (24)
Melbourne Stars153/8(19.3 overs)

That's it from our match coverage for this game. It looked like the patterns stuck - both the men's and women's Melbourne Stars registered victory. Do join us tomorrow for Heat v Scorchers. Good night.

The Stars climb up on the points table and have six points now, whereas the Strikers move downwards with four points from six games.

The whole stadium breathes a sigh of relief there. Hilfenhaus did not look like he would be the one to take them to victory, but he has done it. Somehow. Good comeback from the Strikers, particularly the efforts of Sodhi whose two wickets and run-out was the reason for all this drama. But at the end of it, it was the Stars' bowling who won them this game by keeping Strikers down to 152.

Neser to Hilfenhaus, 1 run

good length, angled into the pads, and he chips it through square leg and takes his team home

Everyone in now, expect deep midwicket

Neser to Beer, 1 run

full toss on the pads and he turns it away easily to fine leg. Poor bowling that.

Field comes in again. Mid-off is in. No one deep on the off side. There's a fine and deep square leg. Hodge is stationed next to the non-strikers stumps.

Neser to Hilfenhaus, 1 run

low full toss on off stump and he drives it to mid-off

The crowd is making some noise now! Superb game it has turned into. Who will bowl the last over?

It's Neser.

end of over 198 runs • 2 wickets
MS: 150/8CRR: 7.89 RRR: 3.00
Ben Hilfenhaus30 (22)
Ben Laughlin 4-0-19-3
Wes Agar 3-0-36-0
Laughlin to Boland, OUT

It has worked! he brings the field in, tempts Boland to make room and swipe it through the off side, but he's just not that good! Perfect yorker on middle stump and it's a beautiful sight as the bails fly off

Scott Boland b Laughlin 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Field is coming in now, no one on the off side boundary

Laughlin to Hilfenhaus, 1 run

full on the pads, flicked away to deep midwicket

Laughlin to Hilfenhaus, 2 runs

full and fired in on middle stump, just about converts it into a full toss and flicks it through square on leg side

Laughlin to Boland, 3 leg byes

yorker on the pads, tries to flick this but it raps him on the boot and runs away past Sodhi at short fine

Laughlin to Gulbis, OUT

BEAUTY! 112 kph, full slower ball on off stump and Gulbis has not picked this. He plays for line and tries to turn it down to fine leg but it has gone under his bat and clips off stump

Evan Gulbis b Laughlin 22 (16b 1x4 1x6) SR: 137.5
Laughlin to Gulbis, 2 runs

short and wide outside off, uses his wrists and cuts it wide of sweeper cover

end of over 1818 runs
MS: 142/6CRR: 7.88 RRR: 5.50
Ben Hilfenhaus27 (20)
Evan Gulbis20 (14)
Wes Agar 3-0-36-0
Ben Laughlin 3-0-14-1

Schalk: "@Chris Hilfy's obviously not thinking like you"

Agar to Hilfenhaus, SIX runs

WOW! He steps down to a bouncer but it doesn't matter! Get's a fraction of room, and he has tennis smashed this straight over the bowler for six!

Agar to Hilfenhaus, 2 runs

good length outside off, steps down the track and slaps it uppishly through covers

Agar to Hilfenhaus, no run

good length, wide outside off stump, steps out and misses it this time

Agar to Hilfenhaus, FOUR runs

slower ball again, back of a length on middle. Steps out and connects his slog perfectly, and it's into the gap on the square leg boundary

Agar to Hilfenhaus, 2 runs

good length slower ball outside off, steps out again and hits it wide of long-on

Agar to Hilfenhaus, FOUR runs

slower ball, good length, outside off. He finally connects! Steps out and smashes it past the bowler's left boot

Chris: "Surely Hilfenhaus' job should be to get the strike to Gulbis not try and hit every ball out the park?"

end of over 176 runs
MS: 124/6CRR: 7.29 RRR: 9.66
Ben Hilfenhaus9 (14)
Evan Gulbis20 (14)
Ben Laughlin 3-0-14-1
Wes Agar 2-0-18-0
Laughlin to Hilfenhaus, 1 run

in the block hole on middle stump, excellent delivery. He hits it straight back to the bowler who slips as he tries to field that and misfields

Laughlin to Gulbis, 1 run

135 kph, yorker tailed in at leg stump, cramps him for room and he can only slice it to deep cover

Laughlin to Hilfenhaus, 1 run

slower ball outside off, stays back this time and swats it to sweeper cover

Laughlin to Hilfenhaus, no run

slower ball outside off, steps down and misses the slog

Laughlin to Gulbis, 1 run

109 kph, slower ball, limbs from a good length outside off. Gets it high on the bat as he opens the face. Short third man and point are happy to give him a single

Match details
Melbourne Cricket Ground
TossMelbourne Stars, elected to field first
SeriesBig Bash League
Player Of The Match
Ben Hilfenhaus
Ben Hilfenhaus
Hours of play (local time)19.40 start, First Session 19.40-21.00, Interval 21.00-21.20, Second Session 21.20-22.40
Match days10 January 2017 - night (20-over match)
T20 debut
Liam Bowe
Liam Bowe
Wes Agar
Wes Agar
Australia Image
John Ward
Australia Image
Paul Wilson
TV Umpire
Australia Image
Phillip Gillespie
Reserve Umpire
Australia Image
Simon Lightbody
Match Referee
Australia Image
Peter Marshall
PointsMelbourne Stars 2, Adelaide Strikers 0