27th Match (N), Adelaide, Jan 11 2019, Big Bash League
(19.2/20 ov, target 179)137
Strikers won by 41 runs
player of the match
Colin Ingram
Adelaide Strikers

The Strikers win by 41 runs. That was too easy for the Strikers in the end. After the early onslaught from Ben Dunk and Evan Gulbis in the Powerplay they could not maintain the rage. The Strikers strangled the Stars, led by Rashid Khan who conceded just 18 runs from four overs. Colin Ingram is named Player of the Match for his 57 off 41 balls in the Strikers innings. Travis Head and Jon Wells also played excellent hands to get the Strikers up to 178 after a slow start. The Strikers move to second on the table with a fourth win. The Stars slip to fifth with a fourth loss. The Strikers play the Thunder in the first game of a BBL triple-header on Sunday. The BBL pauses for a day tomorrow with Australia facing India in the first ODI from the SCG. Hope you can join us then. Goodnight from Adelaide.

Laughlin to Bird, OUT

Bowled him! Laughlin finishes the job. Another full inswinger, he set himself to swing this over the leg side, missed and it lit up off stump!

Jackson Bird b Laughlin 10 (11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 90.9
Laughlin to Bird, 1 wide

130kph, bouncer, too high this time and called wide

Jimmy: "Pretty stupid how the BBL tries to sell itself as a top T20 comp in the world, when we get games like this where literally 8 of the best T20 players in the country are unable to play due to ODIs being played at the time."

Laughlin to Bowe, 1 run

109kph slower ball on middle, he clears the front leg and heaves this to deep square leg

end of over 198 runs • 1 wicket
MS: 135/9CRR: 7.10 RRR: 44.00 • Need 44 runs from 6b
Jackson Bird10 (10)
Liam Bowe1 (1)
Michael Neser4-0-32-2
Ben Laughlin3-0-17-2
Neser to Bird, no run

slower ball bouncer, he tries to pull but misses, and it's deemed to be below head height

Neser to Bowe, 1 run

133kph, full toss, swiped across the line to wide mid on

Neser to Boland, OUT

Bowled him! Another yorker does the job. He backed away outside leg to open up the off side, Neser fired it full and straight and it was too good, crashing into the base of middle stump!

Scott Boland b Neser 6 (6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100
Neser to Boland, FOUR runs

slower ball and he slaps this hard straight down the ground and beats the man at long on running across!

Neser to Bird, 1 run

driven in the air towards long off but short of Laughlin

Neser to Bird, 2 runs

Run out appeal! Not out! This was driven hard back at Neser who deflected it to long off, they pushed for two, Laughlin threw to the striker's end and hit but Bird just got home