44th Match (N), Brisbane, January 12, 2022, Big Bash League
(15/20 ov, T:162) 90

Strikers won by 71 runs

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end of over 151 run • 3 wickets
BH: 90/10CRR: 6.00 RRR: 14.40 • Need 72 runs from 30b
Xavier Bartlett19 (20)
Rashid Khan 4-0-17-6
Peter Siddle 3-0-19-0

9.14 pm Rashid holds the ball aloft as he is clapped off the field by his teammates. His 300th T20 match is a very memorable one. His previous best figures in any T20 match came when he took 5 for 3 against Ireland in a T20I a few years ago. But he's gone one better in the wickets column with this effort for his fourth career haul in T20s of five wickets or more.

A footnote in this story is the spineless collapse by the Heat. From a dominant position after eight overs, they don't even last beyond the 15th. Rashid has given all the doubters concerned about his form this season a healthy reminder of his world-class talent.

The man of the moment Rashid Khan is on the mic: "This format is all about enjoying yourself, giving 100% and keep smiling. That gives me extra energy inside. As long as my process remains the same and I keep enjoying myself, I focus on that. When I bowled my first three balls, this wicket is pretty hard to bat on so I just wanted to get it in the right areas. I was watching Mujeeb in the first innings and thought if I bowl stump to stump, I will be successful. That was the main target behind it. I think it's a big win for us as a team and gives us momentum and energy for the rest of the games. We need to keep enjoying. It doesn't matter the result, I think if the team enjoys themselves in the field then the result will take care of itself. Since the first year I've been with the Strikers, the love I've gotten from the fans and the team, they've given me so much love. As an overseas player, when you're comfortable in the team, that's what attracts me to the Strikers. I don't think I'll have anything in mind to leave the Strikers. I will play till I'm playing my T20 cricket. I enjoy myself with the Strikers and hope we win more trophies as a team."

That's it from the BBL coverage tonight. Come back for a doubleheader tomorrow. I'm Peter Della Penna, take care!

Rashid Khan to Guthrie, OUT

Rashid has taken the joint-best ever BBL figures by any bowler to close out a drubbing by the Strikers! Flighted full on fifth stump, goes for a slog sweep and a toe edge flutters just wide of the keeper's gloves and a spectacular catch by Short tumbling to his right at slip. He was unsighted by the keeper but pouched it in theatrical fashion.

Liam Guthrie c Short b Rashid Khan 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Rashid Khan to Guthrie, no run

googly lands short on sixth stump, misses a cut.

Around the stumps to Guthrie.

Rashid Khan to Bartlett, 1 run

flighted full on fourth stump, slog sweep hammered to wide long-on for one.

Another hat-trick ball coming up now for Rashid. Bartlett saw off the first hat-trick ball. Can he do it again?

Rashid Khan to Mujeeb, OUT

five-for by Rashid, and gets his revenge on his countryman after Mujeeb took his wicket in the first innings! Flighted full on middle and leg, slog sweeps this and skies it to deep midwicket. Simple catch taken two yards inside the rope at head height.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman c Short b Rashid Khan 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Rashid's best figures this BBL season. Saving his best for last.

Rashid Khan to Kuhnemann, OUT

slows up the pace a touch flighting it full on leg stump, Kuhnemann goes for a slog sweep and is thrown off by the lack of pace, the googly skids on into middle stump.

Matthew Kuhnemann b Rashid Khan 1 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20
Rashid Khan to Kuhnemann, no run

short outside the stumps, goes back to punch and is beaten.

end of over 1415 runs
BH: 89/7CRR: 6.35 RRR: 12.16 • Need 73 runs from 36b
Matthew Kuhnemann1 (3)
Xavier Bartlett18 (19)
Peter Siddle 3-0-19-0
Rashid Khan 3-0-16-3
Siddle to Kuhnemann, 1 run

full again and punched straight for one.

Siddle to Bartlett, 1 leg bye

good length on the hips, misses a flick to short fine leg off the pads. Direct hit but they were home safely for the run.

Siddle to Bartlett, FOUR runs

attempted yorker is a low full toss at ankle height on leg stump, backs away and smashes this past the non-striker down the ground and long-on now in place can't stop it.

Siddle to Bartlett, 1 wide

slower bouncer balloons over Bartlett desperately trying to uppercut, too high and wide called.

Siddle to Bartlett, no run

yorker follows him backing away from leg, jammed out back to mid-on.

Siddle to Bartlett, FOUR runs

length ball on fourth stump, slapped on the up through mid-off this time and produces the same result.

First boundary since the seventh over.

Siddle to Bartlett, FOUR runs

slower ball lands short on off, flat bats this back through mid-on to the rope.

Power Surge taken with batters quickly running out...

end of over 132 runs • 1 wicket
BH: 74/7CRR: 5.69 RRR: 12.57 • Need 88 runs from 42b
Matthew Kuhnemann0 (2)
Xavier Bartlett6 (14)
Rashid Khan 3-0-16-3
Peter Siddle 2-0-5-0
Rashid Khan to Kuhnemann, no run

googly spins across Kuhnemann prodding forward on off stump on a good length, nearly stumped overbalancing after it rips past the edge.

Two slips now for Rashid.

Rashid Khan to Kuhnemann, no run

full on leg stump, defended to mid-on.

Muhammad Arif B: "7 men down and still no power surge, ridiculous."

Rashid Khan to Bartlett, 1 run

very full on off, driven to long-on for one.

Kuhnemann enters off strike as Bartlett crossed with the ball in the air.

After a tame BBL campaign this season, Rashid is having a superb finale before he heads off on Afghanistan duty.

Rashid Khan to Prestwidge, OUT

full on middle, tries to slog this over long-on. Simple catch 10 yards inside the long-on rope taken at head height.

Will Prestwidge c Weatherald b Rashid Khan 0 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Rashid Khan to Prestwidge, no run

good length ball on middle, goes back to defend to midwicket.

Rashid Khan to Bartlett, 1 run

good length googly spinning into the legs, flicked to midwicket.

AlistairDiamond: " 'unleashed Khanage' would be the right way to put it..." And here is the great leggie back for his third. Slip in place.

end of over 123 runs
BH: 72/6CRR: 6.00 RRR: 11.25 • Need 90 runs from 48b
Will Prestwidge0 (4)
Xavier Bartlett4 (12)
Peter Siddle 2-0-5-0
Matthew Short 3-0-13-2
Siddle to Prestwidge, no run

full and driven to mid-on for none.

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