7th Match, Dhaka, Jan 9 2019, Bangladesh Premier League
(20 ov, target 169)163/7
Sixers won by 5 runs
Player Of The Match
52 (32)
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• The Report by Akshay Gopalakrishnan

Taskin's four-for helps Sylhet defend 168

After Warner, Afif Hossain and Pooran lifted Sixers from a poor start, Vikings stumbled after starting strongly in the chase to lose by five runs

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Scorecard summary
Sylhet Sixers168/5(20 overs)
Chittagong Vikings163/7(20 overs)
end of over 2018 runs
CC: 163/7CRR: 8.15 
Robbie Frylinck44 (24)
Sunzamul Islam2 (2)
Al-Amin Hossain 4-0-57-0
Mohammad Irfan 4-0-35-0

4.20pm That's all from us at ESPNcricinfo. See you in 15 minutes for the next game between Rajshahi Kings and Khulna Titans. Till then, on behalf of everyone here, this is Sreshth Shah, signing off.

4.14pm Time for the presentation.

Sylhet Sixers captain David Warner: "You always worry a little bit, but we scrapped very well with the bat after being 3 for 6. To post that total after a poor start was useful. I told Afif to bat all 20 overs, but he plays how he plays, backed himself, and credit to him. He's going to do well for us in the tournament. We put time into practice for those catches, but credit to the bowlers. Whatever we discussed, it came off today. We got a wicket every time I made a change. But credit to Frylinck as well, he played well."

Nicholas Pooran is the Man of the Match: "Want to thank my coaches. It wasn't a big total to be honest. We knew our strength was our bowling, so no matter what total we get we back ourselves to defend it. Just doing the basics. Batting with David, he said to bat deep. When a ball gets older, it was stopping a bit."

Chittagong Vikings captain Mushfiqur Rahim: "First of all, it was a great game of cricket. But better team won. We started well with the ball, but I thought Afif batted well, allowing Warner to ease the pressure. But the wicket was still good to bat on, and we didn't bat as well in the middle overs. Frylinck bowled really well."

4.03pm And Sylhet Sixers earn their first win of the season. A tight game, worthy of being a BPL contest. Frylinck starred with both bat and ball, but unfortunately he didn't get much support from his team-mates in either department. David Warner, Afif Hossain and Nicholas Pooran batted well for Sixers, after which Taskin's four-wicket haul derailed Vikings. Another positive thing, is that the team batting first wins a T20 contest. Doesn't happen too often here. Stick around for the presentation.

Taskin: "Intensity of this game was high. Every single over, anything could've won. So we couldn't relax. I'm happy, but what I felt was hitting the deck hard was important on this surface."

Rashid: "it was worth watching this match"

Ashfiq: "I am really impressed by Frylinck's power hitting ."

Md. Riyad : "So close, yet so far. You gotta feel for this guy. Frylinck! you beauty."

Al-Amin to Frylinck, 1 run

low full toss, wide outside off and Frylinck drills it straight to the bowler. He sticks his hand out, and stops the ball from going for four. Sixers win by five runs!

Seven needed off 1 ball

Al-Amin to Frylinck, 2 runs

yorker just outside off, and he bunts it over the bowler's head. Long-on intercepts, and Frylinck comes back for the second

Al-Amin to Frylinck, SIX runs

full on off, and he smacks this into the first tier! Full on off stump, and he swings across the line to deposit a maximum

Al-Amin to Frylinck, 2 runs

full on off again, and he hammers this over the bowler's head again.But the shot doesn't have as much power... lands between long-off and long-on

Al-Amin to Frylinck, SIX runs

over long off! Low full toss on off stump, and he manages to whack this right over the bowler's head. Enough behind that shot, to clear the boundary

Al-Amin to Sunzamul Islam, 1 run

full toss on middle stump, and he's bunted a leg-side slog to deep midwicket

end of over 1914 runs
CC: 145/7CRR: 7.63 RRR: 24.00
Robbie Frylinck27 (19)
Sunzamul Islam1 (1)
Mohammad Irfan 4-0-35-0
Taskin Ahmed 4-0-28-4
Irfan to Frylinck, no run

full on middle stump, and defended back to the bowler. Tried to play it towards midwcket for a single and keep the strike...but alas

Irfan to Frylinck, no run

full outside off, and he tries to swing straight once again. Ball jags away slightly after hitting the deck, and it goes through to the keeper. Definitely was in the slot

Irfan to Frylinck, SIX runs

over long off now! Full on off, and he swings through the ball's line. Muscled, really, and it has enough legs to clear the boundary. Vikings still alive, folks

Irfan round the wicket

Irfan to Sunzamul Islam, 1 run

yorker just outside off, and shoveled away to point. They scamper across for one

Irfan to Frylinck, 1 run

steered fine past the keeper's right to third man

Irfan to Frylinck, SIX runs

over square leg! Short ball from the tall man, and Frylinck hammers this into the leg side. What a way to start the over. 32 off 11 now

Vikings need 38 off 12

end of over 183 runs • 2 wickets
CC: 131/7CRR: 7.27 RRR: 19.00
Robbie Frylinck14 (14)
Taskin Ahmed 4-0-28-4
Al-Amin Hossain 3-0-39-0
Taskin to Nayeem, OUT

back of a length outside off, and the cut has gone straight to Warner at point! Soft dismissal and Taskin takes his fourth wicket. Concedes just three runs off his final over. Whoa

Nayeem Hasan c Warner b Taskin Ahmed 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Taskin to Raza, OUT

ricochets onto his stumps! Full ball outside leg stump, and Raza tries to muscle this towards deep midwicket. But the shot hits his pad and then rolls into off stump. Bizarre!

Sikandar Raza b Taskin Ahmed 37 (28b 2x4 2x6) SR: 132.14
Taskin to Frylinck, 1 run

full on off, and he hits through this like a golf swing. Mistimed over the non-striker's head, and it falls just short of long-on

Taskin to Frylinck, no run

back of a length slower ball outside off stump. Ball sneaks under his bat

Taskin to Raza, 1 run

tries to be cheeky, but can't get bat. Length ball outside off, and he shuffles across the stumps to try and play a paddle down the leg side. Ball hits his body and rolls away to square-leg instead

Taskin to Frylinck, 1 run

back of a length on middle, and he swivels to pull. Can't find the gap though, as one of the three outfielders intercept the shot

end of over 1710 runs
CC: 128/5CRR: 7.52 RRR: 13.66
Robbie Frylinck12 (11)
Sikandar Raza36 (26)
Al-Amin Hossain 3-0-39-0
Sandeep Lamichhane 4-0-21-0
Al-Amin to Frylinck, 1 run

length ball, wide outside off, and punched to long-on for a walking single. Vikings need 41 off 18

Al-Amin to Frylinck, 1 wide

overpitched, wide outside off and the ball goes just beyond the tram-lines

Match details
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur
TossSylhet Sixers, elected to bat first
SeriesBangladesh Premier League
Player Of The Match
Nicholas Pooran
Nicholas Pooran
Match days09 January 2019 - day (20-over match)
Bangladesh Image
Mahfuzur Rahman
Sri Lanka Image
Ranmore Martinesz
TV Umpire
Bangladesh Image
Gazi Sohel
Reserve Umpire
Bangladesh Image
Morshed Ali Khan
Match Referee
Bangladesh Image
Neeyamur Rashid
PointsSylhet Sixers 2, Chittagong Vikings 0