11:05 pm Bad news everyone. It's official. Match has been abandoned. Rain has not let up in St. Lucia. So split points for TKR and the Zouks. It means the Tallawahs now sit alone in last place while the Knight Riders are just one point out of first place behind the Amazon Warriors. That's all for now. Come back tomorrow night for more CPL action. On behalf of Varun Shetty and the scoring team, I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

10:15 pm The word from Gros Islet is that rain is still coming down and we're past the stage of maintaining a full 20-over match. So if and when play resumes, overs are going to be lost. But that is still some time away, if the match is able to resume at all.

9:00 pm Just moments after the wicket, a light shower starts to come down on the field forcing the ground staff into action. Covers come onto the square. We're in for a delay.

Pierre to Cornwall, OUT

slices to Ali Khan at short third man! Tossed up on a fullish length but well wide on sixth stump, Cornwall struggles to yank this across the line targeting cow corner and the turn produces a top edge that goes fine past Ramdin over vacant slip. Khan is alert and runs quickly 10 yards left on the ring at short third man to take this reaching left at rib height in stride.

Rahkeem Cornwall c Ali Khan b Pierre 8 (8b 0x4 1x6) SR: 100
Pierre to Ingram, 1 run

fullish length on fourth stump, guided behind point.

end of over 129 runs
SLK: 98/3CRR: 8.16 
Rahkeem Cornwall8 (7)
Colin Ingram51 (33)
Kieron Pollard 3-0-26-1
Khary Pierre 3-0-17-0
Pollard to Cornwall, SIX runs

length ball angled into the legs, Cornwall shuffles down the pitch and heaves this high over midwicket. Pollard grins and has a friendly word with Cornwall after the ball clears the ropes as Cornwall laughs.

Pollard to Ingram, 1 run

full on off, driven through to extra cover.

Pollard to Cornwall, 1 run

fullish length on off, skies a drive over cover. Very long one with Cornwall running between the wickets.

Pollard to Cornwall, no run

missed runout! Slower ball short of a length on off, Cornwall way out in front on the pull, the ball ricochets to short third man. Cornwall went blindly for a run and was sent back. The throw from short third man bounces over the stumps or he was gone by 5 yards.

Pollard to Cornwall, no run

fullish length ball on middle and off keeps low as Cornwall flicks to midwicket.

Pollard to Ingram, 1 run

slower ball on fifth stump on a good length, goes back to cut through cover. 50 up for Ingram off 32 balls.

end of over 114 runs
SLK: 89/3CRR: 8.09 
Rahkeem Cornwall1 (3)
Colin Ingram49 (31)
Khary Pierre 3-0-17-0
Kieron Pollard 2-0-17-1
Pierre to Cornwall, no run

full and wide, goes to drive and is beaten.

Pierre to Cornwall, no run

very full speared into the legs, goes to sweep and is beaten for pace. Goes off the pads back to Pierre.

Pierre to Ingram, 1 run

good length ball on leg stump, goes back to flick through midwicket.

Pierre to Cornwall, 1 run

full on the legs, clipped behind square to long leg.

Pierre to Ingram, 1 run

full on leg, pushed to long-on.

Pierre to Ingram, no run

speared into the legs again, off the pads to short fine leg.

Pierre to Ingram, 1 wide

wide down leg.

Pierre continues around the stumps. Cornwall enters off strike.