3rd Match, Group D (N), Delhi, Oct 9 2009, Champions League Twenty20
(16.4/20 ov, target 99)100/3
Victoria won by 7 wickets (with 20 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

A comprehensive win for Victoria. Both home teams have been beaten over the last couple of days. The pitch wasn't a great one, keeping low but Victoria managed their chase well. Just 99 to get, and the innings from Quiney eased the burden significantly off the batsmen to follow. Delhi will be disappointed, their batsmen failed to live up to their reputation. I expect McKay to be given the Man-of-the-Match award but we'll wait and see. Join us in a bit for the presentation. Quite a few e-mails asking why Sangwan wasn't brought on. True, given that seamers had a ball bowling on this pitch, he should have been given a go.

Gambhir: "We need to keep winning from now. Hopefully, we can turn it around. We were looking for 130-140, but we just didn't bat well."

White: "We very pretty nervous and pumped up. We played pretty well, we can get a bit better in a couple of areas. We bowled very well, and to restrict Delhi for under 100 was a good effort"

McKay is Man of the Match: "It's a great country to tour and a great place to play cricket. It all worked out well today, and there were people like Siddle who gave me plenty of advise."

That's all from us, folks. Thanks for joining us and sending your feedback. We'll be back tomorrow for another double-header, and lets hope, for entertainment's sake, they'll turn out to be more closely fought than the games we witnessed today. Until then, it'd goodbye from Sid Talya and the rest of us here at Cricinfo. Adios!

Bhatia to Blizzard, SIX runs

that's disappeared, a six seals the win! Slower one bowled full on the off and he gets a stride forward and deposits it over long-on with one clean strike

Bhatia to White, 1 run

slower one bowled full outside off, slaps it down to long-on for a single

Bhatia to Blizzard, 1 run

slower one bowled short on middle, punched down to long-on for a single

Bhatia to Blizzard, no run

slower one pushed wide of the off stump, reaches for it, misses

Bhatia to bowl

end of over 166 runs
VIC: 92/3CRR: 5.75 RRR: 1.75
Aiden Blizzard8 (13)
Cameron White21 (22)
Dirk Nannes 3-0-17-0
Rajat Bhatia 2-0-10-1
Nannes to Blizzard, 1 run

lands on a good length on middle, tickled down to fine leg for a single

Nannes to White, 1 run

short of a good length on the off, drops it short of point for a quick single

Nannes to Blizzard, 1 run

bangs in short on middle, pulled down to deep square leg for a single

Nannes to Blizzard, no run

good bouncer, had Blizzard in a bit of a bother there, ducks under it, team-mate to team-mate, both play for Victoria Down Under

Nannes to White, 1 run

bowled full on middle, pushed gently wide of mid-on for a single

Nannes to White, 2 runs

short and wide, cut away wide Mishra at deep point for a couple of runs

Nannes to bowl now. Just 13 to get

end of over 154 runs
VIC: 86/3CRR: 5.73 RRR: 2.60
Cameron White17 (19)
Aiden Blizzard6 (10)
Rajat Bhatia 2-0-10-1
Tillakaratne Dilshan 4-0-14-1
Bhatia to White, 1 run

slower one bowled short outside off, the legcutter, drives at it, gets a thick edge behind point for a single, Karthik may have sensed a chance there but there was no way he could snap that

Bhatia to Blizzard, 1 run

hurled full outside off, struck sweetly all along the ground to long-off

Bhatia to Blizzard, 2 runs

short of a good length on middle, pushed away off the back foot between long-on and deep midwicket for a couple of runs, Nehra's slow in getting to it

Bhatia to Blizzard, no run

slower one bowled on a good length on leg stump, turned away wristily to midwicket

Bhatia to Blizzard, no run

full and straight, rams it back to the bowler who gets his hands to it, powerfully hit

Bhatia to Blizzard, no run

slower one bowled full on leg stump, played back to the bowler

A silly mid-off in place

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