4th Match, Group A (D/N), Chandigarh, Sep 20 2014, Champions League Twenty20
(20 ov)165/4
Scorchers won by 6 wickets
player of the match
Mitchell Marsh
Perth Scorchers
end of over 2016 runs • 1 wicket
PS: 165/4CRR: 8.25 
Mitchell Marsh40 (26)
Ashton Turner3 (2)
Robbie Frylinck4-0-32-1
Kyle Abbott4-0-25-1

A game that was meandering along hurtled to an amazing finish. Mitchell Marsh was their trump card and boy did he ever show up. But the excitement is not quite done yet. The big-hitting Kings XI Punjab and Caribbean champions Barbados Tridents are coming at you at the other scorecard. Do jump over there soon as you can. For now, this is Alagappan Muthu signing off

Mitch Marsh: My partner was saying clear your head and swing hard. Lost for words. They hit their yorkers really well, could have gone either way, we were lucking enough to win. Usually I'm not in for the last two balls, so glad I was there at the end"

"What a finish, An incredible game, we played really well," says Adan Voges." To get 12 off the last two balls and Mitch hitting them for sixes. Great. They batted deep so they kept coming. Joel Paris bowled beautifully early on, things went a little awry in the latter stages. In the Big Bash we found ways to win games and Kolkata is next"

Oddly enough Craig Simmons gets the maximum sixes award, because his two hits went further.

Sam Whiteman: "Unncessary risk to get out. Was nervous sitting in the dug out, But with Mitch in the crease, we knew he could get it. He's pretty pumped up, saw him hit Dale Steyn for a few sixes so we knew he could do it"

vijay: "wow! South Africa have done it again... choked!"

Ozee: "Marsh has done a double Maindad here"

DanielAlexander: "Marsh did what Dhoni did't do in the England T20, took the single"

Morne van Wyk: Could be on either side of it today, just roll with it. Proud of the way we fought, but a game like this is great for cricket. Feel for Robbie, he's part of the reason we're here and he'll get it next time. Credit t othe scorchers, we pulled things back a bit from them. Showed character, hung in there. A win would have been nice, but we take a lot of confidence on the board.

Marsh saw the trajectory and knew it was going out of the ground. Turned around and raced away to the dig out, Ashton Turner at the other end was bellowing like he had hit the winnings runs. The chase was meandering a bit, it was a big total to get and Kyle Abbott and Robbie Frylinck did their best to make it seem bigger. But 2014 has been Marsh's year, he won the BBL final, he's in the Australia Test squad and here he has snared the spotlight

Frylinck to Marsh, SIX runs

Marsh, take a bow! He's racing to his team-mates who have invaded the field. Six needed, six got, match dusted, lets go home. Another low full toss, Marsh wound up and sends it soaring into the sightscreen! What a finish! Marsh got 37 off 12 in the Big Bash final, this time he has 40 off 26!

Frylinck to Marsh, SIX runs

lobs up a full toss, Marsh has jumped down the track and hammers it over midwicket. He was nearly halfway down the track which was why the ball reached well over his waist. Not given no-ball because he ran forward

12 from two balls. How have Perth let it drift this far?

Frylinck to Turner, 1 run

gets down the track and punches the fuller ball down to long-on

Frylinck to Turner, 2 runs

fires a yorker on leg stump, Turner clips it away to deep square leg. Marsh was backing up big time there and they are able to take two

Ashton Turner has four balls to win it for his side

Frylinck to Agar, OUT

he shuffles across outside off and goes for a lap, bot there is no power behind it, he had to fetch the low full toss from outside off and short fine leg ends up taking a decent catch. The batsman tried to cross, but there wasn't enough time

Ashton Agar c Alexander b Frylinck 15 (17m 11b 2x4 0x6) SR: 136.36
Frylinck to Marsh, 1 run

he was batting outside leg stump, Frylinck drills the yorker down to long-on. They want a couple, but it's not possible

Robbie Frylinck, with 15 runs to defend. He defended 14 in the Ram Slam final last season

end of over 1912 runs
PS: 149/3CRR: 7.84 • RRR: 16.00 • Need 16 runs from 6b
Mitchell Marsh27 (23)
Ashton Agar15 (10)
Kyle Abbott4-0-25-1
Robbie Frylinck3-0-16-0
Abbott to Marsh, 1 run

low full toss to mid-off, Marsh belts it to mid-off and races off to the other end

Agar is receiving some stern instructions from Marsh. He'll be wanting the strike for the next over

Abbott to Agar, 1 run

nails the yorker on leg stump and Agar rotates strike towards midwicket

Abbott to Agar, FOUR runs

that the luck a chasing team would like, a low full toss earns a swipe from Agar, thick outside edge flies away past the keeper

Asif Raza: "This is T20 and anything can happen in last two overs. Although 28 from 12 balls seems imposibble given the greaat death bowling of Abott and Frylinck." Just the kind of game we want, eh?

Abbott to Marsh, 1 run

this time he finds the blockhole and keeps Marsh to the non-strikers' end after a push to long-on

Abbott to Marsh, FOUR runs

misses his length, Marsh was waiting for that as he bends his front knee and hammers the half-volley through the gap between cover and mid-off

Abbott to Agar, 1 run

full on leg stump, Agar clears his front leg and slices it through point

28 off 12, Abbott with the match on his shoulders

Ozee: "Perth have this match in the bag as long as marsh is there."