10th Match (D/N), Sydney, Feb 2 2007, Commonwealth Bank Series
(38.5/50 ov, target 293)200
England won by 92 runs
player of the match
Ed Joyce

That's it from us today. We've been Andrew Miller and Martin Williamson. Thanks for bearing with us through our technical glitches. Join us then from 0300 GMT on Sunday for the showdown between Australia and New Zealand at Melbourne.

Okay, so Australia had their foot off the pedal and their eyes on bigger contests, but it was still a worthy performance nonetheless. It was set up by Ed Joyce's maiden ODI century, and sealed by some tidy bowling from Liam Plunkett in particular.

Andrew Symonds will not bat, and so England, believe it or not, have achieved the unachievable, and beaten Australia by the hefty margin of 92 runs! That even means a bonus point, to put a teeny bit of pressure on the Kiwis ...

Plunkett to Clark, OUT

Bell has sealed it with a run-out! Pushed on to the back foot, Tait was slow to start running, and Bell swooped from cover to ping down the stumps!

Shaun Tait run out (Bell) 11 (6m 10b 1x4 1x6) SR: 110
Plunkett to Clark, no run

full on off stump this time, pushed out to cover

Plunkett to Tait, 1 leg bye

turned to fine leg to bring up the 200

Plunkett to Tait, no run

backing away, and squared up as well, all in the same shot. A good old-fashioned tail-end tangle

Plunkett to Tait, no run

pushed onto the back foot again. Played out to cover

end of over 3812 runs
AUS: 199/8CRR: 5.23 RRR: 7.83
Stuart Clark15 (21)
Shaun Tait11 (7)
Monty Panesar 10-0-64-1
Liam Plunkett 9-1-24-3

The end of Panesar's spell, and his figures are worse than his efforts deserve. He kept things quiet when Australia were still in the hunt

Panesar to Clark, no run

drawn onto the front foot, and defended into the gully.

Panesar to Tait, 1 run

slapped out to cover point

Panesar to Tait, no run

beaten outside off stump, though he was swinging hard

Panesar to Tait, SIX runs

and so was that, with knobs on! VAST six, slapped way, way over cow corner! That was tossed up at less than 100kph (56mph). He might spear the rest in

Panesar to Tait, FOUR runs

mowed down the ground! That was a good old-fashioned tail-end biff!

Panesar to Clark, 1 run

full length and flashed just wide of Andrew Strauss at short midwicket

end of over 37Wicket maiden
AUS: 187/8CRR: 5.05 RRR: 8.15
Shaun Tait0 (3)
Stuart Clark14 (19)
Liam Plunkett 9-1-24-3
Monty Panesar 9-0-52-1
Plunkett to Tait, no run

retreats to leg again, and edged down to the gully

Plunkett to Tait, no run

pushed onto the back foot, played out to cover

Plunkett to Tait, no run

good line and length

"Warwick Harry, you are only tormenting yourself," roars Bizza. "Australia are a shambles. Sack the coach, sack the captain. The team is an embarrassment. The lions have roared all over your country and there is no hiding place for the losers in green (not even canary yellow anymore...!) The Aussie cricket team have let their country down!" You tell em Bizza

Plunkett to McGrath, OUT

GONE! McGrath steps across his stumps, Plunkett raps him on the kneeroll, Harper raises his finger. Easy as pie, and England are almost home and hosed!

Glenn McGrath lbw b Plunkett 1 (10m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 14.28
Plunkett to McGrath, no run

outside off stump again, McGrath fishes and misses

Plunkett to McGrath, no run

appreciation from Nixon as the ball thuds into his gloves

Here's Liam Plunkett for another burst, with Jon Lewis - he who is unfit to play - out on the field! As well as the ill Paul Collingwood. We'll be seeing Vaughan and Pietersen out there next