Worcester, May 30 - Jun 1 2008, County Championship Division Two
176 & 279
(target 340)116 & 264
WORCS won by 75 runs
Worcestershire 1st INNINGS
Daryl Mitchell c †Foster b Palladino1466842021.21
Stephen Moore lbw b Tudor1049661020.40
Vikram Solanki (c)c †Foster b Palladino522321022.72
Ben Smith lbw b ten Doeschate601332007045.11
Graeme Hick c †Foster b Palladino2637476070.27
Steven Davies c Westley b Tudor1932434059.37
Gareth Batty lbw b Tudor031000.00
Kabir Ali c Gallian b Danish Kaneria12121730100.00
Steve Magoffin lbw b Danish Kaneria035000.00
Simon Jones lbw b Danish Kaneria1322222059.09
Chris Whelan not out 1141351026.82
Extras(b 2, lb 3, w 1)6
TOTAL(70 Ov, RR: 2.51)176
Fall of wickets: 1-24 (Stephen Moore), 2-29 (Daryl Mitchell), 3-38 (Vikram Solanki), 4-66 (Graeme Hick), 5-100 (Steven Davies), 6-100 (Gareth Batty), 7-121 (Kabir Ali), 8-125 (Steve Magoffin), 9-147 (Simon Jones), 10-176 (Ben Smith)
David Masters22104301.95---00
Tony Palladino1874532.50---10
Alex Tudor1534633.06---00
Danish Kaneria1022032.00---00
Ryan ten Doeschate501713.40---00
Essex 1st INNINGS
Jason Gallian c †Davies b Magoffin1044540022.72
Tom Westley lbw b Magoffin43610133.33
Varun Chopra  b Ali085000.00
Ravi Bopara lbw b Ali1260050.00
Mark Pettini (c)c †Davies b Ali11322007.69
Ryan ten Doeschate c Hick b Jones2830445093.33
James Foster c †Davies b Magoffin1840672045.00
Alex Tudor  b Jones02-000.00
David Masters c Hick b Jones1225472048.00
Tony Palladino not out 14112020127.27
Danish Kaneria c Batty b Jones01-000.00
Extras(b 4, lb 1, nb 18, w 5)28
TOTAL(28.2 Ov, RR: 4.09)116
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Tom Westley), 2-11 (Varun Chopra), 3-15 (Ravi Bopara), 4-29 (Mark Pettini), 5-39 (Jason Gallian), 6-77 (Ryan ten Doeschate), 7-77 (Alex Tudor), 8-90 (James Foster), 9-116 (David Masters), 10-116 (Danish Kaneria)
Kabir Ali923133.44---04
Steve Magoffin1224633.83---03
Simon Jones4.221443.23---00
Chris Whelan312006.66---12
Worcestershire 2nd INNINGS
Daryl Mitchell  b Danish Kaneria701712136040.93
Stephen Moore lbw b Danish Kaneria2846783060.86
Vikram Solanki (c)c †Foster b Bopara1558553025.86
Ben Smith lbw b Tudor7115618910045.51
Graeme Hick c Palladino b Bopara1661771026.22
Steven Davies  b Masters1034522029.41
Gareth Batty c †Foster b Tudor518211027.77
Kabir Ali  b Masters410181040.00
Steve Magoffin c Pettini b Masters513131038.46
Simon Jones c & b ten Doeschate1626412061.53
Chris Whelan not out 1236392033.33
Extras(b 3, lb 13, nb 8, w 3)27
TOTAL(104.1 Ov, RR: 2.67)279
Fall of wickets: 1-50 (Stephen Moore), 2-91 (Vikram Solanki), 3-151 (Daryl Mitchell), 4-205 (Graeme Hick), 5-228 (Ben Smith), 6-238 (Steven Davies), 7-238 (Gareth Batty), 8-247 (Steve Magoffin), 9-247 (Kabir Ali), 10-279 (Simon Jones)
David Masters1462431.71---00
Tony Palladino602704.50---00
Ravi Bopara2045222.60---13
Alex Tudor1735823.41---00
Danish Kaneria3296522.03---00
Ryan ten Doeschate11.132211.97---21
Tom Westley401503.75---00
Essex 2nd INNINGS (target: 340 runs)
Tom Westley c Mitchell b Ali1121261052.38
Jason Gallian  b Ali48151050.00
Varun Chopra c †Davies b Ali713190053.84
Ravi Bopara lbw b Magoffin8512619212067.46
Mark Pettini (c)c †Davies b Whelan1153650020.75
Ryan ten Doeschate c Hick b Jones1016160062.50
James Foster c Smith b Ali431131274138.05
Alex Tudor  b Jones27253431108.00
David Masters not out 917301052.94
Tony Palladino c †Davies b Jones046000.00
Danish Kaneria c Ali b Jones18151630120.00
Extras(b 7, lb 10, nb 15, w 7)39
TOTAL(67.2 Ov, RR: 3.92)264
Fall of wickets: 1-13 (Jason Gallian), 2-25 (Tom Westley), 3-38 (Varun Chopra), 4-68 (Mark Pettini), 5-91 (Ryan ten Doeschate), 6-202 (Ravi Bopara), 7-234 (James Foster), 8-238 (Alex Tudor), 9-238 (Tony Palladino), 10-264 (Danish Kaneria)
Kabir Ali1836443.55---00
Steve Magoffin1845813.22---11
Simon Jones14.244142.86---10
Chris Whelan904815.33---16
Gareth Batty803604.50---00
County Ground, New Road, Worcester
TossWorcestershire, elected to bat first
SeriesCounty Championship Division Two
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days30,31 May, 1 June 2008 - day (4-day match)
England Image
David Millns
England Image
Peter Hartley
PointsWorcestershire 14, Essex 3
Fri, 30 May - day 1 - Essex 1st innings 80/7 (James Foster 12*, David Masters 0*, 21 ov)
Sat, 31 May - day 2 - WORCS 2nd innings 228/5 (Steven Davies 5*, Gareth Batty 0*, 86 ov)
Sun, 01 Jun - day 3 - Essex 2nd innings 264 (67.2 ov) - end of match
  • Worcestershire deducted 3 points for a slow over-rate