Final (D/N), Kuala Lumpur, Sep 24 2006, DLF Cup
(34.2/50 ov, target 241)113
Australia won by 127 runs
player of the match
Brett Lee

So there you have it: Australia have comprehensively defeated West Indies to secure another ODI title. They outshone the opposition in all departments of the game today, as exemplified by fighting fifties from Martyn and Symonds, some effective pace bowling from Bracken and Lee, and Ponting's work in the field.

The West Indies never looked in the chase after Lee nailed Gayle with the first delivery of the innings, and then the top and middle order just crumbled to Bracken's accurate left-arm pace. Watson chipped in with a couple wickets before Lee returned to finish off the tail. The sad scene of Runako Morton struggling through for 32 deliveries and not even scoring a run somehow summed up the scenario for West Indies.

Speaking to Ian Bishop during the post-match presentation, Lara displays his disappointment: "The batting was poor and we have alot of work to do. We have a few matches leading into the ICC Champions Trophy and we have some work to do."

Ponting, his opposite number, is all smiles: "We've been in our fair share of trouble, but today was come away with a win here after experimenting with our players is good...the communication out on the field was encouraging..."

The Man-of-the-Match award goes to Lee for his 4 for 24 - Ponting hailed him as the "best bowler in one-day cricket" - and he also gets the Man-of-the-Series award for his 12 wickets from just three matches.

That's all we have for you. I hope you've enjoyed Cricinfo's coverage of the DLF Cup. For now, this is Jamie Alter signing off. Cheers!

Lee to Baugh, OUT

all over! Lee bangs this one in short on middle and leg, Baugh takes his eyes off it as it hurries onto him, his attempted hook goes nowhere but up in the air for Haddin to take a few steps to his left and take a simple catch, Lee gets four to his name and Australia have lifted the DLF Cup by 127 runs

Carlton Baugh c †Haddin b Lee 3 (15m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 25
Lee to Baugh, no run

a nice lifter outside off cramps him for room, Baugh does well to sway out of harm's way

end of over 341 run
WI: 113/9CRR: 3.32 RRR: 8.00 • Need 128 runs from 16 overs
Carlton Baugh3 (10)
Jerome Taylor0 (2)
Michael Clarke4-0-13-0
Brett Lee8-1-24-3
Clarke to Baugh, 1 run

tossed up outside off stump, Baugh gets to the pitch of it and drives in the gap on the offside to retain strike

Clarke to Baugh, no run

quicker outside off and it beats Baugh's attempted cut

Clarke to Baugh, no run

middle and leg, Baugh looks to lap it around the corner and the ball smacks into the side of Haddin's head, ouch

Clarke to Baugh, no run

good flight on that one as it spins past Baugh's bat

Clarke to Baugh, no run

spins past him from outside off as he leaves it alone

Clarke to Baugh, no run

flatter on off, Baugh back and defends back to Clarke

end of over 33Wicket maiden
WI: 112/9CRR: 3.39 RRR: 7.59 • Need 129 runs from 17 overs
Jerome Taylor0 (2)
Carlton Baugh2 (4)
Brett Lee8-1-24-3
Michael Clarke3-0-12-0
Lee to Taylor, no run

very good delivery outside off, forces Taylor to hop and defend it, ball drops off the bat very close to the off stump

Lee to Taylor, no run

good length delivery on the stumps, Taylor gets behind it and defends back to Lee

Jerome Taylor walks in. Two slips in for him.

Lee to Bradshaw, OUT

gone! Fractionally wider of off stump and inviting the drive, Bradshaw obliges but doesnt get to the pitch of it, flashes the drive and gets an edge through to Braddin for a simple take, Lee bursts into his smile as he looks back at the umpire, but everyone knows the result on that one, and Bradshaw hasnt troubled the scorers any, one wicket left to take for Australia

Ian Bradshaw c †Haddin b Lee 0 (1m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Lee to Bradshaw, no run

similar delivery and Bradshaw gets right behind it and defends back to Lee in his follow-through

Lee to Bradshaw, no run

moves to around the wicket, fires in a good length delivery on off, Bradshaw goes back and defends

In comes Ian Bradshaw

Lee to Smith, OUT

simple dismissal! Overpitched outside off stump and Smith flicks that on the up and straight into the hands of Ponting at short midwicket, he goes for a quick 30 and Lee gets another to his name

Dwayne Smith c Ponting b Lee 30 (40m 30b 2x4 2x6) SR: 100