4th ODI (D/N), Adelaide, Jan 26 2018, England tour of Australia and New Zealand
(37/50 ov)197/7
Australia won by 3 wickets (with 78 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
end of over 3713 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 197/7CRR: 5.32 
Andrew Tye3 (1)
Tim Paine25 (31)
Mark Wood 9-0-58-1
Chris Woakes 7-0-36-1

8.53pm So, that is the end of that. So, the series moves to Perth for the finale ... and the start of a new era with the WACA put to mothballs and 60,000 people anticipated in the city's new purpose-built stadium. Join us there on Sunday for all the fun of the fair.

Mark: "Aus might like to reflect that they have been rescued by Travis Head. Had he got out for 70 instead of staying almost to the end, they would have lost." Quite possibly. But they didn't. Happy 'Straya Day, y'all!

eddie: "Don't understand Morgan's take on their batting here... Bairstow, Hales and Roy all nicked off chasing wide balls just doing a little bit very early in their innings. That doesn't mean there's too much in the pitch, its just juvenile batting." Indeed. I suspect that one will have some legs in the post-match analysis...

Steve Smith "Nice to get over the line, a pretty ordinary [batting] display... It all happened pretty quickly for a moment there, 5 for 8 you'd take any day."

8.59pm Time for some presentations: "We fought really well to get Australia seven-down, but to be five-down after ten overs and no boundaries in the first 15 really shows how much there was in the wicket," says Eoin Morgan, which is an eyebrow-raising take on England's collapse.

"Having broken into the middle order a few times, if we could have reopened a few cracks..."

Pat Cummins is Man of the Match "I think the wicket here has been brilliant for the last couple of years. Josh is about the best bowler in the world in ODIs, lands it on a dime every time with a bit of movement."

8.52pm James: "Given where they were after 6.2 overs (creek and paddle come to mind) England have done pretty well to make a competitive game of this." It goes to show that their competitive spirit is second to none in this format at present. But their headlong stampede to a batting collapse didn't do them much credit. It was rather the same against South Africa at Lord's this summer...

Charles : "Paine relief!" I see what you've done there

Wood to Tye, 3 runs

drilled down the ground and Australia win by three wickets! They made hard work of a game that they basically had in the bag after 6.2 overs, but they've avoided the whitewash

Jack: "Will be a disgusting choke job if Australia manage to lose this. They're a soft team. "

Wood to Paine, 1 run

spanked out to square leg, can't beat the field, but a comfortable single

Wood to Paine, FOUR runs

swivel-pulled through backward square, and suddenly that pressure, on Australia and Paine himself, has evaporated!

Wood to Paine, FOUR runs

short and wide, that will help no end!

Wood to Paine, no run

a sharp bouncer, and swayed inside the line

Wood to Cummins, 1 run, OUT

full length, clipped down to long-on and there's a huge mix-up! How on earth did that happen? Cummins turned blind for the second, his partner was going nowhere, and rightly so, as the shy came in, Wood gathered and flicked off the bails, and ... well ... jitters! EDIT: There would have been two if Paine had pushed the first one ... he'll know he was at fault

Pat Cummins run out (Curran/Wood) 3 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
end of over 362 runs
AUS: 184/6CRR: 5.11 RRR: 0.92
Pat Cummins2 (8)
Tim Paine16 (27)
Chris Woakes 7-0-36-1
Mark Wood 8-0-45-1

Chris: "How are you commentating on this and judging the comments in the India SA match?" Clairvoyance, obviously

Woakes to Cummins, 1 run

outside off, and tapped through to third man

Woakes to Cummins, no run

slightly wide outside off, Cummins pokes with flat feet

Nayeem: "4 for 8, and England wins, payback time fellas. " We've been there before in this match

Woakes to Cummins, no run

short, Cummins sways inside the line

Woakes to Cummins, no run

punched hard off the back foot, and well grabbed with one hand at backward point

Woakes to Cummins, no run

opens the face to guide a single into the covers

Woakes to Paine, 1 run

banged in short, a pull off the eyebrows, to backward square

Hello again. Here's Woakes

end of over 352 runs • 1 wicket
AUS: 182/6CRR: 5.20 RRR: 1.00
Pat Cummins1 (3)
Tim Paine15 (26)
Mark Wood 8-0-45-1
Chris Woakes 6-0-34-1

This match is almost over, but things are just hotting up in Joburg ... arguably too hot, to judge by some of the comments about the state of the pitch ... Right, here's Miller to finish off the dregs

Wood to Cummins, no run

short outside off, 138kph/86mph and Cummins drops the hands

Slip back in for Cummins

Wood to Paine, 1 run

round the wicket, dug in short and Paine swivels to send it safely down to fine leg

Wood to Cummins, 1 run

touch short in the channel and Cummins gets this away down to third man for one

Wood to Cummins, no run

length outside off, 138kph and stabbed towards point

Pat Cummins strolls out. He's got this... Surely?

Wood to Head, OUT

oh no! Head has pulled to mid-on! Four runs short of a deserved century, he's failed to get on top of the bounce and sent a straightforward catch straight to Morgan. Head heads off with his head bowed in disappointment, but he can hold his, er, head high after guiding the chase

Travis Head c Morgan b Wood 96 (107b 15x4 0x6) SR: 89.71
Wood to Head, no run

back of a length and tapped back down the track

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