'England are tottering like aunty on the gin'

England slumped to an abject 8 for 5 after being asked to bat first at Adelaide. Here's how the carnage unfolded

Jason Roy fell for a second-ball duck to Josh Hazlewood, Australia v England, 4th ODI, Adelaide, January 26, 2018

Jason Roy fell for a second-ball duck to Josh Hazlewood  •  Getty Images

Not for the first time in their recent ODI history, England's power-packed batting line-up came a spectacular cropper in the fourth ODI against Australia at Adelaide. After losing the toss and batting first, they ran headlong into Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins at their most incisive. Here's how ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary team covered the carnage
0.2 overs, 0 for 1
Hazlewood to Roy, OUT, got him, slashed to point - Roy goes second ball! Full and quite wide but there was swing for Hazlewood and Roy was reaching for a loose drive without having got his bearings, Smith snaffles the low catch and Australia have nipped out an early one again
3.2 overs, 4 for 2
Cummins to Hales, OUT, bowled 'im! Superb ball from Cummins and England are two down for spit! There's been some nip off this fresh surface and Cummins locates the perfect length, it jags back appreciably as Hales presses forwards, flicks the front pad before rattling the off pole
4.2 overs, 4 for 3
Hazlewood to Bairstow, OUT, pitched up, finds the outside edge - another one goes! England are tottering like aunty on the gin... Hazlewood went wide on the crease and slid the ball in, enticing the drive but there was just enough seam movement to shift the line and kiss the edge of the bat. Bairstow slopes off in the fifth over for a nine-ball duck
5.3 overs, 6 for 4
Cummins to Root, OUT, dug in, Root wafts at a pull, gets a big, ballooning top edge... and Hazlewood pockets the catch at fine leg! Root bags a duck and England are four down! Good pace and bounce, the bumper got too big for Root and he sent it right down the fielder's gullet. This could get ugly
6.2 overs, 8 for 5
Hazlewood to Buttler, OUT, zips off a length, grazes the outside edge! ENGLAND ARE 8 FOR 5!!! (Or 5 for 8, if you're that sort...) Brilliant ball from Hazlewood, not too much fault with the batsman here: perfect length, seaming a fraction as Buttler felt for it in defence, flicks the bat and Paine swallows another!