1st Test, Sydney, Dec 13 - 19 1907, England [Marylebone Cricket Club] tour of Australia
273 & 300
(98.3 ov, target 274)300 & 275/8
Australia won by 2 wickets
England 1st INNINGS
Frederick Fane (c)c Trumper b Cotter2-11000.00
Dick Young c †Carter b Cotter13-19300.00
George Gunn c Hazlitt b Cotter119-1502000.00
Kenneth Hutchings c & b Armstrong42-44500.00
Len Braund  b Cotter30-144200.00
Joe Hardstaff  b Armstrong12-27200.00
Wilfred Rhodes run out 1-2000.00
Jack Crawford  b Armstrong31-51500.00
Sydney Barnes  b Cotter1-11000.00
Colin Blythe  b Cotter5-13100.00
Arthur Fielder not out 1-8000.00
Extras(b 7, lb 6, nb 2, w 1)16
TOTAL(76.5 Ov, RR: 3.55)273
Fall of wickets: 1-11 (Frederick Fane), 2-18 (Dick Young), 3-91 (Kenneth Hutchings), 4-208 (George Gunn), 5-221 (Joe Hardstaff), 6-223 (Wilfred Rhodes), 7-246 (Len Braund), 8-253 (Sydney Barnes), 9-271 (Jack Crawford), 10-273 (Colin Blythe)
Tibby Cotter21.5010164.62---00
Jack Saunders1104203.81---00
Gerry Hazlitt923203.55---00
Warwick Armstrong26106332.42---00
Charles Macartney30501.66---00
Monty Noble611402.33---00
Australia 1st INNINGS
Victor Trumper  b Fielder43-61600.00
Peter McAlister c Hutchings b Barnes3-4000.00
Clem Hill c Gunn b Fielder87-146800.00
Monty Noble (c)c Braund b Fielder37-78400.00
Warwick Armstrong c Braund b Fielder7-28100.00
Vernon Ransford c Braund b Rhodes24-54200.00
Charles Macartney c †Young b Fielder35-71400.00
Sammy Carter  b Braund25-58200.00
Gerry Hazlitt not out 18-47100.00
Tibby Cotter  b Braund2-9000.00
Jack Saunders c Braund b Fielder9-15100.00
Extras(b 4, lb 2, nb 2, w 2)10
TOTAL(91.2 Ov, RR: 3.28)300
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Peter McAlister), 2-72 (Victor Trumper), 3-164 (Monty Noble), 4-177 (Clem Hill), 5-184 (Warwick Armstrong), 6-222 (Vernon Ransford), 7-253 (Charles Macartney), 8-277 (Sammy Carter), 9-281 (Tibby Cotter), 10-300 (Jack Saunders)
Arthur Fielder30.248262.70---00
Sydney Barnes2237413.36---00
Colin Blythe1213302.75---00
Len Braund1727424.35---00
Jack Crawford511402.80---00
Wilfred Rhodes521312.60---00
England 2nd INNINGS
Wilfred Rhodes c McAlister b Macartney29-59200.00
Frederick Fane (c)c Noble b Saunders33-104100.00
George Gunn c Noble b Cotter74-1671100.00
Kenneth Hutchings c Armstrong b Saunders17-20200.00
Joe Hardstaff  b Noble63-981000.00
Len Braund not out 32-85300.00
Dick Young  b Noble3-5000.00
Jack Crawford c Hazlitt b Cotter5-17000.00
Sydney Barnes  b Saunders11-28100.00
Colin Blythe c Noble b Saunders15-17200.00
Arthur Fielder lbw b Armstrong6-3100.00
Extras(b 2, nb 7, w 3)12
TOTAL(109 Ov, RR: 2.75)300
Fall of wickets: 1-56 (Wilfred Rhodes), 2-82 (Frederick Fane), 3-105 (Kenneth Hutchings), 4-218 (Joe Hardstaff), 5-223 (George Gunn), 6-227 (Dick Young), 7-241 (Jack Crawford), 8-262 (Sydney Barnes), 9-293 (Colin Blythe), 10-300 (Arthur Fielder)
Tibby Cotter26110123.88---00
Jack Saunders2366842.95---00
Gerry Hazlitt422406.00---00
Warwick Armstrong27143311.22---00
Charles Macartney1423912.78---00
Monty Noble1552321.53---00
Australia 2nd INNINGS (target: 274 runs)
Victor Trumper  b Barnes3-10000.00
Charles Macartney c Crawford b Fielder9-48100.00
Clem Hill  b Fielder1-4000.00
Monty Noble (c) b Barnes27-83300.00
Warwick Armstrong  b Crawford44-118400.00
Vernon Ransford c & b Blythe13-24100.00
Peter McAlister  b Crawford41-86600.00
Sammy Carter c †Young b Fielder61-77800.00
Tibby Cotter not out 33-66100.00
Gerry Hazlitt not out 34-39600.00
Extras(b 6, nb 3)9
TOTAL(98.3 Ov, RR: 2.79)275/8
Did not bat: Jack Saunders 
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Victor Trumper), 2-12 (Clem Hill), 3-27 (Charles Macartney), 4-75 (Monty Noble), 5-95 (Vernon Ransford), 6-124 (Warwick Armstrong), 7-185 (Peter McAlister), 8-219 (Sammy Carter)
Arthur Fielder27.348833.20---00
Sydney Barnes3076322.10---00
Colin Blythe1955512.89---00
Len Braund721402.00---00
Jack Crawford823324.12---00
Wilfred Rhodes731301.85---00
Sydney Cricket Ground
TossEngland, elected to bat first
SeriesEngland [Marylebone Cricket Club] tour of Australia
Series resultAustralia led the 5-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 96
Match daysday(0-day match)
Test debut
Charles Macartney
Charles Macartney
Dick Young
Dick Young
George Gunn
George Gunn
Gerry Hazlitt
Gerry Hazlitt
Joe Hardstaff
Joe Hardstaff
Kenneth Hutchings
Kenneth Hutchings
Sammy Carter
Sammy Carter
Vernon Ransford
Vernon Ransford
Australia Image
Bob Crockett
Australia Image
William Hannah
Fri, 13 Dec - day 1 -Australia 1st innings 50/1 (Victor Trumper 31*, Clem Hill 16*)
Sat, 14 Dec - day 2 -England 2nd innings 19/0 (Wilfred Rhodes 10*, Frederick Fane 8*)
Sun, 15 Dec - rest day
Mon, 16 Dec - day 3 -England 2nd innings 293/9 (Len Braund 31*)
Tue, 17 Dec - day 4 -Australia 2nd innings 63/3 (Monty Noble 27*, Warwick Armstrong 17*)
Wed, 18 Dec - day 5 -Australia 2nd innings 63/3 (Monty Noble 27*, Warwick Armstrong 17*)
Thu, 19 Dec - day 6 -Australia 2nd innings 275/8 (98.3 ov) - end of match