2nd Test, Adelaide, Dec 5 - 9 2013, England tour of Australia
570/9d & 132/3d
(101.4 ov, target 531)172 & 312
Australia won by 218 runs
player of the match

A rather quick end to the second Test with Australia taking a commanding 2-0 lead. Read all about it with David Hopps and stick around because we'll have the best analysis and reaction from Adelaide shortly with George Dobell, Jarrod Kimber and Daniel Brettig. But from Brydon Coverdale and myself, Alex Winter, thanks for joining us for these past five days and we'll see you in Perth. I'll leave you with this stat - England have never come back from 2-0 down to win an Ashes series.

Here's the Presentation with Mark Nicholas smiling cheerily as only a well-paid anchorman can. Michael Clarke is the winning skipper: "I closed the curtains quickly this morning, the last thing we wanted was rain but thank God for the weather. The follow-on wasn't that tough of a decision because I wanted our bowlers to have a rest. The tough one was not letting David Warner get a hundred but he was more than happy to stand aside of for the team.

"Our catching has improved over a number of year and we have the best throwing coach in the world. The most pleasing thing is finally getting the results our efforts have deserved in the last few months but we've still got a lot of hard work to do to get back to No. 1 in the world and that's our goal."

Alastair Cook is pretty glum again: "On that first day we had an opportunity but we let our chances go with some dropped catches. You don't get too many chances on good wickets and that was the main difference between the sides. We need to look at ourselves and comes back strong.

"We've got to work against Johnson. We have too look at our techniques. One high point is that Root came through the test at No. 3 very well and showed a lot of fight. You've got to work as hard as you can and that's the only thing we can do. It's only us that can make the difference."

Mitchell Johnson is the Man of the Match. "It's a special feeling to be able to back up Brisbane with here. Out bowling attack has been outstanding and I was really excited to be back with them here. The Mo will stay for the rest of the series and I'm still trying to raise 50,000 dollars."

For England well, blown again away with the bat doesn't quite tell the whole story because the top order didn't crumble to Johnson and Carberry, Root and Pietersen showed how it should be done. But it wasn't nearly enough and they far too often squandered opportunities. This was an excellent batting surface and they failed for a second Test in a row. The other big negative was their fielding. Three dropped catches on day one cost them the chance to put Australia under pressure and had they only conceded a lead of 150 on first-innings, things could have turned out differently. They have a lot of soul-searching to do before Perth. Lesson One, put the hook shot in the locker.

It's been a second crushing win for Australia and again this came from

an opening day where the game was in the balance. They were given a few lives with some dropped catches but then capitalised to the full with hundreds from Michael Clarke - again - and Brad Haddin. From there, weight of runs proved too much and the Aussies' big gun, Mitchell Johnson, again roared in to destroy England in the first innings. That was pretty much enough to win the match and a professional job in the preceding two days has closed out victory.

And that's your lot, hasn't taken long today at all for Australia to take the

four wickets they needed. England bashed a few more, Matt Prior going to a badly-needed half century, but never looked even close to getting stuck in and taking this game deep into day five. Australia have won by 218 runs and take a 2-0 lead in the Ashes. They are one win away from regaining the Urn.

Harris to Panesar, OUT

length outside off and Panesar slaps it to short extra-cover and Australia have wrapped up a 218 run victory to go 2-0 up in the series. Panesar can't add the resistance of the first innings to the second dig, got a driven off the toe and it was simply pouched by Rogers at hip height

Monty Panesar c Rogers b Harris 0 (13m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Harris to Panesar, no run

good length on off stump and Panesar plays a fine-looking straight drive that Harris saves well

Harris to Panesar, no run

straighter line, Panesar from the crease plays forward and gets an inside edge to square leg

Harris to Panesar, no run

full on off stump, Panesar forwards and drives into the covers

end of over 1018 runs
ENG: 312/9CRR: 3.08 
James Anderson13 (14)
Monty Panesar0 (3)
Peter Siddle19-4-57-4
Ryan Harris19-3-54-2
Siddle to Anderson, no run

you know where it's pitched, Anderson tries to stay leg side and cut but gets a bottom edge to gully

Siddle to Anderson, no run

back of a length again, Anderson pulls, is through with the shot too soon and wears it under the armpit

Siddle to Anderson, FOUR runs

full length outside off, Anderson swings from the crease and gets enough bat on it through mid-on to collect four, quite an ungainly swing but four nevertheless

Siddle to Anderson, no run

another short delivery, blocked on top of the bounce in front of off stump

Siddle to Anderson, FOUR runs

excellent short ball, bit higher and straighter and Anderson knows little about it, throwing the gloves up to it and punches it down to fine leg

Siddle to Anderson, no run

back of a length at the body, Anderson manages to fend it down in front of gully

Andy B: "'Chalk it up as another poor dismissal' - yes of course Alex, it couldn't possibly be the pressure of Australia's attack drawing the errors, could it?" No, there hasn't been any pressure at all this morning! It's been very simple to bat yet again. Siddle is back...

end of over 1003 runs
ENG: 304/9CRR: 3.04 
Monty Panesar0 (3)
James Anderson5 (8)
Ryan Harris19-3-54-2
Peter Siddle18-4-49-4
Harris to Panesar, no run

another shortie, Panesar under it easily

Harris to Panesar, no run

short and ducked yet again

All manner of catchers around Panesar...

Harris to Anderson, 3 runs

good length just outside off and Anderson unleashes a lofted straight drive. Didn't quite time it but a decent thump nevertheless

Harris to Anderson, no run

angled in, Anderson hit on the thigh pad as he looks to flick into the leg side

Harris to Anderson, no run

bumper, well directed, ducked

Harris to Anderson, no run

around the wicket, down leg side, ignored

Well it was this combination that saw England to a draw in Cardiff 2009...chortle...

end of over 993 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 301/9CRR: 3.04 
Monty Panesar0 (1)
James Anderson2 (4)
Peter Siddle18-4-49-4
Ryan Harris18-3-51-2
Siddle to Panesar, no run

short ball and PANESAR HOOKS TO DEEP SQUARE!! No just joking, that would be the final straw for humanity if he was that silly. He ducks

Siddle to Prior, OUT

short and hooked again and, well, well, well can you Adam and Eve it, picks out deep-backward square leg. England, deary me. Harris the catcher this time. There's no point describing the wicket because you know the drill by now surely

Matt Prior c Harris b Siddle 69 (153m 102b 12x4 0x6) SR: 67.64
Siddle to Prior, no run

short ball that Prior tries to pull, it isn't as quick as Prior was thinking and he's through with the shot too soon

Siddle to Prior, 2 runs

just back of a length outside off, Prior slaps it through cover and - wait for it - the 300 comes up!

Siddle to Anderson, 1 run

similar delivery but this time Anderson flicks at it and steers it through square leg

Siddle to Anderson, no run

down the leg side, Anderson watches it past him