3rd ODI (D/N), Sydney, Jan 19 2014, England tour of Australia
(40/50 ov)244/3
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 60 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
71 (70)
end of over 4010 runs
AUS: 244/3CRR: 6.10 
Shaun Marsh71 (89)
Brad Haddin35 (33)
Chris Jordan 9-0-56-1
Tim Bresnan 6-0-42-0

So there you have it, Australia have won this match with ten overs to spare and seven wickets in hand, a comprehensive victory to give them the series with two matches still to play. It's the first time for a long time that a team has followed an Ashes triumph with a victory in the one-day series straight afterwards - England's tour just goes from bad to worse. Shaun Marsh has finished on 71 not out but David Warner really set this chase up with his brisk start.

England's batting caused them problems - they just couldn't get on top of Australia's bowlers at any stage. Xavier Doherty was especially miserly, but so were most of the bowlers.

David Warner is Man of the Match. Alastair Cook says England needed one of their batsmen to go on and make a big score. "It's tough to stop them and we've got two more games to try to stop them."

"I think our bowlers did a fantastic job on a pretty good batting wicket," Michael Clarke says. "The important thing for our bowlers was a bit of cross-seam stuff, take the pace off it. David Warner was outstanding. Certainly deserves a break if the selectors or coach are listening."

So there you have it, Clarke has foreshadowed that Warner may well set out of the next couple of matches. Clarke also says he is likely to sit out of the Perth match now that the series has been won. That would mean George Bailey would captain the side, if he is fit again. Join us for that match on Friday. Until then, from Brydon Coverdale and Andrew McGlashan, goodbye for now.

Jordan to Marsh, FOUR runs

and there it is! Marsh clips over midwicket for a boundary and that is the match and the series! Australia have an unbeatable 3-0 lead

Jordan to Haddin, 1 run

full again and Haddin drives a single to long-on, Australia are one clean hit away from a series win now

Jordan to Marsh, 1 run

Marsh drives down to long-off for a single

Jordan to Marsh, FOUR runs

this one does get fine enough though, Jordan strays on to the pads again and Marsh glances this away for four

Jordan to Marsh, no run

Marsh gets a full one on the legs and flicks it away to short fine leg - can't beat the fielder though

Jordan to Marsh, no run

Marsh drives this away but can't beat point

So, 10 runs needed. Can Australia do it this over? If Haddin gets on strike, I'd say yes. Chris Jordan has the job of delaying them.

end of over 397 runs
AUS: 234/3CRR: 6.00 RRR: 0.90
Shaun Marsh62 (84)
Brad Haddin34 (32)
Tim Bresnan 6-0-42-0
Stuart Broad 8-0-61-0
Bresnan to Marsh, 1 run

Marsh picks up one more with a drive in the air down towards long on

Bresnan to Marsh, no run

angled in to the pads of Marsh, and that's what it hits

Bresnan to Haddin, 1 run

through midwicket along the ground now for a single, tame by Haddin's standards at the moment

Bresnan to Haddin, FOUR runs

Haddin continues to pepper cow corner, on one knee this time for what could almost be described as a slog sweep, he hasn't quite got enough of it to clear the boundary but it bounces just a couple of metres short

Bresnan to Haddin, no run

full and wide of off, Haddin's drive finds cover

Bresnan to Marsh, 1 run

touch too full as Bresnan tries for the yorker, Marsh clips it through midwicket