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India vs England, 1st Test at Chennai, , Dec 11 2008 - Full Scorecard

1st Test, Chennai, December 11 - 15, 2008, England tour of India
316 & 311/9d
(T:387) 241 & 387/4

India won by 6 wickets

Player Of The Match
England 1st Innings
India 1st Innings
England 2nd Innings
India 2nd Innings
Match Flow
England 1st Innings 
c & b Mishra12323335615052.78
c Khan b Harbhajan Singh521161725044.82
lbw b Khan1751681033.33
c & b Khan433340012.12
c Gambhir b Harbhajan Singh926331034.61
c Gambhir b Mishra1875802024.00
c Yuvraj Singh b Mishra19821132023.17
not out 531021461051.96
c Dravid b Harbhajan Singh16110016.66
c †Dhoni b Yuvraj Singh623320026.08
lbw b Sharma626230023.07
Extras(lb 7, nb 1)8
TOTAL128.4 Ov (RR: 2.45, 539 Mins)316
Fall of wickets: 1-118 (Alastair Cook, 39.6 ov), 2-164 (Ian Bell, 57.2 ov), 3-180 (Kevin Pietersen, 65.4 ov), 4-195 (Paul Collingwood, 72.2 ov), 5-221 (Andrew Strauss, 83.3 ov), 6-229 (Andrew Flintoff, 92.5 ov), 7-271 (James Anderson, 110.4 ov), 8-277 (Graeme Swann, 113.4 ov), 9-304 (Steve Harmison, 122.3 ov), 10-316 (Monty Panesar, 128.4 ov)
57.2 to IR Bell, that's lbw! Zaheer strikes just on resumption, pitches on line with the stumps, swings the ball into Bell, late on the attempted flick across the line, he's a goner in front of the stumps and Harper raises his finger after a careful thought. 164/2
65.4 to KP Pietersen, another one goes! Zaheer removes an uncertain Pietersen, whose attempt to pull a short ball takes the splice of the bat and goes nowhere but into the bowler's hands, running across towards the on side, what a massive wicket for India. 180/3
128.4 to MS Panesar, all over, as Ishant traps Monty plumb in front! This one pitches in line, straightens a fraction, and catches Monty in front as the bat comes down late, so England get 316. 316/10
39.6 to AN Cook, and Cook loses his composure in what has been a top over! Harbhajan is rewarded for a nagging few deliveries, he takes pace off the ball and tosses it up, Cook fetches it from outside off stump with a mess of an attempted slog sweep, the ball skies up into the air and Zaheer settles under it at mid-on ... Cook was batting really well until that brain freeze. 118/1
72.2 to PD Collingwood, oh he's given him, has Billy! Harbhajan tosses it up, slowing down the pace, the ball pitches and takes nothing but pad en route to Gambhir at short leg, they ask the question and Bowden raises the crooked finger ... replays show Collingwood got his bat nowhere near the ball, so a harsh call you have to say, and a very lucky wicket for India and Harbhajan. 195/4
113.4 to GP Swann, well hello, thats fairly ripped up! Harbhajan holds back the length and gets this nasty one to turn and bounce up off a crack to flummox Swann, who can do nothing about that except fend it off his chest and edge to Dravid at slip, who makes no mistake this time. 277/8
83.3 to AJ Strauss, well held, Mishra! Strauss falls close before stumps, chipping a generously tossed up delivery back towards Mishra's left and he dives to take a very good catch, ending a fine innings from Strauss, one which may prove very crucial as this match pans out. 221/5
92.5 to A Flintoff, got 'em! Flintoff cannot play the slow, nurdling and nudging game for long and he perishes early, thrusting forward again and getting another inside edge that bobs up to Gambhir at forward short leg, so Dhoni's move to swap Ishant for Mishra after just one over works superbly. 229/6
110.4 to JM Anderson, Anderson goes! End of a solid innings from the nighwatchman, who kneels down and produces another of those preferred sweep shots, except this one is a top edge that's gobbled up by the birthday boy Yuvraj at deep midwicket, so Mishra's patience pays off. 271/7
122.3 to SJ Harmison, Harmison walks! Yuvraj gets his fifth Test wicket as Harmison opens the face and tickles the faintest of edges through to Dhoni, then doesn't wait a moment before turning and heading back for the pavilion, as opposed to Yuvraj, who shouts in frustration and turns back to his mark, thinking he's beat the bat, then he looks back and sees that he's actually got a wicket. 304/9
India 1st Innings 
lbw b Swann1943653044.18
b Anderson916242056.25
lbw b Swann324440012.50
c & b Flintoff3748904177.08
c & b Panesar2460813040.00
c Flintoff b Harmison1441582034.14
c Pietersen b Panesar53821625064.63
c Bell b Panesar4058877068.96
lbw b Flintoff11516006.66
b Flintoff1218292066.66
not out 819240042.10
Extras(b 4, lb 11, nb 6)21
TOTAL69.4 Ov (RR: 3.45, 344 Mins)241
Fall of wickets: 1-16 (Virender Sehwag, 5.2 ov), 2-34 (Gautam Gambhir, 13.3 ov), 3-37 (Rahul Dravid, 13.6 ov), 4-98 (VVS Laxman, 31.2 ov), 5-102 (Sachin Tendulkar, 32.1 ov), 6-137 (Yuvraj Singh, 43.2 ov), 7-212 (Harbhajan Singh, 60.1 ov), 8-217 (Zaheer Khan, 63.3 ov), 9-219 (MS Dhoni, 64.1 ov), 10-241 (Amit Mishra, 69.4 ov)
43.2 to Yuvraj Singh, edged and taken! Another successful move from Pietersen to change a bowler, and Harmison needs no time to remove Yuvraj, chasing a drive outside off stump eight minutes before stumps, and Flintoff at second slip makes no mistake with his buckets. 137/6
5.2 to V Sehwag, Anderson's got Sehwag playing a feeble shot! Pitches back of a length and comes into Sehwag, who stands leaden-footed and tries to play a cramped guide to third man but only chops it back onto his stumps .. Anderson is thrilled, for thats a dangerous man to dismiss early. 16/1
32.1 to SR Tendulkar, another one bites the dust! Flintoff strikes first ball, what a change by Pietersen, Tendulkar gets a loosener just outside off stump and plays the tamest of drives back in the air to the bowler, who grasps it all to eagerly in his follow-through before breaking into celebrations. 102/5
63.3 to Z Khan, simple enough decision for umpire Harper to give, that one pitches back of a length and comes back in to rap Zaheer on the pads in front of the stumps, its the back leg so that out. 217/8
69.4 to A Mishra, cleaned up and thats the end of that, Flintoff pitches it full and straight and gets the ball to skid on pretty low to beat Mishra for pace, playing back instead of forward, losing his stumps. 241/10
13.3 to G Gambhir, Swann's struck in his first over in Tests! Gambhir is the man to go, opting to pad away a delivery tossed up full just outside off stump, he doesn't get a massive stride forward and the ball turns back to hit him, England ask the question very confidently and now Harper agrees. 34/2
13.6 to R Dravid, what an over! This one pitches just outside off stump and turns in, Dravid pushes down the wrong line and misses to get struck on the front pad, Swann and England believe they've got their man and Swann goes red-faced in appeal before Harper slowly raises the finger. 37/3
31.2 to VVS Laxman, caught and bowled, and a moment of uncertainty! Laxman just chips one back to Panesar's right, who plucks the hard-hit drive and then looks on as if he can't believe it, and neither can Laxman, it wasn't a terrific catch or anything, it was just about a moment of silence before anyone realised what had happened .. anyway, Laxman has to go and Panesar celebrates. 98/4
60.1 to Harbhajan Singh, and he goes, simply turning a tossed up delivery off his pads to a diving Bell at forward short leg, end of a strong partnership and a useful innings from Harbhajan. 212/7
64.1 to MS Dhoni, and now Dhoni goes! Panesar strikes again as the Indian captain dances down the pitch and slogs the ball straight down Pietersen's throat at deep mid-off, the wheels are indeed falling off this one and England are loving it. 219/9
England 2nd Innings 
c Laxman b Harbhajan Singh1082443978044.26
c †Dhoni b Sharma930511030.00
c Gambhir b Mishra713141053.84
lbw b Yuvraj Singh1540020.00
lbw b Khan1082503739043.20
c †Dhoni b Sharma411180036.36
c Sehwag b Sharma3356852058.92
b Khan721290033.33
b Khan18110012.50
not out 14140025.00
Extras(b 10, lb 13, nb 7, w 2)32
TOTAL105.5 Ov (RR: 2.93, 502 Mins)311/9d
Did not bat:
Fall of wickets: 1-28 (Alastair Cook, 9.4 ov), 2-42 (Ian Bell, 12.2 ov), 3-43 (Kevin Pietersen, 13.1 ov), 4-257 (Andrew Strauss, 85.2 ov), 5-262 (Andrew Flintoff, 88.4 ov), 6-277 (Paul Collingwood, 94.1 ov), 7-297 (Graeme Swann, 100.5 ov), 8-301 (Steve Harmison, 102.5 ov), 9-311 (Matt Prior, 105.5 ov)
94.1 to PD Collingwood, Zaheer gets into the action, pitching on a length and nipping the ball back into Collingwood, stuck on his crease and trying to work the ball across to the on side, the ball was in line and swung back in to catch him on the pad in front of middle and leg. 277/6
100.5 to GP Swann, cleaned up, the around the stumps angle works for Zaheer as it pitches on a length, sneaks back and beats a loose drive to take out leg stump. 297/7
102.5 to SJ Harmison, middle stump goes for a toss as Zaheer reverses one back to Harmison, just pitching in line and going the other way past a loose prod with no footwork. 301/8
9.4 to AN Cook, finally the breakthrough! Ishant continues around the stumps, pitches on a lovely length and Cook decides to defend but it's a half-hearted shot and he gets a faint edge to Dhoni. 28/1
88.4 to A Flintoff, edged and taken, and a superb ball to draw a loose shot! After mixing two bouncers will a fuller delivery Ishant drops one short of a length outside off stump, it sits up and Flintoff goes fishing without moving his feet and pays the price, Dhoni and Ishant are cock-a-hoop. 262/5
105.5 to MJ Prior, another aggressive shot to try and get the run rate up, Prior backs away and miscues a sliced slap off the toe end of the bat straight to Sehwag at cover. 311/9
12.2 to IR Bell, got him, they needed that! Bell's poor game continues as he pushes hard at a gently served up topspinner and inside edges an easy catch to Gambhir at forward short leg. 42/2
13.1 to KP Pietersen, and he strikes first ball to get the captain! Yuvraj! He starts off with an arm ball from around the stumps, Pietersen does not get too far forward and cops it flush on the pad, Yuvraj sets off in celebration before Harper gives it out because that was hitting the top of leg stump. 43/3
85.2 to AJ Strauss, gone, end of a great innings! Strauss goes loosely, driving a full delivery on the off stump to Laxman at short extra cover, the ball after his partner in a 214-run stand raised a rather excellent century under pressure. 257/4
India 2nd Innings (T: 387 runs)
c Collingwood b Anderson661392017047.48
lbw b Swann8368102114122.05
c †Prior b Flintoff419310021.05
not out 1031963179052.55
c Bell b Swann2642544061.90
not out 851311968164.88
Extras(b 5, lb 11, nb 4)20
TOTAL98.3 Ov (RR: 3.92, 453 Mins)387/4
Fall of wickets: 1-117 (Virender Sehwag, 22.6 ov), 2-141 (Rahul Dravid, 31.2 ov), 3-183 (Gautam Gambhir, 43.5 ov), 4-224 (VVS Laxman, 56.4 ov)
43.5 to G Gambhir, loose shot and a smart catch from Collingwood! Anderson succeeds with that angle across Gambhir as the batsman cannot hold back from squirting at a slightly wider one and Collingwood tumbles to his left to hold a neat take at gully. 183/3
31.2 to R Dravid, edged and he goes! Flintoff gets Dravid for cheap again, hitting a fractionally fuller length to suck him forward and defending, there's just enough movement to draw the outer edge through to a gleeful Matt Prior ... Flintoff has struck early on day five to boost England. 141/2
22.6 to V Sehwag, Swann has his man! Sehwag goes to paddle one across the line, the ball hits him as it turns, he has gotten a ways forward and Harper upholds a massive appeal from the bowler, that one struck the front pad and looked like it would hit leg stump so a fascinating innings comes to a sudden end. 117/1
56.4 to VVS Laxman, forward short leg gobbles him up! Swann lands one into the rough outside off stump, the ball sits up and Laxman gets across to try and turn one away into the leg side but is undone by the bounce and balloons the easiest of catches to Bell and England make further inroads. 224/4
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Thu, 11 Dec - day 1 - England 1st innings 229/5 (Andrew Flintoff 18*, James Anderson 2*, 90 ov)
Fri, 12 Dec - day 2 - India 1st innings 155/6 (MS Dhoni 24*, Harbhajan Singh 13*, 45 ov)
Sat, 13 Dec - day 3 - England 2nd innings 172/3 (Andrew Strauss 73*, Paul Collingwood 60*, 54 ov)
Sun, 14 Dec - day 4 - India 2nd innings 131/1 (Gautam Gambhir 41*, Rahul Dravid 2*, 29 ov)
Mon, 15 Dec - day 5 - India 2nd innings 387/4 (98.3 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • India: 150 runs in 33.6 overs (206 balls), Extras 7
  • G Gambhir: 50 off 105 balls (5 x 4)
  • Drinks: India - 180/2 in 41.0 overs (G Gambhir 65, SR Tendulkar 19)
  • India: 200 runs in 48.1 overs (293 balls), Extras 10
  • Lunch: India - 213/3 in 53.0 overs (SR Tendulkar 27, VVS Laxman 20)
  • India: 250 runs in 61.4 overs (374 balls), Extras 13
  • SR Tendulkar: 50 off 107 balls (5 x 4)
  • Drinks: India - 262/4 in 67.0 overs (SR Tendulkar 51, Yuvraj Singh 19)
  • 5th Wicket: 50 runs in 88 balls (SR Tendulkar 24, Yuvraj Singh 27, Ex 0)
  • India: 300 runs in 77.6 overs (472 balls), Extras 15
  • Tea: India - 304/4 in 79.0 overs (SR Tendulkar 65, Yuvraj Singh 45)
  • Yuvraj Singh: 50 off 76 balls (4 x 4, 1 x 6)
  • New Ball Taken: India 320/4 after 83.1 overs (SR Tendulkar 73, Yuvraj Singh 52)
  • 5th Wicket: 100 runs in 163 balls (SR Tendulkar 44, Yuvraj Singh 53, Ex 3)
  • Drinks: India - 348/4 in 90.0 overs (SR Tendulkar 84, Yuvraj Singh 69)
  • India: 350 runs in 90.1 overs (545 balls), Extras 16
  • 5th Wicket: 150 runs in 233 balls (SR Tendulkar 64, Yuvraj Singh 81, Ex 7)
  • SR Tendulkar: 100 off 196 balls (9 x 4)
MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk, Chennai
TossEngland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Series resultIndia led the 2-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1898
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, Lunch 11.30-12.10, Tea 14.10-14.30, Close 16.30
Match days11,12,13,14,15 December 2008 - day (5-day match)
Test debut
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee