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3rd ODI (D/N), Kolkata, January 22, 2017, England tour of India
(50 ov, T:322) 316/9

England won by 5 runs

Player Of The Match
57* (39) & 3/63
Player Of The Series
232 runs
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end of over 5010 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 316/9CRR: 6.32 
Bhuvneshwar Kumar0 (1b)
Jasprit Bumrah0 (0b)
Chris Woakes 10-0-75-2
Jake Ball 10-0-56-2

10.00 pm So that's the end. India take the trophy and hands it over to his boys. Thank you for tuning in on ESPNcricinfo. It's bee a pleasure listening to your opinions and enjoying your jokes and of course your digs when the comments aren't published. Hopefully you stick around when the T20 series begins on Republic Day, January 26 in Kanpur. For now, this is Alagappan Muthu signing off.

"Definitely, its bee a series of positives even today, 173 for 5, two youngsters step up almost get us through the line, fighting back against good quality fast bowlers. It was a great demo for the Champions Trophy,"Virat Kohli says, "Jadhav is brilliant find for us. We've backed him over the last year, he hasn't had many games, but he is coming into his own, he gives Yuvi and Dhoni the chance ot bat higher and he reads the game well, its priceless and Hardik is coming into his own as allrounder as well. The moment I saw the pitch I thought it was the perfect scenario for the Champions Trophy. The batsman had to show character and getting as close as five runs gives us a lot of confidence. The key for us will be the lengths we bowl. We've been playing at home for a while. Even here we weren't sure. That's one area we would look to address, what are the areas we need to hit to get batsmen out."

"Finally, it;s been hard work in a very competitive series. Today we were rewarded for our persistent drive to win," Eoin Morgan says, "They did, it was similar to an English wicket and when you lose the toss, you have to do it the hard way and the dew was very tough to deal with. Jason Roy and Sam Billings did well at the top of the order for us. The bowlers make the captain look good. Giving a wicket that offered more helped them and actually rewarded them for good, discipline line and length. We were always open to what we wanted to do. The bowler has his options as well. The first couple of balls went for six and four, but his third and fourth deliveries were on the money and like I said, we did it the hard way. I think because there was bounce and carry, when you hit a good length, there was something on offer. So we encouraged them to hit the wicket hard and try and extract anything in there. Huge positives. India outplayed us in the first two games but this win was important. You can try hard but without wins it damages the team's confidence"

Kedar Jadhav is the Man of the Series for his 232 runs in three matches. "I was planning to play all six balls, I knew if I could do that the bowler will be under pressure. Just that the ball I got out to, I was not in position to hit the big shot, I was still moving and that is why I mistimed," he says, "The thing is, since the time I came in the team, I've been spending a lot of time with Dhoni and it has helped me deal with situations calmly. Specially if you pitch it up there was some movement and that is why I didn't want to come forward, I wanted to stay back and with the dew, I knew normal shots will get me boundaries. First game when I was in the middle, with Virat, this is the time where you can learn how to finish games and that is what I told Hardik as well. If we play to our potential through the end, we would win. I was more happy if we would have won this game but I am satisfied with what I have done in this series. I can still improve"

Ben Stokes is the Man of the Match for his 57 off 39 and 3 for 63 in his 50th ODI. "It was a difficult time last time we came here, put it down to good captaincy from Morgan getting my overs out of the way before the end. Billings' has got a safe pair of hands, and most people have them. Always backing him to catch that," he says, "It was difficult to start, the ball was not necessarily going through the top, but it was going a bit. Just want to start well and capitalise, Woakesy played a good hand as well. There's always dew here, it's tough for the bowlers to hit their straps. We've waited a long time to win on this tour, think we forgot to be honest. it's been fantastic to be part of three really tight games and thankfully we ended up with a win for England"

9.40 pm What a game. Went down to the last ball, and though there were over 600 runs made in the day, the bowlers were in with a shout as well. The new ball decked around. Even the old one did as the Eden Gardens pitch offered pace, bounce and sideways movement. You'd think this would be good practice for both teams for the Champions Trophy in the UK, but then again ODIs there tend to be played on flat decks. Not the green meanies seen in the Tests. Anyway, England's victory - much of it at least - has to be down to the Stokes effect. Hit a composed half-century in the first innings to push the total above par and then his bowling in the death provided the wickets (3-63) at the right time. Moeen's tight overs in the middle helped, especially with David Willey hurting his bowling shoulder and going off the field after only two overs. Good show all around form England.

For India, it was the Kedar Jadhav show, coming in at the halfway stage and staying on until the very last over, playing some outrageous shots. But above that, it was his ability to keep his head under pressure during his 90 off 75 balls that impressed. At one point he was picking boundaries for fun, with England digging it in at him repeatedly. Eventually they changed their plans, held their nerve, made it hard on Jadhav and dismissed him. So it ends after 2090 runs - the most in a series of three or fewer ODI history

"No idea, going for six and four in the first two deliveries. Nice to close it off. The lads bowled really good overs before I came on. Suppose you're bowling to a guy who hasn't bowled a ball, you hope he didn't get a hold of it. it was damp, spikes are full of mud, bit slippery at the crease. Tough conditions, good to get the win against a tough Indian side in front of this crowd. It was nice to bowl on, thie pitch but at the same time you miss your length you get hit for four," Woakes says It's something we struggled to do, picking wickets consistently through the middle. Good to close out with a win. My first time here, beautiful ground. We'd have liked to have won the series, but credit to the Indians who have played some really good cricket"

Jez: "Wow, what a series!! When's the 4th game??"

Jon: ""A wretched series"? Disappointing yes, but England have played well in all three matches. India have only been slightly the better side." Only meant to say that England were close in all three matches and if a few things had gone their way, they would have been winning 3-0. Sometimes coming close and losing chafes all the more. But you're right. Maybe wretched was the wrong word

Asjad: "Irony is that England won that match in which they scored their lowest total of d series"

Alok Dhuri: "Morgan kept his nerves and made crucial bowling and fielding changes..Great Captaincy"

Rishav: "Its a shame that Kedhar Jadhav is not in t20 squad. Not too late, he should be added in the squad right now."

Woakes to Bhuvneshwar, no run

length outside off, Bhuvi swings, misses and England win. Morgan has a smile on his face. Woakes punches the air in triumph. He's held up under pressure. He's given his team something to cheer about after a wretched series

Kiwibobb: "Underarm coming up?"

The batsmen crossed. Bhuvi will be on strike. He needs to hit a six off this ball. Woakes needs to make sure there are no wides or no-balls. Deep cover, long-off, deep square leg, deep midwicket and long-on

Woakes to Jadhav, OUT

taken at deep point. Woakes does it. Billings does it. England edge ahead. This is a fuller ball outside off, Jadhav goes for a slice, he hasn't timed it. It's because the ball was wider, away from his reach. Robs him of his timing and off he walks having smashed 90 off 75! Top innings. Standing ovation from his team-mates. But will it be enough for India?

Kedar Jadhav c Billings b Woakes 90 (118m 75b 12x4 1x6) SR: 120

India need six off two now. Kohli, Dhoni and almost everyone in the dressing room standing. Nervous

Woakes to Jadhav, no run

lands a yorker just outside off and Jadhav, who is camped deep in his crease, looking to hit it through the leg side, misses. Wants a change of bat

People yelling for those in front of them to sit down. It's chaos at the Eden. England slowing it down

Woakes to Jadhav, no run

back of a length on leg stump, Jadhav pushes into the covers having made room. Dot ball

India need six off four now.

Woakes to Jadhav, FOUR runs

and another! Eden roars. Kohli is pumped. Dhoni has such a big smile on his face. He is watching his successor in the finisher's role. This is full, outside off, but Jadhav drums it over extra cover. Power. Forearm power

Woakes to Jadhav, SIX runs

he's hit it over the extra cover boundary! Camps deep in his crease, waits for the full ball to come to him and the power of his forearms takes it all the way. Massive hit

India need 16 off the final over with Jadhav on strike and Woakes to bowl it Thid man and fine leg up. Long-off, long-on back, so too deep midwicket and deep square leg

end of over 497 runs
INDIA: 306/8CRR: 6.24 RRR: 16.00
Kedar Jadhav80 (70b 11x4)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar0 (0b)
Jake Ball 10-0-56-2
Ben Stokes 10-0-63-3
Ball to Jadhav, 1 run

low full toss on off stump, squeaks it through to square leg.

Ball to Jadhav, 2 runs

whips it to deep midwicket, it was a full toss, it could have been taken better toll of. But he premeditates, moving back and onto off stump, limiting the areas he could target. Could have swung it straight down the ground

Ball to Jadhav, no run

plants his bat on a low full toss on the wide line. Refuses the single

Ball to Jadhav, FOUR runs

inside edge past the keeper to bring up the sixth 300 total out of six innings in this series. Dhoni is up on his feet, clapping

Ball to Jadhav, no run

goes full Chanderpaul, back foot on off stump, front foot out of the way, which prompts the bowler to put the ball outside his reach. Wonder why this isn't a wide

Ball to Jadhav, no run

full and wide, Jadhav tries to slash it through to deep point but can't make a connection

Ian: "Come on man. "Exults"? He turned around and clenched both his fists. It was a quarter of a double fist pump. Hardly an Imran Tahir or Virat Kohli/Tabraiz Shamsi."

end of over 484 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 299/8CRR: 6.22 RRR: 11.50
Kedar Jadhav73 (64b 10x4)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar0 (0b)
Ben Stokes 10-0-63-3
Chris Woakes 9-0-65-1

India need 23 off 12. Woakes and Ball in charge. Jadhav is key for India. This is tight. This is fun.

Lakshman Kumar: "Carlos Brathwaite..!! Remember the name..?? Err.. Kedar Jadhav..!! :P"

Stokes to Jadhav, 1 run

flicks it through to deep square leg to retain strike

Stokes to Jadhav, 1 wide

shortish, slow as well, Jadhav is making room, trying to pull, he is scuppered by the lack of pace, he is completely befuddled. But Stokes turns around and sees Dharmasena call a wide. That's harsh!

Jadhav's still around, Bhuvi's in now

Stokes to Ashwin, OUT

hits it straight up and Woakes takes a pressure catch at mid-on. Stokes exorcising the demons from the World T20. he goes for the length ball. He threatens the stumps. He makes the batsman make the play and Ashwin panics. Swings blind and mistimes badly

Ravichandran Ashwin c Woakes b Stokes 1 (5m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Stokes to Jadhav, 1 run

takes a fuller delivery on off stump and flicks it to deep square leg

Stokes to Jadhav, no run

fuller delivery veers it into the pads, Jadhav is looking to make room and slog it over midwicket, but the ball sneaks through, clipping the pad through to the keeper. Great ball

The Indian dressing room is on tenterhooks. A few standing around. A few on the edge of their seats. Dhoni sitting, Kohli standing, both peering around. Bhuvneshwar padded and helmeted

Stokes to Ashwin, 1 run

opens the face to the slower ball on a good length on off stump and gets a single to third man

Stokes to Ashwin, no run

back of a length on off stump, defends towards point

Stokes to bowl out. So someone else has to take the end overs

end of over 4716 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 295/7CRR: 6.27 RRR: 9.00
Kedar Jadhav71 (61b 10x4)
Ravichandran Ashwin0 (0b)
Chris Woakes 9-0-65-1
Ben Stokes 9-0-59-2
Woakes to Jadhav, FOUR runs

hits down the ground again and its a boundary! Sixteen runs off the over and there was precious little slogging. This is a tad overpitched on middle as Woakes goes searching for the yorker. Jadhav stands and delivers with a straight bat. Such composure. Such skill

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