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Only ODI, Dublin (Malahide), May 08, 2015, England tour of Ireland
(18/50 ov) 56/4

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end of over 18Maiden
IRE: 56/4CRR: 3.11 
Gary Wilson3 (8)
Ed Joyce23 (42)
Steven Finn 3-2-1-0
David Willey 4-1-17-1

3.10pm We've had the inevitable news. Match abandoned. Not much more to add, sadly. Awfully bad luck to all those who work so hard to put those matches on. From the cricket we did see, there was a brief glimpse at some new England faces with Mark Wood bowling sharply and David Willey also getting his first wicket. Ireland were in bother when the rain arrived. It's been a frustrating day, but thanks for staying with us. We'll be back for the start of the England-New Zealand series on May 21 but, for now, from Alan Gardner and Andrew McGlashan it's goodbye.

2.20pm Puddles forming on the outfield. The umpires have had a prod around. They needed waders. The game has to resume by 5.37pm. Not likely on current scenes.

1.50pm Nothing positive to add about conditions in Dublin. The ground is taking a lot of water. Lunch, for what it's worth, was taken at 1.30pm to try and save some time although it looks fairly forlorn at the moment.

1pm: Still raining, Malahide looking pretty deserted... Meanwhile, New Zealand are getting some practice in after a delayed start to their tour match in Taunton.

"While we wait for the rain to stop in Dublin, the Guardian are reporting that Moores is to be sacked..." Yes, Charlie, a few outlets have run a similar line. We're looking into the story and will update when we know anything for certain.

12.35pm: It's all looking quite soggy in Dublin, rain running down the windows of Sky's commentary box. There is an hour's wriggle room in the schedule but I suspect we'll be losing overs before the players have a chance to get back out there. Rain during the week has already left the ground susceptible to being waterlogged.

"When are England & touring sides going to credit Ireland and give them more than one-off matches? Frustrating for Ireland, frustrating for people who would like to see the game grow based on the relative merits of teams." It's a very tough gig for them, smudgeon, as you say. More games is certainly what they need but the schedule for all the Full Members doesn't have many gaps.

12.15pm: People have started retreating from the stands, the square is under covers and the forecast for the rest of the day is not good either. After all the effort Cricket Ireland have put in to get Malahide prepared for this fixture - the stands are temporary but they were expecting a crowd close to the 10,000 capacity - this is a real shame.

It's also a bit of a bummer for the players. Here's Andy: "Wouldn't it just sum up the last couple of months for Adil Rashid if this game got rained off before he got the chance to have a bowl?"

A few more rainhats and umbrellas on show in the crowd... Now the umpires come together for a chat. They've stuck it out but, although the rain doesn't look heavy, the blotchy weather appears to be settling in: that's it, rain stops play, the players are heading off. Here come the covers, not looking good for a quick resumption.

Finn to Wilson, no run

pitched full of a length, on off stump, closes the face and works the ball to midwicket - another maiden for Finn

Finn to Wilson, no run

pitched up around off stump, lines this one up in defence

Finn to Wilson, no run

lovely from Finn, beautiful line and length and Wilson is drawn forward, pushing at it blindly as the ball seams and bounces past the bat

Finn to Wilson, no run

on the stumps, touch back of a length and defended

Finn to Wilson, no run

oof, that's a tough one for Wilson, nip-backer, touch short and it's perilously close to the crown jewels, hits him on the thigh

Finn to Wilson, no run

length ball in the channel, defended coming forwards... sand puffs up from the footmarks

Howdy... Little bit green and sticky for the boys in green at the moment

end of over 178 runs • 1 wicket
IRE: 56/4CRR: 3.29 
Gary Wilson3 (2)
Ed Joyce23 (42)
David Willey 4-1-17-1
Steven Finn 2-1-1-0

So, with Ireland in a spot of bother and rain in the air I'll hand over to Alan

Willey to Wilson, 3 runs

another strong drive, this time by Wilson to get him off the mark, as he places this square through the off side

Willey to Wilson, no run

full at off stump, hint of movement, defended to the off side

Three slips in place

Willey to Balbirnie, OUT

good catch! Roy at second slip. This time the delivery is a touch wider, Balbirnie doesn't get his foot to the pitch, goes for a drive and edges high to the right of Roy who grabs it with both hands. Maiden international scalp for Willey

Andy Balbirnie c Roy b Willey 5 (19m 19b 1x4 0x6) SR: 26.31
Willey to Balbirnie, FOUR runs

very good shot, punches a full ball on off stump straight of mid-off...lovely piece of timing on a slow surface

Willey to Joyce, 1 run

finds the big gap down to third man with an open face

Willey to Joyce, no run

walks forward into a full ball outside off, almost beats point but there's a diving save

end of over 161 run
IRE: 48/3CRR: 3.00 
Andy Balbirnie1 (17)
Ed Joyce22 (40)
Steven Finn 2-1-1-0
David Willey 3-1-9-0
Finn to Balbirnie, no run

fuller at off stump, 82mph, pushed towards mid-on...good over from Finn

Finn to Balbirnie, no run

short of a length, takes his bottom hand off the bat as he defends to the leg side

Finn to Balbirnie, no run

what a ball! Unplayable. Just back of a length, straightens off the seam and turns Balbirnie inside out to beat the outside edge

Finn to Balbirnie, no run

full at off stump, defended to mid-off on the front foot

Finn to Balbirnie, no run

full outside off, 84mph, defended square to point

Finn to Joyce, 1 run

a fumble at second slip by Roy means there's a single for Joyce as he opens the face again, the ball went along the ground

end of over 153 runs
IRE: 47/3CRR: 3.13 
Ed Joyce21 (39)
Andy Balbirnie1 (12)
David Willey 3-1-9-0
Steven Finn 1-1-0-0

James: "Finn bowling at 82-84mph? He used to be 10mph quicker until the England bowling coaches ruined him. And what happened to Stuart Meaker?" Meaker is an interesting one. Can't even get regular games for Surrey

Willey to Joyce, 1 run

back of a length at off stump, Joyce calmly opens the face to third man

Willey to Joyce, no run

full outside off, comes forward to drive and it skews off into midwicket

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