1st ODI (D/N), Abu Dhabi, November 11, 2015, England tour of United Arab Emirates
(43.4/50 ov, T:217) 217/4

Pakistan won by 6 wickets (with 38 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
102* (130)
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10.20pm So, a six-wicket win with more than six overs to spare. England blew it with the bat, crumbling to 14 for 3, before squandering a 133-run stand between Eoin Morgan and James Taylor with an inept tail-end collapse. Mohammad Hafeez, however, was once again a cut above the rest of the batsmen on display. He's in rich form at the moment ...

This will also be remembered as the final ODI of Younis Khan's 15-year career. He made only 9 but he retires with the gratitude of a nation to send him on his way, not to mention a collective imploring that he hangs around a few years yet in Test cricket ...

Jon: "Hey, I have a question, how can I make comments like all these others who are being published? Is this it? If so, I'd like to add my own words of praise for Younis Khan on his retirement. During my playing days in Pakistan my nickname was Younis Khan. Seeing him end his ODI career today sees me with mixed feelings. A great man, who will surely be missed, and remembered for his great character and playing. What a man. Hat off. By the way, to the cricinfo team: thank you all for your amazing work. Without cricinfo I would be lost in this world without cricket on tv... you guys rock! Cheers, Jon!"

So, have a read of David Hopps' match report, and tune in again on Friday for the second ODI. Cheers

Woakes to Hafeez, 1 run

guided down to third man, and that is the victory!

Woakes to Hafeez, no run

not this time, defended out to point

asad: "No one beats Salim Malik in nervous 90s......" Valid

Woakes to Babar Azam, 1 run

so, another single, and Hafeez is handed the honour of hitting the winning run ...

Suli: "So Hafeez now has more 100s than Graeme Smith, Inzamam Ul Haq, and Mathew Hayden! Not a bad lot to go ahead of eh?" Remarkable ...

Woakes to Babar Azam, no run

bouncer, ducked

end of over 4313 runs
PAK: 215/4CRR: 5.00 RRR: 0.28
Babar Azam61 (60)
Mohammad Hafeez101 (128)
Adil Rashid 9-0-60-0
Chris Woakes 8-0-38-0

cheema: "Babar has doubled his list A sixes today 4 in 51, 4 today" Gosh

Rashid to Babar Azam, 1 run

on the pads, flicked to midwicket

Rashid to Babar Azam, 2 runs

googly, but timed sweetly off the back foot through the covers

Qasim: "Hafeez is probably the most suffered batsman in the nervous nineties from Pakistan in the last 10 years. Waited a long time today but finally has succeeded. Top knock man! Congratulations!"

Rashid to Babar Azam, SIX runs

smashed, on the up, straight over the ropes at long-off!

Rashid to Hafeez, 1 run

clipped to midwicket to escape the strike. This could now end in a hurry...

His 11th ODI hundred, his first against England, but his second hundred in as many international innings on this tour. He performs the sajda as well he might, He's in some God-given form at the moment.

Rashid to Hafeez, 2 runs

tossed up, slapped over short midwicket! Just out of the reach of the fielder and as a consequence that will do!

Rashid to Babar Azam, 1 run

clipped to midwicket to bring Hafeez back onto strike ...

So, 15 needed from 48 balls. How many of those will Hafeez require to reach his hundred? Not sure there's much else left to speculate on in this particular mismatch ...

end of over 428 runs
PAK: 202/4CRR: 4.80 RRR: 1.87
Mohammad Hafeez98 (126)
Babar Azam51 (56)
Chris Woakes 8-0-38-0
David Willey 7-0-43-0

Hass: "@Edwin Please tell who was that cricketer?" I cannot tell a lie, it was Ronnie Irani ...

Woakes to Hafeez, no run

pushed to cover. Hafeez is determined not to put a foot wrong

Woakes to Hafeez, no run

forward, poked into the covers

Woakes to Babar Azam, 1 run

driven from deep in the crease

Woakes to Babar Azam, SIX runs

battered, on the up, over the ropes, and Babar picks the slower ball, out of the back of the hand, to club his way to a half century!

Woakes to Babar Azam, no run

full length, a bottom-handed drive but can't connect properly

Rana Aftab Alam: "I grew up watching this great hero and this last raise of his bat with tears in his eyes drowns my heart. I always dreamed to be like him who held team's cause above his own. I'll never forget you in my life, you are my role model, The legend Younis Khan." Hear hear...

Woakes to Hafeez, 1 run

outside off, worked through the covers

end of over 416 runs
PAK: 194/4CRR: 4.73 RRR: 2.55
Babar Azam44 (53)
Mohammad Hafeez97 (123)
David Willey 7-0-43-0
Chris Woakes 7-0-30-0
Willey to Babar Azam, no run

on the back foot, worked back to the bowler who feigns a shy

Willey to Hafeez, 1 run

defended once again, into space. Hafeez will not be hurried to three figures

Edwin: "Whatever reasons Younis has for retiring today, being so close to Miandad's record they cannot be for selfishness....I recall a cricketer who only retired after achieving a certain record Test appearances....." [Sharp intake of breath]

Willey to Hafeez, no run

defended on the back foot

Willey to Babar Azam, 1 run

on the toes, flicked to midwicket

Willey to Babar Azam, no run

pushed into the covers

Willey loses his rag in delivery stride. Literally. He's picked it up now. He's not thrown in the towel yet....

Willey to Babar Azam, FOUR runs

bosh. Goodnight. Straight down the ground