2nd Test, Dubai, Oct 22 - 26 2015, England tour of United Arab Emirates
378 & 354/6d
(137.3 ov, target 491)242 & 312
Pakistan won by 178 runs
player of the match
Wahab Riaz

5.20pm So, that is emphatically that. What a finish. England take it to the brink but Pakistan's dominance showed in the final analysis. Join us again on Sunday for the start of the third and final Test in Sharjah, where England will have to find a way to overcome two shatteringly hard-fought final days to salvage something from the series. Pakistan, in their home from home, are seriously tough nuts to crack.

From myself, Andrew Miller, and my colleagues, Alan Gardner and David Hopps, whose match report is waiting right here, as well as Gopi and his scoring team, it's good bye for now. And don't forget to log back in to read the post-match analysis from Gnasher and Umar later this evening.

Alastair Cook comes forward to put a brave face on it. "That morning on day three has really cost us. In these conditions you can't afford those two or three hours. But the character we showed today ... they are a fantastic bunch of guys who refused to buckle. The innings Adil played, he'll take a lot from that. It was disappointing he couldn't get over the line but if we'd all faced six or ten balls more we would have done it."

On his fitness for the next Test - "I'm very proud of my fitness record. Jimmy Anderson told me to drink a glass of cement to toughen up."

Misbah-ul-Haq. "You have to give credit to the opposition when the ball is turning and two really good spinners are bowling. They showed really good character today. Our spinners bowled well, especially under pressure. Whenever we needed a breakthrough they held their nerve."

On his return to the team after a break. "In the first Test match, it was tough for me but in the second innings I got fifty and it felt good for me, I started believing I belong to this and my rhythm came back. Always tough to come back and perform."

And on Younis Khan. "In discipline and preparation, he's always there to perform. He keeps the game moving and I am really comfortable when I am playing with him."

5.05pm Time for the presentations. And it is Yasir Shah who is named smart player for his eight wickets in the match. Misbah gets the most colourful innings award (I forget they have so many of these), and Younis Khan is the outstanding performer for breaking lots of records.

Actually the Man of the Match is Wahab Riaz which makes my heart sing. His figures look underwhelming but he's been rewarded for impact, not stats.

"I always try to do good and perform for my country," he says. "My team-mates are always behind me and let me know what ability I have. The spell [in the World Cup] against Watson gave me a lot of confidence."

Prince Shakir: ""Credit goes to Imran Khan Because when ever he is Playing Pakistan winning that match This is his 6 match and Pakistan win All of them"" Ah yes. And he still hasn't scored a run ... which is a vital factor.

Zafar: "Desperately sad for England. Put up an heroic effort. Shame the top order let England down. As for Pakistan a team of limited resources & quality is punching above its weight in those conditions. They will be hopelessly outplayed when they come to England." I wouldn't be so sure, they always find a way to compete. They won at The Oval in 2010, and even beat Australia at Headingley on that same tour.

5pm Arslan: "Dedicated to today's victims, #earthquakePak" ... quite right too. Terrible events in the central Asia this afternoon, and even in their moment of victory, many of Pakistan's players will be thinking of home, not least Yasir who comes from Peshawar, which was near the epicentre of the 7.5 magnitude quake. Let's hope it is not as devastating as the 2005 disaster.

4.55pm Jibran T. Siddi: "What a coincidence. On this day when Pakistan won Test again Australia on same ground, Yasir Shah took 4 wickets in that test too."

Muhammad Rashid: "In 2nd inn of first test Rashid prove his bowling character by 0 to 5 wicket and in this test he proved his some batting character from 0 to 50 runs..." Quite so, he's made a big impression in two tough Test matches.

But the man of the moment for Pakistan was Yasir Shah, whose fingers were restored to their full spinning potency after a lengthy break and his sharp spin unpicked England's lock-down. Wahab Riaz was magnificent too, albeit grossly under-rewarded in the wickets column.

4.40pm Gadzooks. Pass the gin!

So, England all out with 6.3 overs of the match still to play. What might have been from England's point of view. That third-morning collapse of seven wickets for 36 proved the difference between the teams. A bit more spine then, such as we've seen today, and they would not be heading to Sharjah with only a share of the series to play for.

But huge credit to England's tailenders, Adil Rashid key among them. Until his fateful lapse his shot selection had been virtually flawless for 172 balls, particularly against the spinners whom he nullified with big strides and leather-sniffing blocks. Mark Wood was magnificent too, eating up 29 overs to take the match past tea, and Stuart Broad as well, who was undone by the ball of the day from Wahab Riaz.

Yasir Shah to Rashid, OUT

gone! Rashid has driven loosely into the covers, Pakistan have won the Test match! Why did he chase that? The massive rip from Yasir played its part ... he felt he needed to be firm in his shot selection with so many men circling, but he chose the wrong ball to larrup

Adil Rashid c Zulfiqar Babar b Yasir Shah 61 (239m 172b 7x4 0x6) SR: 35.46

Muhammad Irfan: "just for my knowledge if we still have light can we bowl more than 7 overs?" Nope, not about the light, all about the time

Yasir Shah to Rashid, no run

left alone with a flourish this time

Haroon Afaq: "Being a Pakistani Cricket Fan, I will take this Draw as a 'Defeat' as I took the previous Draw as 'Defeat' too. In case of Draw, England will be 2-0 Up in the Series. Heart Breaking results so far :( By the way Adil Rashid's highest first class score is 180 and he has 10 Centuries too. Well Played Mate!!"

Yasir Shah to Rashid, no run

sharp spin straight away! Big rip and beats Rashid's defensive poke. He was lured into following that one

England, remember, have two reviews left. Pakistan have none. Could be vital, you suspect. Wahab's work is done. Yasir is back. It's spin to the death!

end of over 137Maiden
ENG: 312/9CRR: 2.27 
James Anderson0 (13)
Adil Rashid61 (169)
Zulfiqar Babar47-23-53-3
Wahab Riaz25-4-78-1

Ooh, me bunyons

Babar to Anderson, no run

squawks of excitement as Anderson pads one straight to short leg. No bat. On we go

Babar to Anderson, no run

late adjustment with the feet to smother another defensive block

Babar to Anderson, no run

loopy flight and bite, and an inside edge saves the lbw but nearly flies to silly point!

Where was Shan Masood? He'd have snaffled that

Babar to Anderson, no run

fully forward, blocked into the off side

Babar to Anderson, no run

back onto the stumps and defended

Slip, gully, leg-slip, two short legs, and a partridge in a pear tree round the bat

Babar to Anderson, no run

dropped at short leg! Turned straight off the face and brushes the tips of Shafiq's fingers!

end of over 136Maiden
ENG: 312/9CRR: 2.29 
Adil Rashid61 (169)
James Anderson0 (7)
Wahab Riaz25-4-78-1
Zulfiqar Babar46-22-53-3
Wahab Riaz to Rashid, no run

banged in short, down the leg side. Eight overs, roughly half an hour, left for Pakistan to prise their victory from the ever-tightening jaws of a draw

Wajahat: "Each over feels like eternity, almost like Koertzen's slow finger of death!"

Wahab Riaz to Rashid, no run

slower ball, wide full toss, slapped out to deep cover, and they had plenty time to jog two, but in the end they opt to stay put. Runs schmuns

Ather: "My brain says, ENG will draw this. My heart says, Pakistan will win. I follow my heart today. A Pakistani fan." My brain says overload

Wahab Riaz to Rashid, no run

attempted yorker, not entirely convincing from Rashid but he is seeing it well enough to get plenty bat on a loose poke

ABZ: "Nervously and anxiously switching between tabs in the office, waiting for the next delivery to be updated....waiting for the word OUT written in bold....." It's been a long wait ...

Wahab Riaz to Rashid, no run

down the leg-side, but the gloves were safely out of the way as Sarfraz tumbled to save the byes

Lee Baker: "I'm assuming England are now taking there time with everything like Pakistan did. I was hoping Anderson tie his shoe on the way to the crease"

Wahab Riaz to Rashid, no run

solidly forward, poked to short cover, one of an umbrella of four close catchers in front of square

Mark Long: "been bursting for the loo for an hour and a half. No way I'm going for another 9 overs! " You think you've got problems? You haven't been living on coffee for five days

Wahab Riaz to Rashid, no run

flicked into the leg side but Rashid turns down the single. Sensible batting from the rookie, he needs to face as much as he can

end of over 135Maiden
ENG: 312/9CRR: 2.31 
James Anderson0 (7)
Adil Rashid61 (163)
Zulfiqar Babar46-22-53-3
Wahab Riaz24-3-78-1

Ferhan Malik: "Apart from the odds I have seen Rashid temperament is monumental and with no doubt he is an ideal player of Test. In first test with bowl and now with bat. Well Done young man..." Quite right, ignore the carpers and crack on, I say

Babar to Anderson, no run

back into the crease, defended heroically to see off another over

Babar to Anderson, no run

fenced into the leg-side and just out of the reach of silly mid-on! He was saved by the fact that he got the full face of the bat on that

muddi : "There's one poor person "muddi" on Cricinfo whose comments have been blacklisted from last 24 hours. How mean of you, Miller. This still won't make it English day. Anyways, no despair, I'm still here. " Blah. Hello

Babar to Anderson, no run

outside off, left alone, a bit quicker but misdirected

Babar to Anderson, no run

back and across, defended.

richard: "Do you think England can bat at 18 per over to win this?" Clearly

Babar to Anderson, no run

well played, bat in front of pad in the DRS-approved fashion, not that Pakistan have any reviews left

Babar to Anderson, no run

six men round the bat as Anderson is beaten outside off stump. Lots of rough to unnerve him