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West Indies vs England, 3rd Test at St John's, , Feb 15 2009 - Full Scorecard

3rd Test, St John's, February 15 - 19, 2009, England tour of West Indies
566/9d & 221/8d
(T:503) 285 & 370/9

Match drawn

Player Of The Match
94 & 106
England 1st Innings
West Indies 1st Innings
England 2nd Innings
West Indies 2nd Innings
Match Flow
England 1st Innings 
c & b Edwards16927834624160.79
c Smith b Gayle521341585038.80
run out (Taylor)571001418157.00
b Taylor511321984038.63
c †Ramdin b Edwards416210025.00
c Smith b Hinds11320230214055.94
b Taylor021000.00
c Chanderpaul b Nash3961846063.93
c †Ramdin b Hinds4455546180.00
not out 20172230117.64
Extras(b 10, lb 1, nb 5, w 1)17
TOTAL165.2 Ov (RR: 3.42)566/9d
Did not bat:
Fall of wickets: 1-123 (Alastair Cook, 42.2 ov), 2-276 (Owais Shah, 80.1 ov), 3-295 (Andrew Strauss, 89.5 ov), 4-311 (James Anderson, 93.5 ov), 5-405 (Kevin Pietersen, 126.1 ov), 6-405 (Andrew Flintoff, 126.3 ov), 7-467 (Matt Prior, 146.2 ov), 8-529 (Stuart Broad, 159.5 ov), 9-566 (Paul Collingwood, 165.2 ov)
126.1 to KP Pietersen, and he strikes straight away, Pietersen goes back aiming to punch into the off side, the ball keeps a tad low and a thick inside edge slams into his leg stump, sending it sprawling. 405/5
126.3 to A Flintoff, what an inspired bowling change ... the ball keeps low, completely beating Flintoff, who is caught half forward, for pace and cleans him up comprehensively. 405/6
89.5 to AJ Strauss, got him! Strauss departs to a lazy, slightly tired stroke to a quicker bouncer. Banged in on middle-and-leg, he went to hook and it looped meekly as Edwards scooped an easy return catch. 295/3
93.5 to JM Anderson, that's the spot. The first wicket goes down as Edwards gets his line right, and Anderson pushes limply outside off. A simple catch for Ramdin, and that will perk the fielders up. 311/4
42.2 to AN Cook, superb catch by Smith at slip! That's top class. Short and wide, Cook rocks back to cut but doesn't get hold of it and the ball flies low to Smith's right. The ball hits the wrists of his two hands as he leans forward, and scoops it up off his shoelaces to take a seriously slick catch. 123/1
159.5 to SCJ Broad, the declaration must surely be imminent now. An ambitious drive through the covers, a grazed edge to the keeper, and Broad goes for a well-crafted innings. 529/8
165.2 to PD Collingwood, smashed out to the deep, Edwards this time is in position for the catch at midwicket, and that is the declaration. 566/9
146.2 to MJ Prior, Prior tries to whack this over the top but skies it miles and miles in the air. Chanderpaul readies and steadies himself at mid-off to take an easy catch. 467/7
West Indies 1st Innings 
c Anderson b Harmison3032425193.75
b Swann38901307042.22
c Collingwood b Swann22861292025.58
c Flintoff b Swann9413319614170.67
c †Prior b Flintoff2772913137.50
c †Prior b Broad1860012.50
c Collingwood b Flintoff18811131022.22
c & b Swann011000.00
c & b Flintoff1937693051.35
lbw b Swann042000.00
not out 1330033.33
Extras(b 17, lb 5, nb 11, w 2)35
TOTAL89.2 Ov (RR: 3.19)285
Fall of wickets: 1-45 (Chris Gayle, 8.4 ov), 2-109 (Devon Smith, 28.2 ov), 3-130 (Daren Powell, 38.1 ov), 4-200 (Ryan Hinds, 60.2 ov), 5-201 (Shivnarine Chanderpaul, 61.4 ov), 6-251 (Ramnaresh Sarwan, 75.3 ov), 7-251 (Denesh Ramdin, 75.4 ov), 8-278 (Brendan Nash, 87.2 ov), 9-279 (Sulieman Benn, 88.2 ov), 10-285 (Jerome Taylor, 89.2 ov)
60.2 to RO Hinds, but he's gone this time - Hinds' patience runs out. Angled across the left hander, he couldn't resist having a little nibble at it and Prior took a good catch low to his left. 200/4
87.2 to BP Nash, draws Nash into a loose stroke outside off, just following it without any foot movement, and Collingwood takes a comfortable catch at second slip, low to his right. 278/8
89.2 to JE Taylor, and he's got him. Taylor goes for another pull, as he should in this situation, but skies it back to Flintoff. 285/10
8.4 to CH Gayle, a half-volley outside off which Gayle tries to carve through the off side, but he can't quite lift it over Anderson at mid-off who holds onto a decent catch. 45/1
61.4 to S Chanderpaul, got him! That only just carried through to Prior who scooped it up low off his bootlaces. It was full, outside off and Chanderpaul couldn't resist a drive, feathering it through to the keeper. 201/5
28.2 to DS Smith, tossed up on middle-and-leg with a touch of drift and Smith goes for a huge slog over long-on and he's bowled! Poor, impetuous stroke by Smith having played so well for the first hour. 109/2
38.1 to DBL Powell, got him! Lovely piece of bowling and a fine, smart catch by Collingwood. Classical off-spinner's delivery which spins on Powell, who came forward to defend, the ball taking a thick outside edge to Collingwood's left. He rolled and tumbled and got both hands to it. 130/3
75.3 to RR Sarwan, Swann's done it again! A loose shot from Sarwan who is rightly furious with himself - he's done a Pietersen and tried to get to his ton with a maximum. He skipped down the pitch, tried to clobber Swann over the top but miscued it to Flintoff at short mid-on. 251/6
75.4 to D Ramdin, he's caught-and-bowled! The meekest of full-tosses is met with the meekest of prods, and Swann takes one of the simplest catches to his right - and he's on a hat-trick!. 251/7
88.2 to SJ Benn, five wickets for Swann here as he raps Benn plumb in front. Benn knew it, Swann knew it and the umpire also knew it. 279/9
England 2nd Innings 
c Smith b Edwards1421232066.66
c Smith b Hinds581031647056.31
c †Ramdin b Powell2053703037.73
b Powell1423220160.86
c †Ramdin b Benn3246682069.56
b Hinds34312641109.67
not out 15151511100.00
run out (†Ramdin/Benn)1340033.33
c Hinds b Benn096000.00
not out 72101350.00
Extras(b 12, lb 3, nb 6, w 5)26
TOTAL50 Ov (RR: 4.42)221/8d
Did not bat:
Fall of wickets: 1-23 (Andrew Strauss, 4.3 ov), 2-69 (James Anderson, 19.5 ov), 3-97 (Owais Shah, 25.5 ov), 4-145 (Alastair Cook, 37.3 ov), 5-189 (Kevin Pietersen, 44.5 ov), 6-195 (Paul Collingwood, 45.4 ov), 7-201 (Stuart Broad, 46.5 ov), 8-206 (Andrew Flintoff, 48.6 ov)
4.3 to AJ Strauss, ah that's good cricket by West Indies. Edwards rattled Strauss in his last over, and here he pitched it up to lure Strauss into a drive, the ball flying to Smith's right at second slip. He takes it with both hands, moving smoothly to his right. 23/1
19.5 to JM Anderson, he's gone this time! Tempting length for the cut, but Anderson can only get the thinnest of slithers on the bat, and Ramdin tidies up. 69/2
25.5 to OA Shah, bowled him! This cut back jaggedly on Shah who tried to lift him over long-on, but he was too late on it and back went his middle stump. 97/3
44.5 to KP Pietersen, switch-hit, and that's out! The first time the shot has properly let him down, it turned into a genuine left-hander's caught-behind as he aimed a slog sweep over midwicket but only found an outside edge. Relief for Benn as he breaks his duck for the match. 189/5
48.6 to A Flintoff, excellent low catch as Flintoff swishes a full toss straight to midwicket. Ryan Hinds dives to his right and that completes a pair!. 206/8
37.3 to AN Cook, got him! That's a brute of a delivery from Hinds which spat off a length, rearing up off his glove and it balloons to Smith who takes the simplest of snaffles. 145/4
45.4 to PD Collingwood, gone this time! Another wild fling of the bat, plenty intent but the execution was lacking. Collingwood's stumps are splattered, and Strauss shuffles in his seat again. 195/6
West Indies 2nd Innings (T: 503 runs)
lbw b Swann4667958068.65
lbw b Harmison2160772035.00
b Broad10619624712054.08
c Shah b Broad616201037.50
c †Prior b Broad551652315033.33
lbw b Swann2349684046.93
b Anderson21761013027.63
c sub (IR Bell) b Anderson1128411039.28
lbw b Swann2134512161.76
not out 2255652040.00
not out 526341019.23
Extras(b 21, lb 7, nb 4, w 1)33
TOTAL128 Ov (RR: 2.89)370/9
Fall of wickets: 1-59 (Devon Smith, 18.4 ov), 2-81 (Chris Gayle, 23.4 ov), 3-96 (Ryan Hinds, 28.5 ov), 4-244 (Ramnaresh Sarwan, 81.4 ov), 5-261 (Shivnarine Chanderpaul, 87.2 ov), 6-287 (Brendan Nash, 96.3 ov), 7-313 (Jerome Taylor, 106.1 ov), 8-322 (Denesh Ramdin, 110.6 ov), 9-353 (Sulieman Benn, 117.6 ov)
106.1 to JE Taylor, got him! And Ian Bell comes to the party as the substitute fielder! On the pads, flicked airily away, and Bell dives excitedly at short midwicket to cling on. That is a vital wicket. 313/7
110.6 to D Ramdin, bowled him! Ramdin tried to cut this with a cross-batted stroke but again his feet were completely planted, and he inside edges this depressively onto his stumps. 322/8
28.5 to RO Hinds, that's definitely beaten him! Broad strikes in his first over, as Hinds drove on the up, straight into the hands of short midwicket. Another fatal loss of concentration ends a good innings, and West Indies are dangling in the breeze for the moment. 96/3
81.4 to RR Sarwan, bowled him! That cuts back at the last moment and kept a little low - one of the few deliveries that have done that today - and Sarwan was too late on it, beaten by the movement and lack of bounce. 244/4
87.2 to S Chanderpaul, GOT HIM! A superb delivery from Broad, angling into Chanderpaul before cutting away just a touch, and he nibbles at it outside off to hand Prior an easy catch. 261/5
23.4 to CH Gayle, down for the sweep again, but that time it's fuller and loopier, and it's also absolutely plumb! Superb bowling, just enough variation to encourage a mistake, and that would have hit the middle of off stump. 81/2
96.3 to BP Nash, that's the breakthrough, and that looked especially tight! There was no discernible spin, and struck the middle of the pad well before the bat was involved. Umpire Harper thinks long and hard, but gets his decision right in the end. 287/6
117.6 to SJ Benn, got him! He's got him this time! Poor old Benn pads up for seemingly the millionth time, and this time he's rapped absolutely bang in front. It pitched in line, and there was enough turn that it was going to hit leg-stump. 353/9
18.4 to DS Smith, and he's got him! Rapped on the pads, Smith went back on his toes and tried to defend - was it too high? It did look a bit high at first glance, but the decision's been made and he's out. 59/1
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Sun, 15 Feb - day 1 - England 1st innings 301/3 (Kevin Pietersen 8*, James Anderson 3*, 92 ov)
Mon, 16 Feb - day 2 - West Indies 1st innings 55/1 (Devon Smith 10*, Daren Powell 2*, 13 ov)
Tue, 17 Feb - day 3 - England 2nd innings 31/1 (Alastair Cook 4*, James Anderson 4*, 7 ov)
Wed, 18 Feb - day 4 - West Indies 2nd innings 143/3 (Ramnaresh Sarwan 47*, Shivnarine Chanderpaul 18*, 45 ov)
Thu, 19 Feb - day 5 - West Indies 2nd innings 370/9 (128 ov) - end of match
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
  • Match Delayed: West Indies - 143/3 in 45.0 overs (RR Sarwan 47, S Chanderpaul 18)
  • 4th Wicket: 50 runs in 107 balls (RR Sarwan 27, S Chanderpaul 20, Ex 3)
  • West Indies: 150 runs in 48.1 overs (290 balls), Extras 6
  • RR Sarwan: 50 off 104 balls (6 x 4)
  • 4th Wicket: 100 runs in 208 balls (RR Sarwan 53, S Chanderpaul 40, Ex 7)
  • Lunch: West Indies - 196/3 in 64.0 overs (RR Sarwan 73, S Chanderpaul 40)
  • West Indies: 200 runs in 65.2 overs (393 balls), Extras 10
  • Drinks: West Indies - 214/3 in 74.0 overs (RR Sarwan 85, S Chanderpaul 42)
  • S Chanderpaul: 50 off 148 balls (5 x 4)
  • New Ball Taken: West Indies 235/3 after 80.1 overs (RR Sarwan 97, S Chanderpaul 50)
  • RR Sarwan: 100 off 190 balls (11 x 4)
  • Drinks: West Indies - 240/3 in 81.0 overs (RR Sarwan 102, S Chanderpaul 50)
  • West Indies: 250 runs in 84.1 overs (507 balls), Extras 15
  • Tea: West Indies - 279/5 in 93.0 overs (BP Nash 22, D Ramdin 8)
  • West Indies: 300 runs in 100.6 overs (610 balls), Extras 25
  • West Indies: 350 runs in 116.1 overs (702 balls), Extras 29
  • Drinks: West Indies - 353/8 in 117.0 overs (SJ Benn 21, DBL Powell 14)
Antigua Recreation Ground, St John's, Antigua
TossWest Indies, elected to field first
Player Of The Match
Series resultWest Indies led the 5-match series 1-0
Match numberTest no. 1908
Hours of play (local time)11.15 start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 17.30
Match days15,16,17,18,19 February 2009 - day (5-day match)
TV Umpire
Reserve Umpire
Match Referee
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