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(D/N), Brisbane, November 23, 2007, Ford Ranger One Day Cup
(45.4/50 ov, T:244) 193

Queensland won by 50 runs

Player Of The Match
39 (47) & 1/29
Queensland Innings
Victoria Innings
Match Details
Queensland  (50 ovs maximum)
Shane Watson c Hussey b Denton2839-3171.79
Nathan Reardon c Blizzard b Wise3639-6092.30
Clinton Perren run out (Denton)6075-4080.00
Craig Philipson run out (Hodge/White)4251-5082.35
Aaron Nye c McDonald b Hastings3947-3182.97
Chris Simpson (c)c Denton b Hussey67-1085.71
Lee Carseldine c †Crosthwaite b Nannes24-0050.00
Chris Hartley c Wise b Hastings513-0038.46
Chris Swan c McDonald b White86-10133.33
Grant Sullivan c †Crosthwaite b Hastings24-0050.00
Scott Brant not out 24-0050.00
Extras(lb 6, w 7)13
TOTAL48.1 Ov (RR: 5.04)243
Fall of wickets: 1-61 (Shane Watson, 10.5 ov), 2-68 (Nathan Reardon, 14.1 ov), 3-155 (Craig Philipson, 30.2 ov), 4-184 (Clinton Perren, 36.1 ov), 5-193 (Chris Simpson, 38.4 ov), 6-209 (Lee Carseldine, 41.3 ov), 7-229 (Chris Hartley, 45.3 ov), 8-231 (Aaron Nye, 45.6 ov), 9-241 (Grant Sullivan, 47.2 ov), 10-243 (Chris Swan, 48.1 ov)
Gerard Denton1025615.60395240
10.5 to SR Watson, it was full and outside the off stump, Watson mistimes the drive straight in the air to Hussey at mid off.. 61/1
Dirk Nannes1004814.80365010
41.3 to LA Carseldine, edge and taken by Crosthwaite as he looks to drive through the off side.. 209/6
John Hastings1005035.00356000
45.3 to CD Hartley, it was short and it was wide, goes after it and gets an outside edge, it goes high in the air to thirdman, where Wise is waiting for it, takes the catch.. 229/7
45.6 to AJ Nye, high full toss mistimed in the air, McDonald at mid off takes the catch.. 231/8
47.2 to GJ Sullivan, edge and taken by Crosthwaite, as Sullivan looks to play it down to thirdman.. 241/9
Allan Wise703014.28274010
14.1 to NJ Reardon, it was fuller and outside the off stump, was looking to go over the in-field, slices it high in the air behind point, Blizzard moves back settles under it and takes a very good catch.. 68/2
Cameron White8.103814.65212010
48.1 to CR Swan, tossed up outside the off stump, goes for a big slog on the on side, gets an outside edge and goes high in the air to short thirdman, McDonald settles under it and takes the catch.. 243/10
David Hussey301515.0081000
38.4 to CP Simpson, down the track once again, hits it in the air to wide long on, Denton does well and settles under it to take a wonderful catch.. 193/5
Victoria  (T: 244 runs from 50 ovs)
Michael Klinger c Perren b Sullivan1736-2047.22
Aiden Blizzard c †Hartley b Swan54-10125.00
Brad Hodge c Watson b Carseldine5067-6074.62
David Hussey run out (Reardon/†Hartley)59-0055.55
Cameron White (c)retired hurt 1426-0153.84
Andrew McDonald c †Hartley b Carseldine01-000.00
Adam Crosthwaite  b Simpson4368-4163.23
John Hastings c & b Brant919-1047.36
Gerard Denton c Reardon b Simpson3534-40102.94
Dirk Nannes c Watson b Nye29-0022.22
Allan Wise not out 22-00100.00
Extras(lb 1, nb 1, w 9)11
TOTAL45.4 Ov (RR: 4.22)193
Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Aiden Blizzard, 2.5 ov), 2-46 (Michael Klinger, 12.2 ov), 3-69 (David Hussey, 16.4 ov), 4-95 (Brad Hodge, 22.3 ov), 5-95 (Andrew McDonald, 22.4 ov), 5-107* (Cameron White, retired hurt), 6-131 (John Hastings, 34.3 ov), 7-175 (Adam Crosthwaite, 41.5 ov), 8-185 (Dirk Nannes, 44.2 ov), 9-193 (Gerard Denton, 45.4 ov)
Chris Swan804015.00326001
2.5 to AC Blizzard, short of a length on the stumps and moves away, Blizzard follows the line and gets the edge to Hartley behind the wicket. 9/1
Scott Brant1014514.50385140
34.3 to JW Hastings, smashed straigt back to Brant, who hold onto the catch in his second attempt.. 131/6
Grant Sullivan703715.28253120
12.2 to M Klinger, it was wide outside the off stump, hit hard in the air straight to Perren at backward-point.. 46/2
Aaron Nye602914.83192020
44.2 to DP Nannes, tossed up outside the off stump, heaves it high in the air to deep midwicket, Watson running in from the deep puts in a dive forward and takes an excellent catch.. 185/8
Chris Simpson8.402623.00301000
41.5 to AJ Crosthwaite, good ball pitches outside the off stump and spins in, leaves a big gap between bat and pad, the ball knocks back the stumps.. 175/7
45.4 to GJ Denton, swings it high in the air to long on, Reardon settles under it and takes the catch.. 193/9
Lee Carseldine601522.50251010
22.3 to BJ Hodge, short ball pulled in the air straight down the throat of Watson at deep square leg.. 95/4
22.4 to AB McDonald, short and rising delivery angled across, takes the glove as he looks to get his bat down, taken by Hartley.. 95/5
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Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane
TossQueensland, elected to bat first
Player Of The Match
Aaron Nye
Hours of play (local time)14.15 - 17.45, 18.15 - 21.45
Match days23 November 2007 - daynight (50-over match)
List A debut
John Hastings
John Hastings
Rod Tucker
Tim Laycock
TV Umpire
Norm McNamara
Match Referee
Jim Torpey
PointsQueensland 5, Victoria 0
  • 12th Men: DJ Doran (Queensland) and RJ Quiney (Victoria)
  • CL White retired hurt at 107/5 (28.2)(injured foot)
Victoria Innings
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Ford Ranger One Day Cup