2nd Semi Final (D/N), Jaipur, Nov 2 2006, ICC Champions Trophy
(44/50 ov, target 259)262/4
West Indies won by 6 wickets (with 36 balls remaining)
player of the match
Chris Gayle
West Indies
end of over 447 runs
WI: 262/4CRR: 5.95 
Chris Gayle133 (135)
Marlon Samuels5 (8)
Robin Peterson7-0-36-1
Graeme Smith10-0-43-1

Chris Gayle's second hundred in consecutive matches, his third of the tournament, and his 15th in total. It was a magisterial performance, and the South Africans had absolutely no answer to his belligerent approach.

The fireworks are exploding all around the ground, as West Indies, the defending champions, return to the final of the ICC Champions Trophy. They've had to do it the hard way, with pre-qualification, but now they face Australia, first-time finalists, in the final at Mumbai on Sunday.

Gayle, we presume, will be the runaway Man-of-the-Match, while South Africa return home with that tag of nearly-men once again proving too hard to shake off. They don't like semi-finals, do they?

Well, it's been emotional. This is Andrew Miller signing off, on behalf of my colleagues, Martin Williamson and Will Luke. Join us again on Sunday at 0900GMT, for the final between West Indies and Australia.

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Peterson to Gayle, FOUR runs

brilliant. Full stride, and clobbered down the ground for the winning boundary

Peterson to Gayle, no run

driven, but straight to the man at mid-off

Peterson to Gayle, 1 wide

oops, that's a bonus

Two needed from 38 ... I wonder ...

Peterson to Samuels, 1 run

tip-and-run cricket, and a scampered single ends with a direct hit from the covers, but the batsmen are home

Peterson to Samuels, no run

stretching forward and smothers the spin, not that there's a whole lot of it

Peterson to Gayle, 1 run

shorter, and bludgeoned down the ground. But the long-on sweeper tidies up

Peterson to Gayle, no run

flicked off the pads, but straight to the fielder

end of over 4311 runs
WI: 255/4CRR: 5.93 • RRR: 0.57 • Need 4 runs from 42b
Marlon Samuels4 (6)
Chris Gayle128 (131)
Graeme Smith10-0-43-1
Robin Peterson6-0-29-1

This has been a rout, pure and simple, and not even West Indies' carelessness in these final overs can disguise that

Smith to Samuels, 2 leg byes

and that's a useful addition. Gayle keeps the strike, with just four runs needed

Smith to Samuels, FOUR runs

that will help the cause! Opens the blade and punches behind square for a welcome boundary to get off the mark

Smith to Samuels, no run

shuffles across his stumps, and pushed back down the track

Smith to Samuels, no run

sensible defence

Smith to Gayle, 1 run

tickled away to fine leg

Smith to Gayle, FOUR runs

poor ball, and Gayle swings that one round the corner and away to the midwicket boundary. He's still in control, and therefore so are the Windies