Final (D/N), Centurion, Oct 5 2009, ICC Champions Trophy
(45.2/50 ov, target 201)206/4
Australia won by 6 wickets (with 28 balls remaining)
player of the match
Shane Watson

Australia finish as comprehensive winners of the ICC Champions Trophy, and they win it for the second time. Big cheers in the Australian dressing room, the players come out to shake hands with their opponents. New Zealand tried hard, and at 6 for 2, the game was open. Watson - who's made successive centuries - and White, however, despite their slow start, preserved their wickets and then took off. That 128-run stand was a match-winning one; just, in hindsight, how crucial was that stand between Lee and Hauritz against Pakistan! Credit to New Zealand for the way they played this tournament; that win against Sri Lanka made amends somewhat for a disappointing tour to the country and that superb bowling display against England got them to the knockout stage. Elliott and Vettori then won them the semi-final against Pakistan, but today their batting let them down. Australia carried their form from that 6-1 win over England into this tournament, and have emerged deserved winners.Hold fire, we'll get you all the details from the presentation in just a bit.

Sanjay Manjrekar's the host at the presentation. The match officials- umpires and match referee - are being honoured first by Haroon Lorgat, the ICC's chief executive.

Brendon McCullum: "Tonight was disappointing, we had big expectations. But we've come together as a group in this tournament. Vettori's absence was a big blow, we were about 50 short today. Anything around the 230-240 region, we would have had a chance. Kyle Mills and Shane Bond were brilliant, but unfortunately we didn't provide them enough runs. Sri Lanka was an important win, but it was the performance against Pakistan that got us through to the final. Australia were brilliant today and they are deserved winners of the trophy."

Shane Watson, unsurprisingly is the Man of the Match: "We needed discipline today, and we knew that if I was around till the 40th over, we had a chance. It was set up with Ricky's help in the semi-finals to get me through, and he missed out today, but it was time for another to step up. The wicket today was a little slower than the other night, they bowled beautifully straight up until me and White had a good partnership."

The leading run-scorer in the tournament gets a golden bat, and it's Ricky Ponting who wins it, 288 runs in four games at 72.

The highest wicket-taker gets a golden ball, and it's Wayne Parnell who's the winner there; he's not there to accept the award, much to the disappointment of many local fans.

Ricky Ponting beats Watson to earn the Man-of-the-Series Award.

The winning team gets a specially-designed jacket, it's cream in colour and the ICC President and the ICC chief executive are helping the Australian players into their new blazers. This is, quite clearly, taking some time.

Ponting, the winning captain, gets a cheque of US $ 2 million.

Ponting: "We've played some great cricket over the last couple of weeks, and we've been through our ups and downs over the last 18 months. We've been bringing some young players into the side. Two young guys at the crease at 6 for 2, it doesn't get any tougher and they did a great job. We pride ourselves on adapting to different conditions around the world. I felt really good since the break after the Ashes, things are going well [for me]."

The Australians, clad in their blazers, hold aloft the Champions Trophy with plenty of confetti raining down in the background. Some belated fireworks too.

That's all we have for this tournament, folks. Thanks for joining us for each of the 15 games; it's been a pleasure bringing you the coverage and thank you for sending us your feedback. The Champions League Twenty20 starts in India in three days time, and we'll be there to bring you all the action. Until then, on behalf of Jamie Alter, Kanishkaa and everyone else at Cricinfo, this is Sid Talya signing off. Adios, be well!

Patel to Watson, SIX runs

finishes it off handsomely and reaches his century in the process, tossed up, full and it meets the same fate, launched into the stands over wide long-on

Hes going to get it alright, 99 now

Patel to Watson, SIX runs

gets to 99 with a slog-swept six, full outside off and he dismisses that over deep midwicket

Now's Watson's chance to get the double- the win and the century. The Powerplay comes into operation. Patel to bowl.

end of over 457 runs
AUS: 194/4CRR: 4.31 • RRR: 1.40 • Need 7 runs from 30b
James Hopes22 (22)
Shane Watson93 (127)
James Franklin9-0-42-0
Jeetan Patel6-0-32-0
Franklin to Hopes, no run

full on the off, driven hard but back to the bowler

Franklin to Hopes, no run

slower one bowled fullish on the off, chipped in front of mid-on

Franklin to Watson, 1 run

short outside off, runs it down to third man and takes the single

8 to win, and 8 for Watson to reach three-figures

Franklin to Hopes, 1 run

fuller outside off, pushed wide of midwicket for a quick single

Franklin to Hopes, FOUR runs

Watson stands a chance of being stranded in the 90s now, short and wide, pulls it away with utter disdain through midwicket

Franklin to Watson, 1 run

shortish outside off, runs it down to third man for a single

Steve: "Tell Allen to go to the nearest "walkabout inn". There's one at Shaftsebury Ave, Covent Garden, Islington etc. A bit late though."

end of over 446 runs
AUS: 187/4CRR: 4.25 • RRR: 2.33 • Need 14 runs from 36b
James Hopes17 (18)
Shane Watson91 (125)
Jeetan Patel6-0-32-0
James Franklin8-0-35-0
Patel to Hopes, no run

threw it up on a good length on the off, turns in a hint, pushes it back to Patel

Patel to Watson, 1 run

hurls it full on middle, wisely takes a single to long-on

Patel to Watson, FOUR runs

drags it too short and Watson thwacks that through midwicket, we've seen this happen too many times

Patel to Watson, no run

a touch short on the off stump, pushed down to midwicket

Patel to Watson, no run

smeared him with a quick one, full on the off, tried to play it away into the leg side, got an inside edge onto his pads

Patel to Hopes, 1 run

shortish outside off, punched down to extra cover

Patel is back

end of over 436 runs
AUS: 181/4CRR: 4.20 • RRR: 2.86 • Need 20 runs from 42b
Shane Watson86 (121)
James Hopes16 (16)
James Franklin8-0-35-0
Ian Butler9-0-50-0
Franklin to Watson, no run

bowled it full on middle, driven down to mid-on

Franklin to Watson, no run

pitched it up outside off, drives it elegantly down to cover

Franklin to Hopes, 1 run

shortish on middle and leg, turns it down to fine leg for a single

Franklin to Hopes, no run

lands on a good length on the off, pushed through firmly to mid-off

Franklin to Hopes, FOUR runs

he's finishing this off quickly now, Hopes is showing off his batting skills much at the possible expense of Watson's looming century, drives it hard through the covers and it races to the ropes

Franklin to Watson, 1 run

short of a good length outside off, guides it down to third man