1st Semi-final, Cardiff, Jun 14 2017, ICC Champions Trophy
(37.1/50 ov, target 212)215/2
Pakistan won by 8 wickets (with 77 balls remaining)
player of the match
Hasan Ali

5.30pm: Pakistan Zindabad! England have been ousted and the Champions Trophy will see two teams from the subcontinent contest the final... Just one of many surprises this tournament has thrown up. David Hopps' report will tell the tale of another famous uprising as Pakistan stormed Cardiff and booked themselves in for The Oval on Sunday. We'll have more reaction on the site soon and you can start getting in the mood for India v Bangladesh, ahead of full bells-and-whistles commentary in the morning. And we'll be back for more frolics in the final, of course. For now, from Miller and myself, thanks for your comments, as always. It's been a blast (from the past - 1992, say)... Cheerio!

5.20pm: Captain's presentations now, starting with Eoin Morgan: "One thing we didn't do was adapt to conditions, coming from Edgbaston to a used wicket, Pakistan did that well and played better. We did prepare, Pakistan bowled well but we didn't adjust and 200 isn't competitive, 250-270 would be a good score. [Used pitch in semi-final] It's a test... There wasn't [too much wrong]. We bowled okay but 200 was well under par. We continue to learn, everything we did was calculated, but Pakistan had played on the wicket previously and that helped. You have to adapt in knockout cricket, so it's an important lesson."

Pakistan's Sarfraz Ahmed: "We bowled very well and after that the batting was good too. Mohammad Amir wasn't playing but Raees came in and did well. We elected to bowl and chase again [which worked]. After India, every game was a knockout game, I said to the players to just play your game. [India rematch in the final?] Both teams are playing well, so we will play whoever gets through. [Hasan performance?] He's very impressive, hopefully he will do that in the final. Whenever he comes on he's getting wickets."

5.10pm: Hugs on the field and among the players on the balcony, jubilation from the green-clad masses in the stands. What a performance this has been from Pakistan! They have knocked off the runs, knocked over the hosts, knocked out the favourites and will meet the winner of tomorrow's match between India and Bangladesh. The players are taking a tour of the pitch, led by Sarfraz, whose inspirational innings at this ground a couple of days ago dragged Pakistan into an unexpected semi-final. Should India live up to their billing and win through to the final, it would be a rematch of their (rather one-sided) group stage encounter... Chance for rewenge? There's absolutely no discounting Bangladesh, of course, the way this tournament is going. It could be No. 6 in the world versus No. 8 (when the Champions Trophy began) in the final!

Hasan Ali was the star of the show with the ball and is named Man of the Match: "It's a big match, so we focused on our bowling. [Improvements after India game?] My coach Azhar Mahmood helped me a lot, he gave me the plan and I implemented it. [Prize wicket?] Morgan. Tomorrow is my brother's birthday and I dedicate this to him."

Stokes to Hafeez, FOUR runs

short and cracked to the fence on the pull, Pakistan have won by eight wickets and they are in the Champions Trophy final!

end of over 379 runs
PAK: 211/2CRR: 5.70 RRR: 0.08 • Need 1 run from 13 overs
Babar Azam38 (45)
Mohammad Hafeez27 (20)
Moeen Ali2-0-15-0
Ben Stokes3-0-34-0

"Only Englishmen entertaining today are the commentators on Cricinfo!" Thanks, Uvindu. We'll take that

Ali to Babar Azam, no run

no! Length on off, defended. We'll have one more over, shall we?

Ali to Hafeez, 1 run

worked off the pads, into a gap... but Babar declines the second. Does he want to hit the winning run?

Ali to Hafeez, FOUR runs

short again and Hafeez rocks back to casually slap four more through backward point

Ali to Hafeez, no run

flat on off stump, comes forward with bat next to pad again

Ali to Hafeez, no run

floated up and met on the front foot

Ali to Hafeez, FOUR runs

a wide long hop to start off with and Hafeez clouts it in front of square for another four

Moeen Ali back on now, Pakistan in sight

end of over 3615 runs
PAK: 202/2CRR: 5.61 RRR: 0.71 • Need 10 runs from 14 overs
Mohammad Hafeez18 (15)
Babar Azam38 (44)
Ben Stokes3-0-34-0
Jake Ball8-0-37-1

"Ordained champions are on their way out. Real cricket is played on the pitch...not in the TV studio," mithers Delboy. On the pitch, between the ears - but definitely not on paper

Stokes to Hafeez, 1 run

length ball outside off, 129kph/80mph and guided down to third man... Just 15 off the over, then

Stokes to Babar Azam, 1 run

banged in short, takes on the pull and top-edges safely towards midwicket for one

Stokes to Babar Azam, FOUR runs

crunched! Slower ball, met on the front foot, a half-volley in the channel and smushed fiercely to the cover boundary - bringing up the Pakistan 200 in the process

Stokes to Babar Azam, no run

pitched up and slapped into the covers

Stokes to Hafeez, 1 run

bit of a risky single from Hafeez - who just loves to run the gauntlet - tapped into the covers and he gets a polite question from his partner as to whether that was a good call

Stokes to Hafeez, 1 wide

short and down the leg side now... maybe Stokes does want to finish it in this over?

Stokes to Hafeez, SIX runs

clubbed over long-on, Hafeez has got a taste for it, shot to nothing as he sits on the back foot and smashes baseball-style down the ground

The umpires then inform Morgan that he had too many men outside the circle, so it is therefore a no-ball... and a free hit

Stokes to Hafeez, (no ball)

banged in short and Hafeez crouches out of the way

Here's Ben Stokes again. His first spell was expensive... Hafeez to channel Carlos Brathwaite and finish it in sixes?

"Most unpredictable team for a reason ...Who else senses that Pakistan will shock the world in the final #IndvsPak." You seem to predicting tomorrow's semi-final result as well, Oomer. Shurely shome mishtake?

end of over 354 runs
PAK: 187/2CRR: 5.34 RRR: 1.67 • Need 25 runs from 15 overs
Mohammad Hafeez10 (11)
Babar Azam33 (41)
Jake Ball8-0-37-1
Adil Rashid10-0-54-1

On come the drinks for the final time in this match. Pakistan need 25 to win, with eight wickets in hand and surely even the most battle-scarred of their supporters can't fail to believe they are going to pull this off

Ball to Hafeez, 3 runs

short of a length outside off and Hafeez chops it through cover point, Bairstow puts in an magnificent shift to chase it down before the rope but only ends up saving one

Short midwicket and short cover in, England trying (in vain) to squeeze...

Ball to Hafeez, no run

pitched up in the channel, defended on the front foot

Ball to Hafeez, no run

bit of width, Hafeez wafts at it and fails to connect

Ball to Hafeez, no run

presses forward on off and defends

Ball to Babar Azam, 1 run

shortish of a length on off and plonked into a gap this time

Ball to Babar Azam, no run

stays back on off stump and stabs the ball towards point

Hello again. This is going swimmingly for Pakistan, isn't? Hands up who wants to make things interesting...