3rd Quarter-Final (D/N), Adelaide, Mar 20 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(33.5/50 ov, target 214)216/4
Australia won by 6 wickets (with 97 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

9.30pm: Rahat Ali will dream about that catch tonight; Shane Watson will probably dream about Wahab Riaz, snarling and barking. Plenty of us will lie back and think of Wahab after one of the great World Cup spells, as Brydon Coverdale puts it in his report, but that will be the last we see of this Pakistan side. Many will miss Misbah, plenty will miss Afridi, there might even be a few who are sad to see the back of both... Anyway, this was another Australia day, so we'll let them enjoy the moment. They'll play India in Sydney next Thursday and we'll be all over like Wahab on Watto. Until then, from Sid and myself, it's tatty-bye.

9.20pm: Presentations time at Adelaide Oval... Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq: "Obviously disappointing, credit to Australia, they really deserved it, they bowled really well. [batting underperformed] I think so, at one stage 270-80 was on but we kept losing wickets and some of the batting shot selection really cost us. [Wahab] He bowled his heart out, he's been a totally different bowler throughout this tournament, I've never seen spells like that. [Pleased overall] With the bowling and the way the team came back and won four games in a row."

Australia captain Michael Clarke: "Extremely happy, a really close game in the end. The bowlers did a fantastic job, our fielding was excellent, but Wahab came out and really put us under pressure, one of the fastest spells I've seen in a long time. Watson toughed it out, Steven Smith looked fantastic. If they catch Watto at fine leg it could have been a lot tighter, credit to sticking in there. Wahab pushed us really hard. We look forward to another really tough contest [against India], we'll have to bat a lot better. No different to another game playing for Australia. Spoken about not putting the World Cup on a pedestal, so preparation as always, every time you want to do your best, play another great game for Australia."

9.10pm: Advance Australia, though fair play to Pakistan's bowlers, who at least kept it interesting. There'll be no repeat of the 2011 semi-final, with India waiting for the winner here. As with Mahela and Sanga the other day, Shahid Afridi and Misbah-ul-Haq go out on a quiet note. The Pakistan batting will have to undergo a refit and they suffered again from not having put enough runs on the board - which in part was down to the opposition's excellence, including Man of the Match, Josh Hazlewood: "Great day, I've been bowling well all week so good to put in a performance. Happy to get a game today and happy with the result. Keeping them to 213 was perfect for us and the boys did a good job with the bat. We're firing on all aspects, it's been a good tournament and we're going well."

Sohail Khan to Watson, FOUR runs

fullish length outside off, driven into a gap, the field is up, Watson raises his arms in celebration... Australia have won by six wickets and will take their place in the last four. It was only briefly in doubt when Wahab Riaz was putting a hex on Watson but two dropped catches off his bowling snuffed out Pakistan's faint hopes

Sohail Khan to Watson, no run

pitched up in the channel, driven into the ground, over the bowler's head, Watson sends Maxwell back as mid-off fields

Sohail Khan to Maxwell, 1 run

slower ball on leg stump, spots it and deflects on behind square

Sohail Khan to Maxwell, SIX runs

outrageous. But since it's Maxwell, maybe just run of the mill... Full outside off, Maxwell crouches and scoop-slaps the ball into the stands at deep backward point

"I'm quite sure if there were infinite universes, PK would still be losing this one in everyone of those," honks Henrik Back

Sohail Khan to Maxwell, 2 runs

full and homing on middle and leg stump, glanced fine for a couple

Sohail Khan returns, Australia need 11 more from 102 balls

end of over 3310 runs
AUS: 203/4CRR: 6.15 RRR: 0.64
Shane Watson60 (64)
Glenn Maxwell35 (26)
Wahab Riaz 9-0-54-2
Ehsan Adil 5-0-31-1
Wahab Riaz to Watson, no run

rapid bumper to finish, Watson ducks the challenge and then gets mouthful of filth from Wahab, who came all the way down to congratulate Australia on their semi-final place pass on his thoughts. Watson chuckles like a baby with a rattle

Wahab Riaz to Watson, no run

dug in short, outside off stump, Watson gets on top of it and defends to the off side

Wahab Riaz to Watson, FOUR runs

veers leg side, back of a length and tickled fine, wide of the keeper and that will run away. Coming in a flood now, Pakistan's World Cup ebbing away

Wahab Riaz to Watson, no run

good length on off stump and Watson defends this, almost theatrically, back to the bowler

Wahab Riaz to Watson, SIX runs

there is it, the symbol of victory, Watson takes on the Wahab bouncer and this time nails it into the crowd, over the head of deep square leg. No coming back from here

Wahab Riaz to Watson, no run

shortish, stays back and blocks to the leg side