9th Match, Pool A (D/N), Wellington, Feb 20 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(12.2/50 ov, target 124)125/2
New Zealand won by 8 wickets (with 226 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match

6.45pm That's all here folks. What an absolute mauling here. It is not just good bowling, fielding and batting, but the supreme confidence and will to go out there and dominate that stands out with this New Zealand team. Guess you can afford to be thus when you have Southee, Boult, Milne and Vettori in your attack. Just imagine a team keeping out Mills and McClenaghan. Scary. Bye for now. Thanks for joining us. Cheers

6.30pm We began at 2pm. There has been a 45-minute break. And yet New Zealand have already beaten England. In three hours and 45 minutes worth of play. In a proper 50-over ODI. With 37.2 overs to spare. A total of 45.4 overs played. England bowled out for 124 in 33.2. New Zealand chase it in 12.2. That too because they slowed down after McCullum got out

"It was incredible," says Brendon McCullum. "We wanted to bat first as well. I thought the pitch was pretty good, but it is just the ability of our bowlers to swing the ball in the air. World-class performance, the crowd was amazing. Amazing for us to have this attack up our sleeve, and we have guys on the sidelines who have done well for us in the past. Huge first week in the tournament, now some time to regroup. One area you can control is fielding. Allows a captain to make subtle changes as well. Our fielding today as good as it has been in a pretty long time. I am sure England will bounce back but good to get the points against a pretty strong England side. We might have a quiet beer in the dressing room [when asked what the plan is for the rest of the day]."

"They bowled really well," says Eoin Morgan. "It swung throughout our innings, which was pretty unexpected. We expected it to be batting friendly throughout the innings. First two games. Difficult to regroup. We concentrate on simple things from here on. I feel a lot better as batsman after today. McCullum is not the ideal candidate to be bowling at when you have only 123 on board."

"A packed house, pretty sepcial to come out in front of them," says Tim Southee, the Man of the Match. "But I think we have been bowling well as a unit together. Just that today everything fell together. Shane Bond has been great. He gives us a lot of confidence. A lot of work he does behind the scenes. As a player you have a bit of a niggle any time, but with the work that Chris Donaldson has done with us, we are a pretty fit unit. Another great team performance."

Broad to Williamson, 5 wide

and Broad brings the end when the batsmen have been reluctant to. He bowls a bouncer that is too short, and sails over the keeper's head

Broad to Williamson, no run

on a length, outside off, he moves across and defends

Broad to Taylor, 1 run

a soft top edge on the pull but it falls safe. Square leg is back and this falls next to the leg umpire

end of over 12Maiden
NZ: 119/2CRR: 9.91 RRR: 0.13
Kane Williamson9 (21)
Ross Taylor4 (4)
Chris Woakes 3-1-8-2
Stuart Broad 2-0-21-0
Woakes to Williamson, no run

stop the press. England have bowled a maiden. Good bowling actually from Woakes. On a length, shaping away from just outside off. Williamson respects that and defends it

Ben: "Kane... mate...."

Woakes to Williamson, no run

punched off the back foot, straight to mid-off

Woakes to Williamson, no run

solid front-foot defensive again. Kane, there are times when you play Test cricket. This is not one of them

Woakes to Williamson, no run

solid front-foot defensive to a length ball outside off

Woakes to Williamson, no run

stays on a length and just outside off. Left alone

Woakes to Williamson, no run

lovely delivery. On a length, outside off, seaming away against the angle. Beats his drive

end of over 113 runs
NZ: 119/2CRR: 10.81 RRR: 0.12
Ross Taylor4 (4)
Kane Williamson9 (15)
Stuart Broad 2-0-21-0
Chris Woakes 2-0-8-2
Broad to Taylor, no run

short of a length, wide, he crunches it but can't beat the diving Taylor at point

Broad to Williamson, 1 run

short ball, pulled away to deep square leg for a single

Dan: "Hopefully these two can put a good partnership together and rebuild the innings."

Broad to Williamson, no run

on a length, outside off, Willaimson moves across to defend

Broad to Williamson, no run

short of a length, outside off, pushed to cover

Broad to Williamson, 2 runs

angling into the pads, Williamson lets it come on and places it wide of midwicket

Broad to Williamson, no run

on a length, outside off, defended off the back foot

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