1st Quarter-Final (D/N), Sydney, Mar 18 2015, ICC Cricket World Cup
(18/50 ov)134/1
South Africa won by 9 wickets (with 192 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
end of over 1811 runs
SA: 134/1CRR: 7.44 
Quinton de Kock78 (57)
Faf du Plessis21 (31)
Lasith Malinga 6-0-43-1
Tharindu Kaushal 6-0-25-0

8.25pm: Well, well. Something had to give in this match, either the beautiful-but-fragile Proteas with their world-class glass chin or the street-smart elimination experts and their champion heavyweights. It is a sad farewell to Mahela and Kumar, Sangawardene, SL's awesome twosome - neither could produce the game-shaping innings required against a rampant SA. Still, unravelling against spin, that was a surprise... JP Duminy's hat-trick sent South Africa on their way, before SL were hammered into a de Kocked hat. It is South Africa who take the first spot in the last four and the AB's "100% the best" claims are looking a wee bit more substantial. Those who doubted them, well, the choke's on you... Can they double up, against either New Zealand or West Indies? We'll find out next week - make a note in your diary. You can read Sid Monga's report for a full recap but, from Al and myself, it's also time to say goodbye (don't worry, we'll be back). Toodles!

8.20pm: Here's Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews: "We had to get 250 to give our bowlers a chance. Maybe the nerves, we didn't go for our shots. This is the worst performance that we've had in the World Cup and it came in the quarter-final. We know SA have a really good attack but we were not there from ball one. [Sanga and Mahela] It's disappointing not to make it a memorable one for them, to thank them for their services for 16-17 years. The best thing would have been to get to the final but unfortunately that hasn't happened."

And the final word goes to AB de Villiers, South Africa's jinx-ending captain: "I didn't have to say much, we were very motivated for this game. The guys were in a really good space and they rocked up mentally... I was going to bat first but I would have backed the batters to do a good job out there. It was incredible the job the bowlers did up front. [De Kock] He's been going through a tough time, you go through patches in your career, the coaches kept backing him, for him to pull it off with a really special knock and a couple of catches. [Spinners] They came in at a crucial stage, we kept them back until the 14-15th over, so for the two of them to come on against a subcontinental team at a crucial stage was really impressive. I'm quietly confident, I like to believe in big things. I truly believe we're going to go all the way. For now we're just going to enjoy a beer and think about what's to come."

8.10pm: We've got JP Duminy, the hat-trick hero, on the line, too: "Pretty pleased with that performance, don't think I've ever come close to taking a hat-trick before. To my recollection, I've never taken wickets consecutively... I knew it was possibly a hat-trick ball, just before I bowled it, so we got a few fielders in and fortunately enough he played around it. It wasn't my greatest delivery but it was wicket to wicket, so I was pleased with that. It was one of those days when everything clicks, I could feel the hunger. There was a lot of tension in the camp, just because of the hunger, we had a day off yesterday, to ease that... We came in fired up and we wanted early wickets. But those small totals are still challenging... It's great to contribute with bat and ball, I get an opportunity to bowl a few more overs. It's been challenging, the last few games, we haven't put in a big performance. We've worked hard and everything clicked today. With them losing so many wickets up front they had to be a bit cautious. They haven't been in that position in this tournament, I knew if I put the ball in the right place, something would come my way."

8.05pm: Right, pull yourselves together, we're swiftly on to the presentations... Imran Tahir is named Man of the Match: "I can't complain, thanks for the support from back home and the people here. I've been thinking about this game and I'm really glad. I've got everything from South Africa, so I always say I have to give everything back. I just try to do my role, it's an absolute honour and I'm loving it. There's some good and great players [in the team], just playing with them is a dream come true for me. It's a great feeling and motivates me every day. [Semi-final against NZ] We've been working really hard for this, it will depend how we play on the day."

8pm: There's some emotion slopping around out there at the SCG, all right. Hugs and backslaps on the SA bench, as AB de Villiers' team live up to his pre-match words - they've not won a knockout game since the appropriately named ICC Knockout in 2000, I think. And then the cameras turn on Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene, who are leaving the pitch in SL colours together for the last time. The rest hang back, to allow them their moment. *sob*

Malinga to de Kock, FOUR runs

slower ball outside off, de Kock thrashes it away through the covers - that's it, those are the winning runs, South Africa win by nine wickets, they win a knockout game at a World Cup for the first time, they're into the semi-finals!

"This is going to be the last match in coloured clothing for quiet a few Lankan players in this squad," says Ishan wistfully. "Sanga, Mahela, Ranga, Mali, Kule. Feels like something stuck in my throat. Pretty sad. Btw.. had a similar feeling when the 1996 legends retired. Thought we'll never be competitive. How wrong was I? There's hope!"

Malinga to de Kock, no run

goes full, around the line of off, dipping towards the blockhole but de Kock drops his bat on it

Malinga to de Kock, no run

slung in short of a length again, again de Kock fails to get anything on it

Malinga to de Kock, 1 wide

banged, de Kock wafts at it, judged to be too high again - another extra donated to the SA anti-choke fund

Malinga to de Kock, 2 runs

short again and chopped through point for a couple more

Malinga to du Plessis, 1 run

pitched up in the channel, opens the face and runs to third man

Malinga to de Kock, 3 runs

starrs short and slightly wide, floaty slower-ball bouncer, cut imperiously away through backward point

Dilshan was just facilitating the switch of ends, it seems, as Mathews turns back to Malinga. I think a fat lady may have just arrived at the SCG

end of over 175 runs
SA: 123/1CRR: 7.23 RRR: 0.33
Faf du Plessis20 (30)
Quinton de Kock69 (52)
Tharindu Kaushal 6-0-25-0
Tillakaratne Dilshan 2-0-10-0
Kaushal to du Plessis, no run

du Plessis is definitely struggling a little with Kaushal here, tries to hit his away out and is beaten again, the ball skidding through outside off, not far wide of the timber

Kaushal to du Plessis, no run

another appeal, this time for a bat-pad catch at short leg, du Plessis played down the wrong line and the ball ballooned up... don't think there was any glove on it

A man comes in at leg slip

Kaushal to du Plessis, 2 runs

too straight this time, just a tickle of bat and it runs fine for a couple

Kaushal to du Plessis, no run

flighted, around off stump, du Plessis lunges forward and there's bat and pad involved, not sure which was first muted appeal from SL but Llong isn't interested

Slip and short leg in still

Kaushal to du Plessis, no run

around the wicket, floated up and straightening a touch on middle and off, defended

Kaushal to de Kock, 3 runs

signs of turn for Kaushal, takes the outside edge as de Kock pushed forwards, wasn't to the pitch but the nick died and ran away to third man

Change of ends for Kaushal. Here's Prince: "In conclusion, the pitch had no role in SL innings...!!!"

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