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New Zealand vs West Indies, 29th match at Manchester, , Jun 22 2019 - Ball by Ball Commentary

29th match (D/N), Manchester, June 22, 2019, ICC Cricket World Cup
(49/50 ov, T:292) 286

New Zealand won by 5 runs

Player Of The Match
148 (154)
Full commentary
end of over 492 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 286/10CRR: 5.83 RRR: 6.00
Oshane Thomas0 (4b)
James Neesham 6-0-35-1
Matt Henry 9-0-76-1

10.00pm: Right, we're still catching our breaths after that one, but we'll do it offline now. It's a wrap for this game - the best one of the World Cup so far. Join us tomorrow for more.

Jason Holder: Tough game at the very end but I"m proud of the guys, especially Carlos. Having said that, still a lot of positives. You can probably pinpoint one or two areas where we fell down. We brought ourselves back a long way back into the game, I don't think you can fault the efforts. We lost wickets at crucial stages. We lost Hetty at a bad time. We've still got a lot to play for, we've got our pride to play for. We can still finish the tournament on a high.

Kane Williamson: (Boult) has got very good hands. We put a few down in the field today, but I suppose it all made for a fantastic finish. A bit too close for comfort. I thought the guys did an outstanding job in the roles they were given. You bring guys back to try and pick up wickets when required. Some of the striking from the West Indians is unrivalled so it really does put you under pressure. Any experience that you have that you can learn from is a good one. We've got a couple of tight games, but against strong opposition. Some things to learn from, some things to improve on. Every game is a tough one here and you want to be moving forward as a unit. We've made small steps but there is still a long way to go.

Kane Williamson is the Man of the Match."The West Indies side is incredibly dangerous. The power they pack through the order, we saw it today. [Earlier] They bowled really really well. They got the ball swinging and they hit the area fairly well on that surface. I was looking to play the merit of the ball, and make the best possible decisions."

Rajat: "New Zealand win by 5 inches!!! "

Soumith Potturi: "That catch is Boult's 5th wicket "

Gangnam: "Any fingernails left in the WI dugout? Sending my cardiac bill to Brathwaite. "

Brendan : "There's your match of the World Cup. "

Mr D: "Brathwaite you legend. I'm still here dejected and sad for brathwaite. Its 2.15AM here and I dont care. Carlos Brathwaite, Remember the name. "

9:44pm We know by now to remember the name. He doesn't let us forget. What a game. Brathwaite as hauled his team out of a collapse that read 5 for 22, and he's made them dream. In a swift moment, Boult has taken that dream away too. You can see it on their faces. Dejected to elated to dejected. That has been the story in that dressing room tonight. New Zealand vault to the top of the table and remain unbeaten. But they have got a jolt and they'll be grateful it has come reasonably early in the tournament.

Neesham to Brathwaite, OUT

has he done it? No! Boult plucks it at long-on! Two drops for Boult since the last game, but he's held on when it's mattered! They're checking for's well behind the line. This is heartbreak for Brathwaite. So close. Short ball at middle, he pulled it, but slightly from under again. Ended up slicing it, with no room. It was to Boult's right. He leaped, he held on, he balanced on his right foot. That is solid work under pressure. Both batsmen on their knees, and then Brathwaite gets up with a smile. He did his all, and then some. But it was always unlikely. And you feel like he knows that. Smiles from his opponents as they offer their commiserations. It's all shakes. It could have so easily been the other way round...

Carlos Brathwaite c Boult b Neesham 101 (82b 9x4 5x6 117m) SR: 123.17
Neesham to Brathwaite, no run

legcutter, short and spinning past off stump as he shapes to pull and is deceived again. Beaten. This is a great over from Neesham

Neesham to Brathwaite, 2 runs

pulls out to deep midwicket and comes back for the second! What. An. Innings. He doesn't get to do a lot very often, down at No. 8. But every time he finds himself in this situation, he shines through. A maiden ODI hundred. An unlikely win in sight. Takes his helmet off, blows a kiss. Back to it.

Point, cover comes in, extra cover, mid-off in

Neesham to Brathwaite, no run

beaten again. Short and wide outside off. Once again he's gone for the pull. Misses again

Surely he's thinking 8 off 4

Neesham to Brathwaite, no run

beaten! Whew. Short and wide outside off. Backs away and has a swipe but it some distance away from connection

Neesham to Brathwaite, no run

short of a length outside off, watchfully tapped to extra cover


end of over 4825 runs
WI: 284/9CRR: 5.91 RRR: 4.00
Carlos Brathwaite99 (76b 9x4 5x6)
Oshane Thomas0 (4b)
Matt Henry 9-0-76-1
Lockie Ferguson 10-0-59-3

Wow. How does he keep finding himself in these situations? 25 off the over. Eight required off two overs. He's on 99. Will it be CDG or Neesham for the 49th?

Henry to Brathwaite, 1 run

lofted to third man's right and he will keep strike! Short outside off and he holds his composure

Henry to Brathwaite, FOUR runs

top edge clears the wicketkeeper! Hear in the mouth, but he fortune is all his, it seems! Bouncer cramps him at the chest. He has no control over this shot. But it's trickled through to the third man boundary. 24 off the over!

What now for Brathwaite?

Henry to Brathwaite, SIX runs

it is too full! It is too far outside off! Knee high full toss with lots of width and he smokes it over wide long-off! Unreal. How does he keep finding himself in these situations, and doing this? Three in a row.

It's a packed off side field, it's going to full and outside off

Ohhh boy! Conference - four man conference. New Zealand are feeling this. Matt Henry is feeling this. He began this England tour conceding 107 in the first warm-up game. He's been here - West Indies taking him apart. It's happening again. Can he hold his nerve?

Henry to Brathwaite, SIX runs

and another! It is no longer a clear New Zealand advantage! Low full toss wide outside off. Reaches out and gets bat - just enough bat - to get it to land on the padding at deep backward point!

Henry to Brathwaite, SIX runs

clears long-on! Flat-bats it and hardly gets height on this, but he's got plenty of distance. Literally swipes from above waist height

Henry to Brathwaite, 2 runs

miscued pull but he has managed to drag it to deep square's right. Too early through this shot as he tries to drag the short ball from wide outside off

end of over 477 runs
WI: 259/9CRR: 5.51 RRR: 11.00
Oshane Thomas0 (4b)
Carlos Brathwaite74 (70b 8x4 2x6)
Lockie Ferguson 10-0-59-3
Trent Boult 10-1-30-4

This is some composure from the lower order. But this is arguably still very much in New Zealand's favour. Matt Henry now with the ball.

Ferguson to Thomas, no run

147kph but it's a full toss. And Oshane offers the full face and gratefully plays this out

Oshane only made his first runs in ODIs in his last innings. He has to play out the fastest bowler now. Around the wicket.

Ferguson to Brathwaite, 1 run

short ball at middle stump, backs away and pulls to midwicket's right. Takes the run

Ferguson to Brathwaite, no run

length outside off, pushed to point with an open face

Ferguson to Brathwaite, SIX runs

smokes it over the long-off boundary! Fast and overpitched just outside off. Makes room and creams it from underneath. Mid-off was in, there was hardly any risk. Lovely batting

Ferguson to Brathwaite, no run

just misses off stump. Legcutter at a length, dug in, spins past Brathwaite's swing

Ferguson to Brathwaite, no run

follows him down leg side with the full ball. Powerfully driven to long-on, no run taken

Lockie, last over

end of over 467 runs
WI: 252/9CRR: 5.47 RRR: 10.00
Oshane Thomas0 (3b)
Carlos Brathwaite67 (65b 8x4 1x6)
Trent Boult 10-1-30-4
Lockie Ferguson 9-0-52-3

Sudarshan: "Brathwaite made Cottrell face 26 out of the 35 balls in the partnership. That's a masterclass on how not to play with a #10. " --- If a No. 10 is capable of seeing out the majority of a partnership, does your argument hold?

Boult to Thomas, no run

that's the end of Boult. Oshane has done it. He's played three balls from the best bowler on the day. What a spell from Boult, but he couldn't get this last inswinger past Oshane's push to mid-on

Boult to Thomas, no run

well played. Dipping in at his leg stump is this mean yorker, but he manages to get the bat down on it

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